Season 3 Episode 18

Reunions in Singapore

Aired Monday 10:00 PM Mar 02, 1983 on ABC



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    • Blake: Steven? Thank God, it is you. I never believed in miracles, not until recently, but this is one of them. The miracle of my son brought back to me. Even though you've chose to be someone else, it... it's a miracle.
      Steven: Why didn't you just accept me as dead?
      Blake: Well, how could I? How could any of us?
      Steven: You want me to come home now?
      Blake: Yes. Yes, I do. And... and Fallon, and Krystle, and your mother. We all want you to come home.
      Steven: Well, that's too bad for everybody then, isn't it? Because I don't want to be a Carrington again. I've broken with that family, Dad. I've gone through Hell and come out the other side. There's nothing waiting for me in Denver. Nothing.
      Blake: Steven, listen to me, you can walk out on the rest of us, but can you walk out on your own child?
      Steven: What?
      Blake: Your own infant son.

    • (Jeff rescues Kirby from being attacked by Adam in a motel)
      Adam: Lo, the iceman cometh to rescue his shivering icicle. You phoned the house, didn't you, Kirby? Well, I should've known you couldn't wait to get back into domestic harness. Because if one is born with the soul of a nursemaid, then one's duty, first and foremost, is to one's charges.
      Jeff: Get out of here!
      Adam: You're welcome to her, Jeff. Somebody has to look after the dirty diapers.

    • (Blake calls Krystle on the telephone from Singapore)
      Krystle: Hello? Blake.
      Blake: Yes, darling. Good morning. Singapore. I just arrived and I thought I'd say, "Hello," before I took the car out to the hospital. Krystle, is something wrong?
      Krystle: No, I... I'm just confused. Is it yesterday morning there or tomorrow morning?
      Blake: It's tomorrow. And you know something? I love you more tomorrow than I did yesterday.
      Krystle: I love you, too, darling, whatever time it is or whereever.

    • Alexis: Do his interruptions always make you smile, Fallon?
      Fallon: What?
      Alexis: Well, he came into the room and, uh, you started smiling. A very special smile, and you're still smiling.
      Fallon: Well, part of that's for you, Mother, for getting him to come to Denver in the first place.
      Alexis: Oh.
      Fallon: Well, I know that maneuver was intended to hurt Krystle, but what happened was you really brought me a friend.
      Alexis: Did I? Well, why don't you fill me in on this new and, uh, very interesting friendship.
      Fallon: Well, it's short and sweet, literally. When I went to Haiti, Mark followed me there. And he stayed with me the whole time I was there when I truly needed a friend.
      Alexis: Sweet? I don't think there's anything particularly sweet about you having a... having a "thing" with the tennis pro.
      Fallon: Mother, you may not believe this, but I didn't have a "thing" with him. I mean, unless having a nice time, talking with a nice guy is a "thing" in your book.
      Alexis: Well, when I do write my book, Fallon, I'll make sure to give that an extra special chapter.

    • Alexis: I, uh... I saw you talking to Blake. And I can imagine what he wanted. Help, right? But you're not going to help him, are you? Because you didn't reach your position and title in life by... by placing your money on a lame horse, a very lame horse.
      McVane: Alexis, I learned late in life, but not too late, that I must never ever get caught between you and Blake.
      Alexis: Oh, but you don't understand, Neal. I'm going to win. And you'll be on the winning side.

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