Season 3 Episode 14


Aired Monday 10:00 PM Jan 26, 1983 on ABC

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  • A crazed Jeff strangles Fallon, who wants out of their marraige; Alexis is outraged by Blake and Krystle's adoption of Steven's son and plans to fight it; Adam reveals his scheme to disorient Jeff with poison paint to Alexis.

    Another fine example of the series. Lots of good scenes in this episode. Although it would become repetitive in later years, in this episode, Blake confronts Alexis about her abandonmnet of her children in the past when Alexis threatens to sue for custody of Danny. He raises a lot of good points, like how come Alexis never tried to contact her kids in 16 years. Perhaps as part of foreshadowing, Krystle is worried in this episode that her plans to adopt Danny will hit a snag (which they do later in the series when Steven returns). The best parts of this episode were 1) Jeff's descent into madness when he accuses Fallon of cheating with Mark, then strangles her and 2) Adam finally revealing his poisoning of Jeff to Alexis and blackmailing her to comply. There were very few instances in the series when someone got the upper hand on Alexis, but the look on Alexis's face in this ep when she realizes that her long-lost son is just plain evil is absolutely priceless.