Season 3 Episode 22

The Dinner

Aired Monday 10:00 PM Apr 06, 1983 on ABC



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    • Adam: On one hand, you want me to be friends with my brother. And on the other, you make it impossible by involving me in your schemes. Now, when do I get a break?
      Alexis: Oh. My poor little innocent Adam. The innocently melting heart. What other wonders are in store for us?
      (Adam grabs Alexis)
      Adam: Damn it, Mother, I'm serious!
      Alexis: And you're out of control. Now, I've seen your father's rotten temper in you but... Is there something else?
      Adam: Of course not. It's just that growing up alone, I had to do my own share of struggling and scheming and there were times when I got sick of it then, just as I'm sick of it now.
      Alexis: Sick? (laughing) Just make sure, darling, that I never get sick of you.

    • (Fallon walks into Mark's room and sees Alexis in his bed in a state of undress and Mark wearing only a towel)
      Fallon: Oh, my God.
      (Fallon walks out)
      Mark: Fallon. Fallon!
      (to Alexis) What do they call a woman like you?
      Alexis: Smart and intelligent. A woman who always knows exactly what she wants and how to go about getting it.
      Mark: You get your clothes on, get out of here and tell her how this happened.
      Alexis: I've got my clothes on, Mark. And nothing happened. And even if it had, I'm afraid it would have been as boring as those few other truly, truly boring afternoons I wasted with you.

    • Alexis: It's Fallon, isn't it? A rather intimate little kiss in the pro shop, of all places, confirmed what I know. You followed her to Haiti when she was getting her divorce, didn't you? Well, because of that divorce and Jeff's remarriage, my daughter is very vulnerable right now. And I want you to stay out of her life.
      Mark: Just like that.
      Alexis: Oh, no. Because of who you are and what you are, just like this.
      (Alexis pulls out her checkbook)
      I'll pay you anything you want within reason. And then I want you to leave.
      Mark: Put that away, I don't want your money, Alexis.
      Alexis: (laughing) How many Alexises have heard that before?
      Mark: I don't want it and that's that.
      Alexis: What you want is Fallon. Because you love Fallon.
      Mark: That's right, lady.
      Alexis: Love. Come off it. You're nothing but a second-rate fortune hunter in tennis shoes.

    • Alexis: How dare you come into my office uninvited? And how dare you interfere in my son's life?
      Krystle: You'd love it, wouldn't you, Alexis, if you could get revenge on Blake by keeping him and his son apart?
      Alexis: Oh, no. Oh, no, Krystle. Because just the opposite is true. Blake has taken every chance, every possible chance, to poison Steven's mind against me. And what's so funny?
      Krystle: I can't believe how little you know the man you were once married to. Because Blake wouldn't do that. It's beneath his dignity, for one thing. And he doesn't lie.
      Alexis: Oh, that's right, of course. His sainted mother taught him the sin of that, didn't she? Along with the first President of the United States.
      Krystle: I'm not finished.
      Alexis: Let me remind you, this is my office.
      Krystle: You can have it when I'm finished. Blake doesn't lie, unlike you, who could hardly wait until Steven got back to tell him that Blake tried to buy his own son from Sammy Jo. How dare I interfere? Well, I'll tell you how I dare. I'm going to keep on interfering, Alexis, until Blake and his son are what they should be to one another. A father who loves and respects his son. And a son who loves and respects his father. Despite you.
      Alexis: Get out of my office before I have you thrown out.
      (Krystle starts to leave and then turns around and glances at Alexis's desk)
      Krystle: I love your desk. The tusks, they're so you.
      Alexis: Get out!

    • (Blake telephones Alexis)
      Alexis: Good morning, Blake. And forewarn me, what is your mood of the moment?
      Blake: Determined, Alexis. You see, I found a few new discrepancies in the recent merger figures your people prepared. So I'll expect you here at 4:00 this afternoon.
      Alexis: Blake, we can talk about you alleged discrepancies, but we'll talk about them here at my office.
      Blake: No sale, Alexis. I've got the books, I've got the ledgers and I've got the clout. All in my office.
      Alexis: Clout? What clout?
      Blake: Well, you be here 4:00. You'll find out.
      (Blake hangs up)
      Jeff: How did she take it?
      Blake: Like a cup of hemlock.

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