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  • Season 0 Episode 3: Dynasty: The Making of a ...

  • Heather Locklear did not appear in the Moldavian massacre scene as suggested by the movie.

  • Catherine Oxenberg's character Amanda was not disfigured in a car accident to allow for introduction of her successor Karen Cellini. It was Pamela Sue Martin's Fallon (Amanda's sister) who got a new face (Emma Samms) following the fourth season finale crash. Karen Cellini was introduced in a scene where Amanda is being rescued from "La Mirage" hotel fire by her father's former driver (in the seventh season premiere).

  • According to the movie, Richard Shapiro wrote every word of every dialogue of every episode of "Dynasty" working day and night on his typewriter. Actually, there was a team of writers who came up with respective storylines. The Shapiros would help create a "Bible" prior to each season, determining the general creative direction of the drama for the year in question.

  • Season 0 Episode 1: Dynasty: The Reunion (1)

  • Unlike Emma Samms replacing Pamela Sue Martin in the role of Fallon in 1985 (when the producers simply cast a new actress), Jack Coleman's replacement of Al Corley in the role of Steven in early 1983 was explained on-screen as a result of plastic surgery. Now Al Corley is back and Steven reverts to his previous face he had lost in the oil rig explosion with no explanation whatsoever.

  • The building Alexis is shown working has a sign in front that says "Colby Enterprises." The sign should say "ColbyCo" Colby Enterprises is the company that is located in Los Angeles and run by Jason Colby. ColbyCo is the company that is located in Denver and run by Alexis.

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