Dynasty - Season 0

ABC (ended 1989)




Episode Guide

  • Dynasty: The Making of a Guilty Pleasure
    This is a "two-hour dramatization with a behind-the-scenes look at the hit '80s primetime soap opera" (ABC). This special episode was actually a satirical look at how Dynasty revolved from it's beginnings. All characters were fictionalized.
  • Dynasty: The Reunion (2)
    Since Jeff's not coming back from Switzerland, Fallon's getting worried and Miles goes to look for him. In Switzerland, he bumps into Adam, who is in fact (not surprisingly, come to think of it) associated with the Consortium. Adam has already met the trapped Jeff, and tried to convince him to co-operate with the Consortium, but Jeff has once again refused. Miles now gets Adam to really open his eyes and understand how cruel the Consortium really is, and they make a plan to rescue Jeff. Adam's long lost love, Kirby Aynders, also joins them, and the mission is successful. Jeff, Adam, Kirby and Miles arrive happily and safe in the US. Adam and Blake meet again after three years, and spite all their problems and fights, and the fact that Adam helped the Consortium taking over Denver-Carrington, they reconcile, and Adam decides to make up for all the pain he's caused the family. Thanks to Bart, a hearing is arranged, the Consortium vs. the Carringtons. Blake wins, and Denver-Carrington is back where it belongs. In the middle of all this, there were actually also time for a good old cat-fight between Alexis and Krystle. The family can now return safely back to the good old mansion in Denver. Adam and Kirby realize they're meant for each other, and when he proposes, she accepts. Sammy Jo withdraws from the modeling business and returns to Denver as well. But Jeremy hasn't given up yet. In a last desperate try to gain power, he reveals for Alexis who he is, and tries to poison her with Carbon oxide in the cabin outside the mansion. In the mean time, the rest of the Carrington family is watching old home movies (actually old "Dynasty" scenes) in the living room. Jeremy attacks Blake with a gun, but when Jeff, Adam and Steven joins the battle, Jeremy doesn't stand a chance. Adam rescues Alexis from the cabin, while Jeremy is taken away by other Consortium members. And now, everything's finally over, and the only remain is the happy ending. Miles realizes that he's not right for Fallon. He convinces her to make up with Jeff and goes back to California. The whole family, including Alexis, gathers around the dinner table, everybody agreeing that nothing can tare the beautiful bonds of family. And the absolute final is a slow dance with Krystle and Blake, where he tells her, as so many times before, but never enough: "I love you, Krystle!" (From Ultimate Dynasty Site)moreless
  • Dynasty: The Reunion (1)
    Blake has now been in prison for the last three years, after the shoot-out in the Carrington mansion (final episode). The court now knows that Handler had set Blake up and that the shooting was not his fault, so they're now giving him a full pardon. Doing research from inside jail, Blake's found out that a worldwide Mafia-like organization, the Consortium, has been after him ever since the fact about the Nazi treasure collection was revealed. The Consortium would rather like to see Blake dead, and judging from the facts given, they were also the ones Handler and Dennis Grimes were cooperating with. Their main goal is to buy up America. Krystle is still in Switzerland, but she is no longer in a coma, like everyone in Denver thinks she is. What poor Krystle doesn't know is that her doctor, Jobinet, is cooperating with the Consortium, and plans to use her to hurt Blake. Krystle returns to Denver to surprise the family, and finds everything upside-down. The mansion with all its belongings is now being sold, and everybody's gone, except a triumphing Alexis, who's still her old self, rich and powerful, running ColbyCo, while Adam's the executive at Denver-Carrington. Alexis seems to be doing fine, considering her fall in the final episode. The only explanation we get, is that she supposedly managed to turn in mid-air and fell upon poor Dex, who "didn't fare that well." What happened to Sable and Monica is never mentioned. In the mean time, Blake has gotten out of jail, and finds out that he's got no time to lose. Immediately after his release, someone tries to assassinate him and Jeff. Blake takes cover with Steven, who's now living in Washington with Bart Fallmont. Bart's father, Buck, died some time during the last three years. Fallon's broken up with Zorelli, and married Jeff again. They've been living with the children (LB, Lauren and Krystina) in California since Blake's arrest. They're now getting a divorce again, and Fallon is having a romance with Miles. While Blake hides, Jeff goes to Switzerland and is stunned to learn that Krystle has left after her awakening. Thanks to Dr. Jobinet's cooperation, men from the Consortium now quickly find Jeff. They kidnap him and keep him as a prisoner. The boss, Jeremy Van Dorn, tries to make him cooperate, but has no luck. Alexis gets involved with Jeremy, without knowing who he actually is. She wants him to help her get a foot into Fashion Fury, a leading fashion company of the 90`s, administered by Alan Marshall. Sammy Jo is broke after losing her horse business and is now back working as a model for Fashion Fury, and sleeping with Alan. This is, of course, something Alexis wants to stop. When Krystle finally gets things sorted out and finds Fallon in California, everything's set for the most happy, beautiful reunion ever between Krystle, Blake and Krystina. They now take cover in a house in Virginia. Unfortunately, they're not safe. Dr. Jobinet has post-hyptonized Krystle, and she's unconsciously "programmed" to kill Blake. Of course, their love is still as strong as ever, and she can't go through with it. (From Ultimate Dynasty Site)moreless