Season 3 Episode 21

The Vote

Aired Monday 10:00 PM Mar 23, 1983 on ABC



  • Quotes

    • Blake: Oh, by the way, Alexis, if that's the outfit that you do business in, you're gonna have to be a hell of a lot more dazzling before I let you rob me blind.
      Alexis: Just what exactly does that mean?
      Blake: You heard me. If you think you're gonna rob me out of anything, you're very much mistaken. Because I've got Neal McVane working for me in Washington. I've got powerful contacts all over the world. I know the oil business. And you? Well, you're just a rank amateur in this business, so watch out. I've got weapons that'll blast you right out of this town.
      Alexis: Well, we'll see about that.
      (Blake leaves in the elevator)
      Oh, I hate you, Blake. Oh God, I hate you!
      (Alexis throws a martini glass at the elevator)