Dynomutt, Dog Wonder

ABC (ended 1978)


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    • The Awful Ordeal With The Head Of Steel
      Ironface, bearing a bitter grudge, seeks revenge on Big City and kidnaps the District Attorney, Warden of Rockatraz, and Detective Malloy. His fiend then lures The Daring Duo, Mayor Gaunt, Judge Grater, Chief Grisby, and the Chief Prosecutor to his yacht, aptly named Revenge, where they are all kidnapped and shanghaied to his island fortress. Remaining city officials disappear one by one, until Blue Falcon and Dog Wonder allow themselves to be captured as well, hoping to solve and foil this crime. When I.F. has all the officials and The Daring Duo in a huge prison cell, he relates the reason for his vengeance: he spent 10 years in Rockatraz Prison and now wants them all to spend the same number of years in his prison. Dynomutt chews some shrinking gum and shrinks down to size, picks the lock, and frees Blue Falcon and the officials. The Daring Duo then capture a fleeing Ironface in The Dyno-Yo-Yo, and unmasks him to be the sinister Serpent Lady. She is then recaptured, exchanging her iron face for iron bars on Rockatraz.moreless
    • Shadowman [Part 1]
      Shadowman [Part 1]
      Season 2 - Episode 7
      Lurking in Big City is The Shadowman, who mysteriously knows all of the plans of The Crime Commission. The Daring Duo are called in when the 700-karat Shmope Diamond is swiped. As they respond, they spot a shadow sneaking off with plates for new $20 bills stolen from an armored car. The Shadowman later manages to kill two birds with one stone by making off with a secret gold shipment and framing Mayor Gaunt (who is captured in The Dyno Bad Guy Box) all in one shot.moreless
    • The Injustice League Of America
      The Injustice League Of America
      Season 1 - Episode 14
      Six of the most evil criminals ever to face The Daring Duo - Fishface, The Worm, The Queen Hornet, Lowbrow, Superthug, and The Gimmick - have broken Big City Prison. They reconvene at the abandoned Waldorf Euphoria Hotel where they form The Injustice League Of America. By ordering a series of robberies across Big City at the costume ball at The Vandergilt Mansion and the proposed Big City Bank, the ILA lures Blue Falcon and Dog Wonder to their secret lair at Fishface's HQ. There, they fall haplessly victim to an escape-proof supertrap rigged by The Gimmick. Without The Daring Duo to foil them, the sinister sextet split up into separate pairs and go their separate ways in converging upon the unprotected Big City. It takes a total of 6 Dynogadgets to ensure Blue Falcon and Dynomutt's escape, and they plan to capture the whole group by disguising themselves alternately as members of the Injustice League and thwart the criminals with a bevy of double crosses. First, B.F. and D.W. disguise themselves as The Superthug and The Gimmick to foil Fishface and The Worm's hijacking of Jacque Couscous's treasure ship at Big City Bay; then, as Fishface and The Worm, they beat Lowbrow and Queen Hornet to the draw at cleaning out The Big City Hurtz Castle Museum; and finally, as Lowbrow and Queen Hornet, they thwart The Superthug and The Gimmick from stealing The Gold Leaf Dome right off the state capitol. Confused into believing they've been pitted against one another, The Injustice League Of America quarrels as they settle their differences at the abandoned Waldorf Euphoria...which is better than B.F and D.W. had hoped for, as they swipe the crooks into Blue Falcon's Falconcape and return them to Big City Prison.moreless
    • Everyone Hyde!
      Everyone Hyde!
      Season 1 - Episode 1
      Willie The Weasel has created a formula that makes him into a Mr. Hyde and changes anyone else that he sprays with it. Can Blue Falcon and Dynomutt stop his evil scheme to rob the city blind?
    • Shadowman [Part 2]
      Shadowman [Part 2]
      Season 2 - Episode 8
      Mayor Gaunt swears his innocence so Blue Falcon and Dog Wonder inspect other members of the Crime Commission. At the District Attorney's home, The Shadowman straps The Daring Duo to a giant loaf of bread and sends them down a conveyor belt to their doom in a giant bread cutter. Dynomutt inflates the bread so it is too big to fit in the slicer and they escape to The Falcon's Lair, where Dynomutt restores both him and B.F. with his Dyno Paint Kit. Then they disguise themselves as The Panhandle Brothers unveiling a solid gold oil well used as a lure to trap The Shadowman, which is a success He is revealed by his own insidious Shadow-Box device to be Harold Twitch, the corrupt Crime Consultant himself. The Daring Duo return the stolen valuables, Mayor Gaunt is proven innocent, and Big City is once again safemoreless
    • Factory Recall
      Factory Recall
      Season 1 - Episode 8
      In trying to combat the villainous Mr. Cool (a Mr. Freeze incarnate), whose cold rays freeze everyone into solid ice, The Blue Falcon accidentally drops his Falcon commumicator from his Falconbelt in trying to save Dog Wonder, who has also been fozen by the cold ray blast. The commumicator is immediately snatched up by Mr. Cool. Once thawed out, Dynomutt seems to be in worse shape than ever before, forever irking Blue Falcon with his oafish chuckling. Using the Falcon communicator device, Cool tricks B.F. into believeing he is Focus One, telling him Dynomutt is being recalled to the factory for a reprogramming. Dog Wonder is then programmed by Cool into an evil D.W., who nearly succeeds in ending Blue Falcon's career...and his life! But, true to Dyno-malfunctioning tradition, he botches his foul plan. While scaling a building with Falcon Suctioncup Feet, D.W. captures B.F. and brings him to Mr. Cool, who orders him to crush Blue Falcon under a block of ice ("Get ready to become a chip under the old block, B.F!"). Fortunately, yet another Dyno-Dum-Dum prevents this, and B.F. escapes and deprograms Dog Wonder back into his faithful crimefighting old self again. Together, they track down Mr. Cool and his cool, cruel cohorts and foil their attempt to freeze Big City Bay into a block of ice. While the henchmen are captured, Cool attempts a getaway in the Falconcar, but is foiled by its Falcon Instant Anti-Car Thief Ejection Seat, which springs him high into the air.moreless
    • Don't Bug Superthug
      Don't Bug Superthug
      Season 1 - Episode 7
      The Daring Duo meet Superthug and Zorkon, two evil geniuses who have created a superdynamic steel skeleton. Superthug steals every bit of available steel from Big City, as he wants to mass-produce these skeletons for every crook in Big City to use for evil purposes. To counter this superfiend, B.F. straps Dynomutt's hands and legs to his and challenges Superthug with his Falcon-Dyno Superstrength Power Pack Combination...and to steal the steel TV tower on top of the TV station building. S.T. accepts the challenge, but Dynomutt's usual rash of mechanical mishaps literally trip up all of Blue Falcon's attempts to stop him. Superthug makes off with the TV tower, while Blue Falcon winds up being entangled in Dog Wonder's metallic limbs, defeated, humiliated, and publicly disgraced. Since the superheroes are unable to stop Superthug, secret agent Focus One has no alternative but to fire The Blue Falcon and Dog Wonder ("Gosh! You'd think they could at least give a couple of ex-superheroes 30 days' notice!"). In despair, the unemployed champions of justice search out their former adversary Superthug, attempting to join forces. He and Zorkon fall for The Falcon Phoney Out-Of-Work Plan, designed to deliberately trick Superthug into luring them to his lair, and are captured before their sinister superskeletons can be distributed.moreless
    • The Wizard Of Ooze
      The Wizard Of Ooze
      Season 1 - Episode 10
      The Daring Duo encounter the sinister Swamp Rat and Mudmouth, who've been hijacking trucks in the Bogmyer Swamp for the purpose of stealing their pumps. They use them to pump half of their swamp into Big City, turning it into Bog City, a giant swamp so muddy the citizens desert the city, leaving it unprotected and easy fair game for The Swamp Rat and Mudmouth. Blue Falcon and Dog Wonder, teamed with the Scooby Doo crimebusters, manage to extricate themselves from becoming gator bait and rush to the aid of the oozy Big City to lure the swampy thieves into the open. There, B.F., to allay Swamp Rat's suspicions, disguises Shaggy Rogers and Scooby-Doo as Blue Falcon and Dynomutt, respectively, and have them going the other way with the real Daring Duo posing as expensive gold statues at The Big City Convention Hall. The wily thieves, thinking B.F. and D.W. are heading elsewhere, feel free to steal the gold statues. When they learn of Blue Falcon's ruse, they flee into the swamp, only to be captured via The Dynocopter and apprehended.moreless
    • The Glob [Part 2]
      The Glob [Part 2]
      Season 2 - Episode 4
      As Dynomutt escapes, Blue Falcon becomes Blue Blob. Dog Wonder races his blue buddy to The Falcon's Lair, where he sculpts him back to normal and spritzes him with The Falcon Instant Hardening Spray, and corner The Glob and his minions just as they nab the true Baltese Falcon. They capture Norbert Prindle in a huge goblet, and turn the crooks in and return the Falcon to the Crowne Art Gallery. Later, in the Falcon's Lair, D.W. tries to sculpt a "Bluetese Falcon", using B.F. for a model, but his creation shatters to pieces before he gets to profit big from it.moreless
    • The Glob [Part 1]
      The Glob [Part 1]
      Season 2 - Episode 3
      Petty thug Norbert Prindle, alias The Glob, eludes Dynomutt and Blue Falcon at The Crowne Art Gallery and makes off with the multimillion dollar Baltese Falcon, a 2" statue of solid diamonds. The Dyno-Computer Tracker traces The Glob and the heroes almost collide with the thief. The Glob escapes into a manhole where Dynomutt gets the Baltese Falcon back from him and hides it in a curio shop amongst 9 other phony Baltese Falcons. The Daring Duo corners Norbert Prindle and his mob at their hideout, but Prindle eludes them again, washing the heroes down the channel by a flood of water. They return to the curio shop to retrieve the Baltese Falcon, only to find that it and the other phoney Baltese Falcons have been sold. Thus begins a mad dash between Blue Falcon and Dynomutt and Prindle trying to beat each other to the various buyers, vying for the prize. The Daring Duo are captured at the third buyer's address, The National Science Institute (the very site where Norbert Prindle became a glob), where they are strapped to a conveyor belt and are slated to become Globs with the Molecular Maser Beam!moreless
    • The Great Brain...Train Robbery
      The Great Brain...Train Robbery
      Season 1 - Episode 3
      The criminal mastermind, The Gimmick, uses his prowess of gadgets to create havoc in the city and dares the police to stop him from stealing a train car with a prince inside. Can Blue Falcon and Dynomutt overcome the tricky gadget traps and foil The Gimmick's plans?
    • The Harbor Robber
      The Harbor Robber
      Season 1 - Episode 5
      The villain from the ocean, Fishface, has a scheme to hold the city for ransom by stealing its vital supply of oil. Can Blue Falcon and Dynomutt fish this denizen of the deep from his hideout and recover the oil that he has stolen?
    • The Queen Hornet
      The Queen Hornet
      Season 1 - Episode 9
      The Blue Falcon and Dynomutt attempt to get evidence that will put away that buzzing vixen, The Queen Hornet. They chase her after she hijacks an armored car full of money, but, due to a string of Dog Wonder Blunders, they are stuck in a tree. The Queen Hornet uses her quick-drying "Honeysticker" on The Daring Duo and brings them to the basement of The Hornet's Nest nightclub (an appropriate GHQ for such a mean Queen), where she hopes a swarm of her "little brothers and sisters," her trained hornets, will build an unbreakable nest around Blue Falcon and Dog Wonder. They are saved by the Dyno Car Wash and jet by Falconcar overseas to catch and stop Queen Hornet and her lackeys in the act of stealing the famous moon diamonds from returning astronauts. They trace her to the landing capsule, where they discover the gooey "honey-sticker" has frozen the astronauts immobile. D.W. cuts a hole in the bottom of the capsule and dives out, activating his Dyno Flotation Collar which succeeds in bringing the capsule, astronauts and all to the surface. B.F. and D.W. then pursue Q.H., capturing her in The Dyno Bubble-Trap and recovering the precious moon diamonds.moreless
    • The Blue Falcon Vs. The Red Vulture
      The Red Vulture steals 2 of the world's most powerful superjet engines, with plans to use them for his nefarious Vulturejet and in turn dominate the airways. The Daring Duo trace the villain to The Big City Superjet Races, but are immediately snagged by The Vulturejet and trapped along with the crew aboard a cargo jet recently robbed by R.V., which is slated to crash into a mountain far ahead of them. With only 3 minutes to spare, Dog Wonder extends his neck and arms into the cockpit and steers the jet out of danger. Blue Falcon and Dog Wonder then trace The Red Vulture to his nest, but upon arrival, they are instantly set upon by R.V.'s deadly mechanical mini-vultures. D.W. captures them all in a burlap sack, and the two jet by Falconcar to stop The Red Vulture, who is at present stealing $10 million of gold bullion arriving in Big City Airport. R.V. spots them, and tries to suck The Daring Duo, Falconcar and all into his supersonic vacuum device. Fortunately, this proves to be Red Vulture's tragic undoing as the snout sucks up jink Dynomutt inadvertently tosses about in a vain attempt to search for the Dyno-Antivacuum Vacuum. The Vulturejet disintegrates, forcing R.V. and his minions to fly for their lives. Having retrieved the stolen jet engines, The Daring Duo capture The Red Vulture's lackeys, Prop and Cowl, fleeing on an escalator in the airport, and The Vulture himself, fleeing in a biplane.moreless
    • What Now, Lowbrow?
      What Now, Lowbrow?
      Season 1 - Episode 2
      The caveman criminal, Lowbrow, wants to learn how to be the King of Crime and steals some books to learn how. Can Blue Falcon and Dynomtt capture the creepy caveman and stop his crime spree?
    • The Lighter Than Air Raid
      The Lighter Than Air Raid
      Season 1 - Episode 15
      As Radley Crowne and Dynomutt enjoy a leisure game of golf, The Blimp, evil genius of the airways, directs The Blimplair silently high over their heads, pilfering Big City's supply of helium. Once alerted by FOCUS One, they immediately switch costumes and dash off in pursuit, but a malfunctioning Dyno- Helium Sniffer leads The Daring Duo to a balloon vendor at The Big City Circus, where the hapless Dog Wonder unwittingly becomes the main attraction on the trapeze. Waylaid once again by balloon dummies in a toy factory, Blue Falcon and Dog Wonder chase The Blimplair but are caught in a giant Blimptrap; furthermore, they are chained to a gas helium balloon, which will carry them to their doom in outer space. They escape, but too late: The Blimp has already used the helium to reach the communications satellite, shot his Blimpray into all the TV and radio sets and rendered everyone "Blimpified" (e.g. turned into helpless balloons!), and now he is looting Big City! In The Mayor's office, Dog Wonder turns on the TV, sure that the TV news has all the details on the city's "Blimpification," and blimpifies everyone in the room! The Daring Duo waddle back to The Falcon's Lair where Dynomutt concocts an antidote. After The Blimp and his lackeys are hauled off to The Big City Jailhouse and Big City's citizens restored to normal, Dynomutt makes good use of The Blimpray by serving up king sized hamburgers!moreless
    • The Day And Night Crawler
      The Day And Night Crawler
      Season 1 - Episode 4
      The Worm and his goon, Grub, use his digging machine to free a couple of thugs names Bugsy Busby and Roto Chopper out of prison so they can help him with his plan to steal a super computer. Will Blue Falcon and Dynomutt figure out a way to stop the creepy crawler's mad plans?moreless
    • Sinister Symphony
      Sinister Symphony
      Season 1 - Episode 6
      The clever criminal, Manyfaces, uses his unique ability to make Dynomutt arrest Blue Falcon, the mayor, and the chief of police and put them in jail as he guards them and Manyfaces uses his hypnotic symphony to put the entire city to sleep as his thugs rob every one and every thing. Can Blue Falcon convince Dynomutt that he is the real Blue Falcon in time to stop Manyfaces crime spree?moreless
    • The Prophet Profits
      The Prophet Profits
      Season 1 - Episode 16
      Dynomutt and Radley Crowne race out of the Big City Drive-In Theater, leaving a sea of popcorn, and switch to Blue Falcon and Dog Wonder in a futile attempt to save Big City Bridge from the collapse as predicted by The Prophet. The Daring Duo begin to look bad as they are unable to prevent a second disaster - the leaning over of the Big City City Hall - also predicted by The Prophet, despite Dynomutt's efforts to fix the damage. The Blue Falcon mistrusts The Prophet, and with good reason: he rigs each disaster for the sick purpose of charging the Mayor $500,000 for each prediction. To counter this situation, B.F. introduced Swami Poochi (D.W. in disguise) who charges half price for his prediction: the collapse of a rocket at Big City Rocket Base in 2 days. The Daring Duo secretly hover over The Prophet's lair and secretly listens in as an enraged Prophet becomes dead set on making Swami Poochi look bad by plotting to set off the rocket in 1 day and destroying it in space. Blue Falcon and Dog Wonder sneak up behind The Prophet and his henchwomen at the base, but the dopey doberman accidentally triggers the gantry release with his foot. Dynomutt activates the Dyno-Winch to pull the gantry tower back up, but too fast, and The Daring Duo become entangled in the Dyno-Winch's rope. The Prophet blasts Blue Falcon and Dog Wonder into outer space, but, with the trusty aid of The Dyno-Handy Helpers (actually Dynomutt's nephews), they manage to free themselves of their bind and return to Earth in time to catch and stop The Prophet and his henchwomen in the act of sabotaging Big City Dammoreless
    • Madame Ape Face [Part 1]
      Madame Ape Face [Part 1]
      Season 2 - Episode 5
      The Daring Duo are on the trail of Madame Ape Face who has swiped the face of Sophia Florenzi and plans to steal all of the beautiful faces of the starlets of Big City. They catch up with The Madame at GaGa Galore's costume party but her face is stolen. Chasing Ape Face , Blue Falcon and Dog Wonder find themselves headed down a conveyor belt into a cold cream machine!moreless
    • Tin Kong
      Tin Kong
      Season 1 - Episode 11
      The Daring Duo meet evil Eric Von Flick, a hack movie director who situates in the abandoned Epic Studios just outside of Big City, who attempts production of the greatest disaster movie of all time: The Total Destruction Of Big City, starring Tin Kong, a gigantic robot ape (no relation to Grape Ape, mind you!). In Desperation, Blue Falcon uses the Dyno Enlarging Powerpack, making Dog Wonder 50 times larger, resulting in him stopping Kong in destroying a passenger train. Suddenly B.F. is nabbed by Tin Kong!!! Dynomutt turns into a Dynobiplane, flies up and shakes Dynopepper into Tin King's nose causing him to sneeze and release Blue Falcon. The Daring Duo snatches the chance to gain entry inside T.K.'s control panel and reprograms him, commanding him to scoop up the villainous VonFlick and his minions in his enormous hands once and for all, ensuring his last picture will be his prison photograph. Later, at The Falcon's Lair, Dog Wonder, having reprogrammed Tin Kong as a butler, calls for him to take out the trash. T.K. reaches in the window, grabs Dynomutt, and neatly deposits him into the Falcon Garbage Can.moreless
    • Madame Ape Face [Part 2]
      Madame Ape Face [Part 2]
      Season 2 - Episode 6
      Saved by The Falcon Fan Snapper, The Daring Duo rush to the aid of the most probable victims. When Fifi Foray wins a beauty contest, Dog Wonder disguises himself as Fifi, and an ensuing scuffle with Madame Ape Face results in D.W.'s face stolen. (Dynoape, Ape Wonder?! It'll never be the same!) Using The Dyno-Radar Hand Detector, the heroes find The Madame's lair and Dog Wonder's face is restored. They catch Ape Face in the act of pilfering Sarah Showerfaucet's face at her apartment. Blue Falcon captures The Madame just as she tosses Sarah's face out the window, but Dog Wonder manages to catch it before it shatters on the concrete below.moreless
    • Beastwoman [Part 2]
      Beastwoman [Part 2]
      Season 2 - Episode 2
      B.F. manages to release himself and reprogram Dog Wonder so he won't obey Beastwoman's Beastwhistle. B.W., meanwhile, employs some bird to seed the clouds and have them rain on the seeded Big City, turning it into a jungle. The Daring Duo learn she plans to do this to the rest of the U.S.A. via rocket power, so Blue Falcon detains Beastwoman whilst Dynomutt goes up with the rocket which crashes into the lake and D.W. becomes a moss-covered mechanical mutt. Blue Falcon severs Beastwoman's powers by snipping her veins, and Big City is restored to normal. Blue Falcon attempts to shear Dynomutt's veins, but the latter decides to shake them off by dancing the Hula.moreless
    • Beastwoman [Part 1]
      Beastwoman [Part 1]
      Season 2 - Episode 1
      The evil Beastwoman uses her multifrequency Beastwhistle to call all the animals in the Big city Zoo to break out of their cages and drive the people out. Dog Wonder finds Beastwoman in a dog parlor where he gets a poodle chip. D.W. succumbs to the Beastwhistle and, following Beastwoman's commands, captures The Blue Falcon and puts him in a man eating plant. Beastwoman orders her subjects to spread her fast growing seeds across Big City, which she plans to convert into a giant jungle!moreless
    • Gang Fishface/Swamp Rat (1978)
      Gang Fishface/Swamp Rat (1978)
      Season 0 - Episode 1