Season 2 Episode 1

Enter Alexis

Aired Monday 10:00 PM Nov 04, 1981 on ABC

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  • The Diva has arrived!

    Joan Collin's arrives as Alexis, and not a moment too soon. For all that season 1 was interesting, it got really boring at times and somewhat repetitive (Krystle is shocked - SHOCKED!!! - at how the rich are different then the rest of us). Thanks to Alexis, Blake finally has a worthy adversary and foil, as opposed to the utter lameness that was Mathew Blaisdale.

    This sets up a great run of the show, from seasons 2 to 5 (the Golden Years of the show) where we get a nice mix of drama, humor, camp, intrigue, sex, and social commentary. And it's off to a good start here.
  • The episode that made history.

    Imagine television without Alexis...

    One of the best things that ever happened to global television was the introduction of the villainess Alexis. Without her, Dynasty wouldn\'t have become the phenomenon it is.

    The intrigues, the cat fights, the extravaganza, Alexis was one of most powerful female characters of her time, and continues to be so now days.

    She came to town like a tornado, and create the biggest stir, without it Dynasty would be an absolute bore, that wouldn\'t last another season.

    the Pollocks, the writers that thought of Alexis, created a complex being, both evil and good, mostly misunderstood, driven by her desire to be loved by her children and family.

    I mean, is that to much to ask? ;-)
  • Meet Alexis.

    Finally, we get to meet the famous Alexis Carrington. I've been waiting for that ever since I started to watch the show, and for now it's true what they say about her. There is just something about how divine Joan Collins is in this role, and I'm hoping I'll enjoy the rest of the show with her.

    Fallon remains the same b***h we all love, and I'm not so sure on what the hell Steven is doing. I do, however, like that he is talking to his mother. I'm thankful that Claudia's family is gone, and now we'll have to see what she'll do all on her own.

    I like the growing bond between Blake and Krystle, and I'm hoping Krystle will have a much clearer had this season with Matthew gone. I pretty much doubt Blake will change even though he ends up getting freed.
  • Joan Collins enters the show with strong stamina, and a performance that set the show for the rest of it's run.

    As the trial gets worse for Blake as seen in the finale of the first season, a woman enters the courtroom, sure to seal the fate of the room. The woman is Alexis, Blakes ex-wife. She sets the standards for the show, as she struts onto the witness stand, and tells her side of the story, something her two children, Fallon and Steven, have never heard before. Joan Collins was meant for the role, as she speaks her words with strong conviction, and determination. Steven is eager to see his mother, but Fallon , being her fathers daughter, is insulted that her mother have the gall to disrespect the man she calls her father. Meanwhile Blake is suprised to no end, and the feirce testimony sends Krystal out of the room, feeling sick. Such drama in this season opener in so much a good thing for the show. It was at this shows season 2 opener, that the show saw the first day, of the rest of it's life.
  • The beginning of the gravy train

    When most think of DYNASTY, and when they think of it fondly, its Season 2, when all of the show\'s best elements came together.

    Although the intelligent sociopolitcal commentary of season 1 is subdued, Season 2 manages to get the balance right.

    In this episode, the evil ex-wife, Alexis, returns from the mists of the past to testify against Blake in his murder trial.

    She will soon move into the art studio right beside the house and drive everybody nuts.

    This made Season 2 of DYNASTY and the most fun, with the class-and-trash quotient just right.

    But enjoy it while you can, for once Season 2 is over, it all gets dumb and as rank 3-month old beluga on ice.
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