Season 3 Episode 19

Fathers and Sons

Aired Monday 10:00 PM Mar 09, 1983 on ABC

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  • Blake persuades Steven to return home, but the joy of his homecoming is short-lived when Alexis spins a lie about Blake, which ends up with a confrontation between Steven and his father. Jeff and Kirby elope; Fallon and Mark make love for the first time.

    In what was mostly a Steven-centered episode, the drama and writing were very good. It could have been written as just a happy homecoming for Steven. But the writers seemed to pick up Steven right where they'd left him off when he left town the year before - still angry and bitter, especially towards his father, Blake. While Blake had hoped the passage of time had healed old wounds between them, Steven was still reeling from the pain of his father's past disappointment in him, thanks in large part to Alexis, who spun a monster of a lie to turn Steven away from Blake. Jack Coleman proved more than able to carry on in Steven's shoes and proved the dramatic impetus of Steven's story. The weaker story was Jeff and Kirby's elopement. They married in record time without even having dated and, despite Jeff's denials that he married Kirby on the rebound from Fallon, it did seem like an awfully desperate act on his part. As for Fallon and Mark, it was nice that their slow-simmering attraction and friendship towards one another finally erupted in passion. But why was the love-making off screen?