Episode 1

Dynasty: The Reunion (1)

Aired Monday 10:00 PM Oct 20, 1991 on ABC



  • Trivia

    • Unlike Emma Samms replacing Pamela Sue Martin in the role of Fallon in 1985 (when the producers simply cast a new actress), Jack Coleman's replacement of Al Corley in the role of Steven in early 1983 was explained on-screen as a result of plastic surgery. Now Al Corley is back and Steven reverts to his previous face he had lost in the oil rig explosion with no explanation whatsoever.

    • The building Alexis is shown working has a sign in front that says "Colby Enterprises." The sign should say "ColbyCo" Colby Enterprises is the company that is located in Los Angeles and run by Jason Colby. ColbyCo is the company that is located in Denver and run by Alexis.

  • Quotes

    • Woman: This is where they went over. And that's where they landed. All the way down there. Adam Carrington must have sneaked up behind them...
      Krystle: Who are you talking about?
      Woman: Alexis Colby and Dex Dexter. It happened almost three years ago. You must have read about it.
      Krystle: Were they hurt? What happened to them?
      Man: Well, she got off pretty easy.
      Woman: They say she managed to turn in mid-air so she could land on top of him. He didn't fare all that well.

    • Krystle: Krystina, where is she?
      Alexis: She's safe with Fallon in California. And in case you're interested in the rest of your illustrious family, the wretched Sammy Jo, your little niece, is also broke.
      Krystle: Is she here in Denver?
      Alexis: What is this? The Spanish Inquisition? No, she's in New York. Modeling.
      Krystle: Modeling?
      Alexis: She's doing cheap jeans now. They pour her into them and she oozes out of them. Like lava.

    • Alexis: (to Krystle) What's the matter, dear? Was the Alpine air too heady for you or did you just wander away from the sanitarium and get lost?

    • Steven: Sammy Jo!
      Sammy Jo: What is it, Steven?
      Steven: I want to talk to you.
      (Sammy Jo and Arlen approach Steven)
      Arlen: Who is this? The gay ex-husband?
      Steven: How would you like a gay fist in your face?

    • Arlen: I'd like you to meet Alexis Colby.
      Sammy Jo: Weren't you my mother-in-law at one time?
      Alexis: Unfortunately, I was.

  • Notes

    • There is also no mention of Ben's daughter, Leslie, and Dominique's daughter, Jackie.

    • A different actor (Cameron Watson) is playing the role of Bart Fallmont, who was originally played by Kevin Conroy in the original series.

    • In addition to not mentioning Amanda, there is also no mention whatsoever of Blake's siblings, Ben Carrington and Dominique Deveraux. Other character who are also not mentioned include Caress (Alexis' sister), as well as Sable and Monica Colby.

    • Jeff and Fallon divorced for the second time in the series eigth season. However, in the reunion, which takes place three years after their second on-air divorce, Jeff and Fallon are still legally married (but separated) and Fallon is reunited with Miles (her ex-husband who once raped her)!!

    • Michael Brandon and Jeroen Krabbe received brand new credits because they are both brand new to the cast.

    • The opening credits for the reunion use the same pictures of John Forsythe, Linda Evans, John James, Emma Samms, Heather Locklear, and Joan Collins from season 9. Kathleen Beller, Al Corley, Maxwell Caulfield, and Robin Sachs receive new pictures because none were present on the show when this format of credits was used.

    • In the final season of the series, Krystle divorced Blake (it was part of her living will while she was in the coma). However, in this reunion movie, they reconcile as if they are still legally married.

    • Gordon Thomson was originally to reprise his role as Adam in the mini-series, but due to scheduling conflicts with his role on the daytime soap opera, "Santa Barbara," he was replaced at the last minute by British actor Robin Sachs. Thomson later filed suit against the producers, but settled out of court.

    • In an interview in Soap Opera Digest, actor Michael Nader (Dex) was reportedly upset that he was not included in the mini-series. His character's fate was somehwat vague as someone mentioned in the reunion that after his and Alexis's tumble over the balcony in the final episode, she managed to land on top of him, but "he didn't fare all that well."

    • Jack Coleman was filming a series and was unavailable for the mini-series so producers sought out his predecessor Al Corley.

    • When Blake re-assembles his family, no mention is made of Blake and Alexis's daughter Amanda.

    • The house used in the original series and the one used in the mini-series are different- the most prominent is the staircase.

  • Allusions

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