Season 9 Episode 26

Dynasty Reunion: Catfights & Caviar

Aired Monday 10:00 PM May 02, 2006 on ABC



  • Trivia

    • Goof: When explaining the set-up for the Moldavian wedding massacre, Gordon Thomson confuses the 1987 season-ending cliffhanger with the 1985 season-ending cliffhanger (Moldavian wedding massacre) by explaining that Bo Hopkins (Matthew Blaisdel) had returned to the show to disrupt the wedding. The Moldavian wedding massacre occurred at the end of the 1984-1985 season, while Bo Hopkins did not return to the show until the end of the 1986-1987 season, which featured the wedding of Adam and Dana.

    • The reunion features the first on-screen appearances of Pamela Sue Martin (Fallon) and Catherine Oxenberg (Amanda) together, as well as Al Corley (Steven) and Gordon Thomson (Adam) together. In the series, Fallon and Amanda were only seen on-screen together once during a 7th season episode. However, they were both played by the second actresses to play each role (Emma Samms and Karen Cellini) and not Martin and Oxenberg.

      Additionally, the character of Adam (played by Gordon Thomson) did not appear until after Al Corley left the show. When Steven was reintroduced on the series, he was played by Jack Coleman who played opposite on-screen brother Thomson for 6 seasons. In the 1991 mini-series, Corley did reprise the role of Steven, however, Adam was now played by Robin Sachs.

    • The reunion was filmed at the Filoli Estate in Woodside, California, near San Francisco, where the pilot was filmed. Exteriors of the Filoli estate were used in the opening credits and through-out the series.

  • Quotes

    • Joan Collins: People really believed that we were those characters... and I was the evil manipulating witch. And God, they were so wrong!
      John Forsythe: But I don't think "witch"... is that the right word for it?
      Joan Collins: Bitch?
      John Forsythe: That's it!
      Joan Collins: Okay, I was a bitch!
      Gordon Thomson: You were the best bitch on TV.

    • Linda Evans [to John Forysthe]: And you were my only husband that was faithful. A love that lasts forever.
      John Forsythe: I was?
      Joan Collins: How do you know? What about when he had amnesia? He had amnesia and he and I got it on!

    • [In a deleted outtake, Joan Collins and Lloyd Bochner are playing the scene in the hospital in which a bed-ridden Cecil gives Alexis a wedding ring]
      Alexis: Darling, what a piece of [BLEEP].
      Cecil: It's more than you deserve.

    • Linda Evans [to Joan Collins about the catfight between Krystle and Krystle's look-a-like, Rita]: ...and so I had to put on one outfit and then beat up Krystle and then I'd have to be Krystle and beat up myself and I would get confused. I must say, it's much more fun beating you up.

    • Joan Collins [commenting on the catfights between Alexis and Krystle]: I used to say Alexis doesn't fight with her fists, she fights with her tongue.

    • Linda Evans [on playing two characters at the same time]: You have to admit after five years they just didn't know what to do with our characters. I mean, my God, I had to play my own double and I had to have a Southern accent with red hair. And then I had to be both characters and it was just... I just cringed every time I saw it.

    • Gordon Thomson [on the Moldavian wedding massacre]: I was given a joke T-shirt with holes in it, "I Survived Amanda's Wedding!"

    • Catherine Oxenberg [to Joan Collins]: You're the first person who turned the word "bitch" into a compliment, thank you for that. She used to call me "little bitch" and I would call her affectionately "big bitch."

    • Joan Collins [to Pamela Sue Martin]: When you said that you were going to leave, you said, "I have to get off this show." I said to you, "This ship is not sinking, don't leave it!"

    • Gordon Thomson [on his character "Adam"]: I really was a son of a bitch.

    • Linda Evans: Well, I must say, I don't think Dynasty could have been the success we were without you.
      Joan Collins: Oh, Stop!
      Linda Evans: I'm so glad they brought your character in.
      Joan Collins: You don't mean it.
      Linda Evans: I do!
      Joan Collins: I know you do.

    • John Forsythe: Joan Collins was a tremendous plus to the show. I expected that she would be good, but not to the extent that she was. She was a powerhouse.

    • Pamela Bellwood: It touched a nerve at a time when people wanted to be glamorous, people wanted to be powerful and people wanted to see people that were like that suffer.

    • Emma Samms: Dynasty was about a very rich family and the joy of it was that all of their money didn't make them happy.

  • Notes

    • The reunion special originally aired on CBS in 2006, and not on ABC, the network that aired the series for nine seasons from 1981-1989 and also aired the mini-series reunion in 1991.

    • Heather Locklear, John James and Diahann Carroll did not sign releases (reportedly based on money), so there were no clips of their characters used during this special.

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