Dynomutt, Dog Wonder

Season 1 Episode 4

The Day And Night Crawler

Aired Saturday 12:00 PM Oct 02, 1976 on ABC



  • Trivia

    • When The Worm and his lackeys are going to the other helicopter on the rope, one of the lackeys is a black man that is in no other scene.

    • When Dynomutt is being chased inside the grocery store in his Professor Zilch disguise he trips on some cantaloupes and when he falls into the box that Roto Chopper and Bugsy Bubsy are holding, he's in his regular Dynomutt outfit.

    • When the Worm and his lackeys approach the school, the helicopter they are in is the same one they sealed Blue Falcon and Dynomutt in and sent out over the ocean. They should be in a Chinook twin bladed helicopter instead of the single blade helicopter that is shown.

  • Quotes

    • Blue Falcon: This time we'll get them, Dog Wonder.
      Dynomutt: Yeah, and you can count on me, B.F.
      Blue Falcon: I was afraid you'd say that.

    • Doctor: (pulls up x-ray machine) And now we'll have a look inside to see what makes you tick.
      Dynomutt: Oh brother, you're going to get a big surprise.
      (the doctor turns on the machine and sees the computer and machinery inside Dynomutt)
      Doctor: Amazing! If I didn't know better, I'd swear that you're a mechanical dog.
      Dynomutt: Duh...nobody's perfect.

    • Doctor: (hears ticking inside Dynomutt) Did you ever swallow a wristwatch?
      Dynomutt: No. Why? Are you missing yours?

    • Blue Falcon: There can only be one reason why The Worm would free Roto Chopper the infamous helicopter thief, Dog Wonder, and that's because his evil planes must require the use of a helicopter.
      Dynomutt: Good thinkin' there, Blue Falcon.
      Blue Falcon: So our next move is to check out all the places in town that use helicopters.
      Dynomutt: So it's "pull out all the stoppers to check out the choppers." (laughs)

    • Dynomutt: If we're gonna dig up that Worm, we'd better get a wiggle on it. Eh, Blue F.?
      Blue Falcon: Right, Dog Wonder. It going to take an early bird to catch this worm.

    • Blue Falcon: (Dynomutt has just squirted him with ketchup by accident) Dog Wonder, sometimes I wonder if I can get along without Dog Wonder.
      Dynomutt: Duh..I'm thinkin', I'm thinkin'. Don't ask, please. You're bringing up a very touchy subject.

    • Narrator: Once the world's leading scientist and Big City tech, Professor Ronald Hickman fell victim to a freak scientific accident that placed his super intelligent brain inside the body of a lowly worm. His mind, twisted by his terrible accident, the once law abiding man of science has embarked on a career of crime.

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