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  • A very fine television soap-one of its kind.

    I would say DYNASTY was one of the finest television soaps ever put out. It had it's very slow moments, probably the most boring was that royal wedding; this was one of the weaknesses. Also, the constant changing of actors, was inconsistent, I thought. Steve Carrington was played by two different actors, and so was Fallon. SO was Alexis's daughter. It's very hard to adjust to the new face once you have gotten used to one face. Later in the show it picks up momentum again. I would say the MAIN star of the show was Alexis (Joan Collins). Forever causing trouble, she kept it interesting. Blake Carrington (John Forsythe) basically had to dodge her attacks. Crystal and Alexis hate each other, mainly because Alexis still loved Blake and can't have him, so she's out to destroy him. The show really went out with a BANG in the end with just about everybody dying off (or nearly, well implied)..first Crystal left--with a brain operation that rendered her totally brain dead; Steven (Jack Coleman) skipped town to discover himself (Steven was wishy-washy always) then, in the end, during the finale, everybody else gets it--Fallon, and Blake's and Crystal's daughter Christine, gets trapped in a mine with no way out. Alexis crashes down stairs when there was a brawl. Blake gets shot. Cool ending! But how sad to see it go!