Season 4 Episode 27

The Nightmare

Aired Monday 10:00 PM May 09, 1984 on ABC

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  • Another great season goes out on a high note

    The season ending perfectly captures what made this show so great during this era. A good mix of camp (Alexis arrested for murder and spending the night in jail in her BIG! RED! DRESS!) and drama (Fallon getting into a potentially fatal car accident).

    Kirby's departure is somewhat mixed. Her whole upstairs/downstairs story and relation with Adam had it's ups and downs, but it seemed like the writers ran out of story for her. Her departure, and episodes of trying to get revenge on Alexis and going nowhere with that, is somewhat welcome. But the actress was good in her role, so a mixed bag. Still, her final confrontation with Alexis did give one of Alexis' best lines in the series; after Kirby calls Alexis a bitch, Alexis replies with one of her best lines ever: "If I am, take a lesson from me, you may need it in

    Pamela Sue Martin's departure is much more of a hit to the show. Moreso because, until we get to season 9, her replacement just was not written well.
  • One of my favorites

    I remember watching this episode as a child and how I was fascinated with it.

    This episode Marks Pamella Sue Martin's last appearance, and what an exit it is!

    One of Dynasty's best cliff hangers, with the horrifying black screen and soundtrack right after Fallon's accident.

    It's kind of funny coincidence because the name of the episode is "Nightmare" and because of it's cliff hanger, I had nightmares about it for weeks :-)

    This episode also has great comic moments - the memorable scene of both Krystle and Alexis wearing the same dress, which will be seem again in the montage of clips from the Reunion episode.

    and what is campier and funnier than Alexis in a jail cell, screaming about being innocent...

    one of the best episodes of the series, one which I can't get tired of.

    Really recommend it