Season 6 Episode 31

The Vendetta

Aired Monday 10:00 PM May 21, 1986 on ABC

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  • One final hurrah

    Season 6 was a let down after the glory years of seasons 2 - 5. It doesn't reach the highs at all of the previous four seasons, though it does have some good things going for it. For all of the faults it has, though, it does have some good episodes and storylines scattered throughout. It certainly is better overall than the seasons that followed, at least. And it does go out on a high season, with a great cliffhanger, or rather, set of cliffhangers for each of the characters (fires! drowning! lying husbands! strangulation!).

    While the Rita storyline went on far to long, and the Moldavian story should have ended once they all left Moldavia, we did get a great story with Ben teaming up with Alexis to destroy Blake, one of the strongest this show has had. And it climaxed really well her, with Alexis triumphant and Blake, enraged, goes on to strangle her, something I'm sure he's wanted to do for years.

    While she wasn't the most useful character, Caress was a welcome addition to the show. She was at least fun, and I wish the show had utilized her more. It was fun watching her mooch off of Alexis and the Carringtons!

    Of course, as mentioned, this was a hit or miss season. Claudia really suffered as a character. Given the way she was written for much of the season (she suddenly became a money-hungry materialistic shrew), not to mention a pointless storyline of her trying to get her oil well from Blake, added to the fact of how she died, it might have been better for her to have died in the Moldavian Massacre instead. A sad end to an interesting character.

    RIP La Mirage! I'm not sure if it's due to the budget cuts, but we lose a great set piece, which gets replaced with the much inferior Carelton Hotel from next season onwards.

    Speaking of goodbye to Catherine Oxenberg's Amanda. Her replacement was such a step down and didn't last long. CO was no master thespian, but she did have a certain charm and a regal demeanor which helped in her portrayal of the charter, things her successor was lacking. And to be fair, she did improve a bit as an actress as time went on.
  • One of the best episodes of the series.

    Many shows hit ruts later on the in the series and in the beginning of season 6 it looked like the show had. It was not until the middle of season 6 when the show found its footing again. This season finale had many of the things that made Dynasty one of the best shows of all time. It had the cats fights and the man fights, the b*tch slaps and the lies and most of all the great cliffhangers. The episode was great and I look forward to next season. Let me just say that the look on Alexis face at the end of the episode was priceless
  • The best episode & cliff hanger ever !!

    What an exciting moment when the enraged Blake chokes Alexis and the helpless Krystle is being held by Ben, unable to help her husband !

    Back in the 80's when Dynasty was aired in Israel, we had only one public channel: no cables, satellite or commercial TV (Lame, I know...).

    The CEO of the Israeli Broadcast Authority had the audacity to cancel the broadcast of the series after this episode was aired, claiming that Dynasty was a of poor quality and it is unfit for Israeli television.

    That decision created a media turmoil, with headlines in all the major newspapers, demonstrations against it, and even petitions to the supreme court, saying it's an undemocratic act. The entire Israeli nation was on edge, and all thanks to the Carringtons.

    After a month or so the desicion was reversed, and the Israeli audience got his fix of the most watchable show on TV.

    The day & Alexis were saved.

    That incident was one of the major factors that led to new legislation, to the establishment of the first commercial channel, and to a new era of television in Israel.
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