Season 2 Episode 16

The Baby

Aired Monday 10:00 PM Mar 03, 1982 on ABC

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  • Krystle vs Alexis. Round 1!

    This episode is mostly remembered for the first brawl between Krystle and Alexis, and it still lives up to the hype. Yes, the beginning is hilarious (Alexis slaps walk her couch?), and yes, it's obvious when we are seeing stunt doubles, but it's still a classic, fun fight.

    And there is lots going on in the rest of the episode well, to keep people intrigued pre and post-catfight too.
  • Fallon prematurely goes into labor, Sammy Jo gets paid off and Krystle's war with Alexis leads to an all-out brawl.

    Despite all the other plots going on in this episode, "The Baby" is most notable because it features - after months of tension - the very first catfight between Krystle and Alexis. Season Three's lily pond fight gets all the glory, but it's this original contretemps in Alexis' studio that's the best. So what if there are stunt doubles wearing not-very-convincing wigs throughout half of it? That's part of the charm. The fight is the culmination of months of tension, and that's what makes it so enjoyable. I can't imagine a show waiting so long today to let things boil over, but back in 1982, it was a perfect climax.

    Truly one of the classic episodes, this is how television should be.
  • After Fallon gives birth prematurely to Little Blake , Alexis takes advantage of the opportunity to rub in Krytle's face that Fallon gave Blake what she couldn't. But is later dismissed after being insulted by Fallon.

    After trying to cover her tracks by hiring Blake's employee Tony to work for Cecil in an attempt to keep him from revealing that she was shooting the day Kyrtle fell from her horse things began to go down hill for Alexis.....

    Blake learns that Tony is taking a job with Cecil. It is then that Kyrtle tells Blake that she trying to keep him quiet. Blake questions Tony who reveals that Alexis tryed to blackmail him and get him fire by calming he stole her china in an attempt to save her own skin.
    Blake confronts Alexis who lies through her teeth until Blake states that he had forgotten how evil & rotten she can be when she wants something & what she wanted was for Krytle not to have his child. She owns up but still lying calms she dropped the gun & it accidently went off. She then brings up painful memories from the pass in a last ditch effort to save herself. Blake threatens her & tells her that after killing his child he could never forgive her for such a vicious act.She recounts the kidnapping of thier first born son Adam Blake doesn't let her off the hook. He storms out in a rage but she refuses to lose everything.
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