Season 9 Episode 6

Every Picture Tells a Story

Aired Monday 10:00 PM Dec 22, 1988 on ABC



  • Trivia

  • Quotes

    • Adam: Dad needs us. And that means you and I and Jeff have to figure a way to work together.
      Fallon: Adam Carrington, team player?
      Adam: I want to do what's right.
      Fallon: That's a first.
      Adam: If you want a signed confession of all my sins, you got it.
      Fallon: I'll wait for the movie.

    • Jeff: Fallon wants a divorce, so I give it to her and I finally get over that, right? Then Sammy Jo comes along and she doesn't want to get married. So I wait. Then Fallon decides she wants to play doctor and Sammy Jo decides she wants to get married. Fallon ends up in the backseat of my car and Sammy Jo sees it. What am I doing wrong?
      Dex: Try cutting down on your marriage proposals.
      Jeff: I do that a lot, don't I?

  • Notes

    • The identity of the dead man is finally revealed to be Roger Grimes, the man Alexis was sleeping with while she was married to Blake.

    • Sable mentions Jeff's aunt, the late Constance Colby, when she says that it is Conny who gave Jeff all the money he has.

    • Alexis once again mentions the fact that Jason left Sable for Francesca and she also reveals for the first time that she had an affair with Jason.

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