Season 6 Episode 20

The Dismissal


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Blake becomes obsessed with apprehending Joel and Rita. A remorseful Sammy Jo offers Krystle a prize horse in restitution and promises a hesitant Morgan Hess a small fortune for the capture of the co-conspirators. Galen is exiled to Lisbon, and a hopeful Michael returns to Amanda, only to learn that she loves Dex. Alexis completely breaks relations with Dex, driving him back to Amanda. Blake tries to separate his daughter and Dex by tempting Amanda with a trip to Hawaii. Adam schemes to win political support by publicizing Bart Fallmont's sexual preferences. Steven protests and joins Bart for a drink. Posing as a journalist, Caress interviews Adam, and then makes a surprise visit to her sister as the final chapter of the Alexis Carrington-Dexter story nears completion. Alexis dreams she and Blake are together again. When her attempts to make that a reality fail, she vows to destroy Blake's power hold in Denver-Carrington.moreless
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