Season 2 Episode 22

The Cliff

Aired Monday 10:00 PM May 04, 1982 on ABC

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  • Great ending to a strong season

    A good season overall, and a great way to end it. A good mix of camp (Cecil getting a heart attack while having sex with Alexis, and her attempting to revive him by slapping the sh*t out of him in lieu of calling 911 or attempting CP3) and drama (Blake trapped on a mountain! With a storm on the way! Little Blake kidnapped!).

    The best thing though is the departure of Nick Toscani, played by James Farentino. The guy was just so gross, I couldn't see how either Krystle or Fallon could ever entertain the idea of going to bed with him. The character just never clicked, and while he didn't ruin the season, he didn't improve on it either. His departure is more a cause for celebration.
  • In this intense season finale, the Carringtons have suffered the loss of Steven, but even for them, the worst is still coming.

    After Steven Carrington left in the preceeding episode, the Carrington family is still getting used to the idea of never hearing from him. Fallon doubts any news for a really long time, and Blake is very guilty. Alexis and Cecil are almost to the altar, as they plan the reception for their suprise wedding. Krystal and Blake are more happier than ever, and Jeff and Fallon are getting along well also. Claudia, however, is the odd figure, as her sudden agression is severely revealed. She rambles about "starting over" and other biblical theories that don't make sense. Darkness falls over Colorado as Dr. Nick Toschanni is pushed to the limits out of fury against Blake. He furiously fights Blake on a mountain in a dude ranch, leaving him there to die when he accidentally falls off his horse. Krystal is in tears as she cannot reach Blake on the walkie-talkie. At the mansion, ven more trouble ensues, as Fallons child is stolen by an unknown stranger we never see, and Cecil is thown overboard the thrills of passion as he suffers a heart attack whilst making love to Alexis.
    The cliffhanger on this episode is extremely creepy, and sad. All the chaos happens around the last 20 minutes, as though a sudden bomb of suprises blasts off. A storm approaches Colorado, whilst Fallons voice calling for her father, echos all over the mountains, where Blake is unconsious, thus ending the season. Whatever happened in this episode, you'll never know the real story until you see the season 3 opener...