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  • Oh the fabulous 80's and what a show was Dynasty! Nothing compared to this show which was like a night time soap other than Dallas. The spin offs were ok like Falcon Crest, The Colby's and the great Knott's Landing.

    What could be said about Dynasty? Well one big thing to me was an openly GAY character on the show. Then you have the over the top outfits which glitz doesn't even describe, by Nolan Miller. Then we have these two arch rivals, one the goody goody Krystle and the bad vixen Alexis. Remember all those great catfights? One in a pool/fountain, another in the mud and others.

    While Krystle was handing out charity and trying to keep her family together, Alexis was always scheming and trapping all the hot men! Even with all the money, these familues sure had its share of dysfuntion to say the least. I cannot count how many one liners used on the show.

    Remember the reunion, when the Carrington mansion and items were sold and here comes Krystle home without a clue as to what happened? Alexis treats her like dirt and instead of giving her a ride, she yells out the limo window as it is going up, that she will call her a cab? HAHAHA priceless

    Nothing this good has been on TV since Dallas and Dynasty both went off the air, but I hope someday that networks will put something on again that will capture audiences all over like these shows did.
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