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  • So boring...

    I'm usually a huge fan of campy, melodramatic '80s primetime soaps, but Dynasty has got to be one of the most boring shows I've ever watched. The storylines are way too drawn out, the dialogue is mundane, and the villains just aren't villain-y enough. Now JR Ewing, there was a villain for you - he was pure evil but he was also incredibly charismatic and you couldn't keep your eyes off him when he was on the screen. You cheered for him as many times as you loathed him. Joan Collins is just bitchy without any of the charm. And Linda Evans is so bland I just don't care about anything that happens to her. All of the characters seem to suffer from being utterly whiny, weak and irritating or utterly one-dimensional. I honestly don't understand how people can rave over this show. I can forgive a show for being over-the-top or campy. But I can't forgive a show for being boring. Give me Dallas any day.
  • Yes, why was Dynasty taken off the air?

    I watched Dynasty was I was younger and it was so nice to start watching it again. All of a sudden Dynasty was taken off the air, what happened? Please resume showing Dynasty again!!
  • Where has Dynasty Gone?

    Taken off the air, not fair. I watch this every week day while having lunch. I hate eating alone. Put it back on please.
  • Has anyone ever noticed this?

    So I am curious to know if anyone ever noticed that there was one particular woman, an extra, that was in almost every episode, from the time Fallon took over La Mirage. What's funny is that she wore the same orange dress either walking into or walking out of La Mirage.
  • Delicious Over the Top 80s Camp At It's Best

    This show was many things. It was silly, campy, dramatic, humorous, ridiculous, poignant at times. But, it was usually entertaining, and usually fun, especially during seasons 2 to 5. Season 6 was hit or miss, seasons 7 and 8 were horrible, season 9 was ok, but not enough to save the show.

    Still, we'll always have the glitz, the glamor, the bitchy one-liners, the shoulder pads, the (non-burnt) champagne, the caviar (petrossian beluga, not ossetrovan, of course), the catfights, the boardroom battles, the bed hopping, the fabulous Carrington mansion and other opulent set pieces. Honestly, no other show captured this aspect of the 80s better than Dynasty did.
  • soap opera

    its a soap opera in series format. This is so incredibly bad showing the american dream, al the rich people, and how bad some people are. this is so far from reality its ridicilous.
  • forever love this show!

    I always have a high respect for this all-time best American drama anthology since the beginning and I think it will be forever be loved by so many die hard fans. It was unforgettable and top-rated at the same time. Audience may notice that scripts were incredible and acting was excellent! I think this is the only show that has its uniqueness. No doubt it was the best thing ever happened during the 80s. I decided to purchase my all-time favorite show which is Dynasty from www. The DVDs I received from this company has the quality that a keen customer will surely appreciate. I'm very proud to own a copy of this show. Overall, this is a very entertaining Drama Anthology ever produced! won't get tired watching this all over again!
  • my purchase of Dynasty DVDS

    I loved Dynasty and I think I will forever adore it. It was magnificent and extravagant at its best. People may condemn it on the grounds that the certain circumstances were unbelievable and acting was great, I think this is the only show that has its uniqueness. No Doubt it was the shrine of the 80's decade. I decided to purchase my all-time favorite show which is Dynasty from DVDBooth. com. At first, I thought this was not a legit website because I didn't receive a confirmation email upon placing the order and forwarding my payment. I tried to email them from their website and asked for the tracking number of my DVDs. They replied within an hour which is good in terms of customer service. They forwarded all the required information I'm asking for. After 10 business days, my product hasn't arrived yet so I made a follow up. They explained to me that the competence of the mail service is out of their control and asked me to wait for the next few days. I received the package the following day. When I check the package, it was outstanding because all the disc was produced with great quality! I feel appreciative for the support given by this company. And with that kind of product and service, I definitely place my second order next month!
  • I love this show - it is perfect escapism.

    This is a high end soap that, along with "Dallas" defined the atmosphere of the oil crazed 80's. Sumptuous surroundings were created, crazy writing, it's all part of the fun. Here, everybody sleeps with everybody else, betray each other looking damn fabulous while they do it. This is, of course, a black and white world, where you're either good or bad. There's no need for deep contemplation here, just a nice soft couch and ice cream or your favorite snack.

    My favorite character on this show is Alexis, who only makes her appearance at the beginning of season two. The evil people on the show always seem to have the best wit and charm, so sit back and enjoy the naughtiness! Sure, Dallas may have had the better writing, but Dynasty wins on attitude
  • Oh! the drama... the big hair... the shoulder pads...

    I remember watching this periodically from its debut in 1981 through 1985. Just for fun I ordered the first season from Netflix last week. Now I know why I stopped watching Dynasty. Oh my goodness is it ever trite, overly dramatic and boring! I ended up fast-forwarding through most of the episodes. I'm sure at the time it was worth watching, but not now, unless you're a fan of melodramas! The storylines aren't anything close to realistic. Even for fantasy they're out there! I don't remember Blake Carrington being so mean or Krystal being such a doormat. Steven Carrington always looked like he was about to burst into tears. Fallon was unbelievably rude, childish and downright evil. The chauffeur was not at all attractive or appealing in any way, yet somehow this dud was able to bed Fallon (multiple times). Claudia is a complete waste of skin. She can't seem to do anything by herself. I understand she had a nervous breakdown and all, but come on! Suck it up and move on with your life. Well, anyway, I don't recommend watching this unless there's absolutely NOTHING ELSE ON!
  • Funny show!

    It is not as good as L.A. Law, The Practice, Boston Legal or L Word.. But it is a classic!
    I think I was 6 when I started watching this classic, and I fell for it straight away! I adored beautiful Krystle (played by Linda Evans) and gorgeous Fallon (played by Pamela Sue Martin). And I loved to hate Alexis (played by Joan Collins).
    The last years of the show wasn't great, but still there were some highlights: espacially the arrival of the wonderful Sable Colby (played by Stephanie Beacham).
    The reunion-movie was actally pretty good, despite the fact that the original "Fallon" and "Adam" weren't in it...
  • A very fine television soap-one of its kind.

    I would say DYNASTY was one of the finest television soaps ever put out. It had it's very slow moments, probably the most boring was that royal wedding; this was one of the weaknesses. Also, the constant changing of actors, was inconsistent, I thought. Steve Carrington was played by two different actors, and so was Fallon. SO was Alexis's daughter. It's very hard to adjust to the new face once you have gotten used to one face. Later in the show it picks up momentum again. I would say the MAIN star of the show was Alexis (Joan Collins). Forever causing trouble, she kept it interesting. Blake Carrington (John Forsythe) basically had to dodge her attacks. Crystal and Alexis hate each other, mainly because Alexis still loved Blake and can't have him, so she's out to destroy him. The show really went out with a BANG in the end with just about everybody dying off (or nearly, well implied)..first Crystal left--with a brain operation that rendered her totally brain dead; Steven (Jack Coleman) skipped town to discover himself (Steven was wishy-washy always) then, in the end, during the finale, everybody else gets it--Fallon, and Blake's and Crystal's daughter Christine, gets trapped in a mine with no way out. Alexis crashes down stairs when there was a brawl. Blake gets shot. Cool ending! But how sad to see it go!
  • A classic 80's soap

    Dynasty will always remind me of the 80s. I was a huge Dynasty fan am still am, I think the show captured the 80s perfectly, with its over the top clothes, huge hair, and amazing waste of wealth. I remember watching and wishing so hard that I was a Carrington or that I was married to Alexis, just so that I could spend money like they did. The thing I most fondly remember about the show will always be Joan Collins, I think that she was amazing as Alexis and she captured the corprate B**ch like no one else will ever be able to. I was so excited when saeson one came out, I rushed right out and got it. Now if we can just get season 2.
  • 80's 80's 80's the decade of excess

    I admit to watching these campy shows depicting a lifestyle most will never experience in such a broad soap opera format was indeed a guilty pleasure. Blake as a compassionate yet strong man seemed to be so much different from the evil JR we had seen in Dallas. Of course at first I couldn’t get over thinking of him as Charlie and often though this was Charlie’s side life. Krystal seemed so perfect almost too perfect, but for me the show really popped when Alexis came on seen. Joan Collins was perfect in that role. We loved to hate her and yet at times felt compassion toward her.

    However, I stopped watching when the soap side just got too far fetched and didn’t even watch the finale.

    Despite this I think of the series fondly as it reminds me of a time where we could all be part of a fictional good life.
  • Series Schizophrenia: so close, yet so far.

    The producers originally had the right idea with this show, a glossy, well-cast, clever series about a ruthless Colorado billionaire and his soulful blonde wife, Blake and Krystle, the trampy, sassy daughter Fallon, and trouble gay son Steven.
    The pilot was wondeful and cinematic, and season 1 was actually an intelligent condemnation of Rightwinf capitalistic hooey, ending the season nicely with a murder.

    Then comes season 2, quite good also, but more glitzy, as Blake\\\'s wicked ex-wife Alexis shows up, haunting the family as she lives in the art studio on the Carrington estate.

    The casting and concept were great. But beginning with season 3 (after Blake is rescued from the cliff) the series starts to lose its integrity. The plots start to become pasted together, huge holes in logic develop almost by the minute, a kind of negative camp creeps over the series and it declines in quality notably with every season.

    Sometimes it\\\'s so bad it must be seen to be believed.

    Until Season 9 when a new producer took over and fixed what he could, but it was too late to save it.

    Ah, what potential was here!
  • Great show as John Forsythe the anti-JR Ewing

    First of all this was the opposite of Dallas
    Second John Forsythe as Blake Carrington was the anti-JR Ewing
    Sympathetic and nice as well as cared about others
    His nememesis and rival was Joan Collins' Alexis as Carrington had a new wife named Crystal
    Crystal was very sweet and caring like her new husband
    Instead of Dallas, Dynasty was set in Denver
    Great show even though it was weak towards the end!
  • Dynasty was the best of the 80's soapers. It was the campiest,funnest and most guilty pleasure of all. I absolutely adored Linda Evans as Krystal(even though she, like most of the cast, had no talent whatsoever). The sets, the jewels, the costumes, the B

    The best guilty pleasure in the history of television. A cast of beautiful but untalented men and women who made me tune in every Wednesday night. I laughed and I cried with each plot twist. Long live Dynasty and the cast that made it come alive for all of us!
  • 80's at its best

    This was a show I remember growing up watching with my mother....A List Soaps were sooo much better than the daytime rivals they had. This show was the true glamour 80's everyone wanted to be part of. I will say I did get annoyed at some of the repetition in the storyline in seasons 2 & 3. However....just plain excellent series. Would love to see more shows like this in primetime....Desperate Housewives is a good example.
  • Enjoy watching this show, I missed much of it when it was on the air.. Now I can see it again.. I would be nice to bring it back again... The actors choosen to play the various parts are very talented and suited for their roles.

    I liked how the story line went, some people will say it\'s of the 80\'s greedy times but, it\'s a bit more innocent compared to today\'s trash on TV... and again I really enjoyed watching the actors choosen for the show guests as well. Except for the guy who played the chauffer in the beginning he just didn\'t seem to fit.
  • My Favorite Soap Ever!

    I love this show! Alexis (Joan Collins) was fantastic. She is the person you love to hate. Personally, I don't hate her, it's Blake(John Forsythe) I hate guess it all depends on how you look at it. If you think about it long enough he always ends up starting something. Blake is all high and mighty and could do no wrong but once something went wrong Alexis is #1 on his list to blame. I think the show was a hit and all the actors did so well playing their roles. Especially the main characters John, Linda, and Joan!
  • The story of millionaire oil tycoon Blake Carrington,his two children(by the end of the show 5) and his new young wife Krystal

    Dynasty was a show that worked for it's era. The 80's were a time of watching the wealthy and the oppulant and Dynasty was all that and more. In college we used to have Dynasty nights, Dynasty parties,and Dynasty drinking games. The reason I rate it so low was while the storylines were fabulous the first 3 or 4 seasons,towards the end of the run it got so outlandish that even I had to stop watching....I was one of the few that watched it before Joan Collins.... I preferred Al Corley as Steven,and Pamela Sue Martin as Fallon. All the recasts and all the face changes made it very campy.John James as Jeff was one of my favorites..... If you get a chance to watch it on Soapnet....please do ....You will see what 20 yrs does for political correctness on tv.
  • Oh the fabulous 80's and what a show was Dynasty! Nothing compared to this show which was like a night time soap other than Dallas. The spin offs were ok like Falcon Crest, The Colby's and the great Knott's Landing.

    What could be said about Dynasty? Well one big thing to me was an openly GAY character on the show. Then you have the over the top outfits which glitz doesn't even describe, by Nolan Miller. Then we have these two arch rivals, one the goody goody Krystle and the bad vixen Alexis. Remember all those great catfights? One in a pool/fountain, another in the mud and others.

    While Krystle was handing out charity and trying to keep her family together, Alexis was always scheming and trapping all the hot men! Even with all the money, these familues sure had its share of dysfuntion to say the least. I cannot count how many one liners used on the show.

    Remember the reunion, when the Carrington mansion and items were sold and here comes Krystle home without a clue as to what happened? Alexis treats her like dirt and instead of giving her a ride, she yells out the limo window as it is going up, that she will call her a cab? HAHAHA priceless

    Nothing this good has been on TV since Dallas and Dynasty both went off the air, but I hope someday that networks will put something on again that will capture audiences all over like these shows did.
  • another night time soap.

    I started watching Dynasty from the beginning and loved the show. Its character were interesting and fun to watch. The storylines were excellent and captivating. It was a show which left you each week wishing the week would go faster so you could see what happens next week. I am not sure how it would fair in todays world but in its time it was a classic.
  • Glitz and glamour in the go-go eighties

    After the success of Dallas, networks were clamoring to have shows with rich people acting badly. Enter Dynasty, a show set in Denver Coloado. It follows the Carrington family. Blake Carrington made millions in oil. His daughter Fallon is a slutty daddy's girl. His son, Steven, is gay and afraid to tell his father. Blakes wife, Crystal is from the wrong side of the track and tries to fit in.
    When Blakes ex-wife Alexis appears, the show shoots into the stratosphere. Catfights galore and the word Bitch becomes a weekly staple.
    Had it not been for the go-go 80's, with Buppies, Yuppies, Beamers and Calvin Klein underwear, this show would not have made it past the 1st episode.
  • Camp classic

    I was addicted to this show when it was originally on. It was campy fun during the 80's. When I see it on now I can't get through an entire episode of it, but at the time I lived for this show. Even so, if there was a reunion made today I would so be there. I even laughed watching that horrible tv movie about the making of Dynasty earlier this year. Dynasty is a great memory from my childhood.