Dynomutt, Dog Wonder

Season 1 Episode 2

What Now, Lowbrow?

Aired Saturday 12:00 PM Sep 18, 1976 on ABC
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What Now, Lowbrow?
The caveman criminal, Lowbrow, wants to learn how to be the King of Crime and steals some books to learn how. Can Blue Falcon and Dynomtt capture the creepy caveman and stop his crime spree?

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    Frank Welker

    Frank Welker

    Fred Jones

    Guest Star

    Patricia Stevens

    Patricia Stevens

    Velma Dinkley

    Guest Star

    Heather North

    Heather North

    Daphne Blake

    Guest Star

    Ron Feinberg

    Ron Feinberg

    Narrator / F.O.C.U.S. One

    Recurring Role

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      • Shaggy: Gee, this is terrific! Blue Falcon treating us all to a turkey dinner.
        Blue Falcon: My pleasure. You kids were a big help in capturing Lowbrow. (he prepares to carve the turkey but Dynomutt stops him)
        Dynomutt: I'll take care of it, B. F. I'll do the honors with my patented high speed Dyno Carvers. (he accidentally activates his Dyno Mallets instead and pounds the turkey flat) Duh...Anybody for turkey pancakes?

      • Lowbrow: I got it! The Super Brain is all mine! I am going to be smart!
        Blue Falcon: Wrong, Lowbrow. Crime is never smart.

      • (Blue Falcon and the gang are setting up a trap for Lowbrow and everyone is in disguise)
        Fred: And now for the demonstration of the Electro Super Brain.
        (the audience applauds)
        Shaggy: Yeah, like thank you very much. Can we have a volunteer from the audience who wants to be smarter?
        Dynomutt: Hey! I'm your man there, Professor!
        Velma: Hmm, he sure looks dumb don't you agree, Professor Daphne?
        Daphne: Yes, just what we want.
        Shaggy: (whispers to Dynomutt) Okay, Dynomutt. Remember, act stupid.
        Dynomutt: I'll try, but it won't be easy.
        Shaggy: Well, let us see here. Can you add these numbers (2 + 2), sir?
        Dynomutt: Uh...sure. Two and two is uh...four.
        Shaggy: That's the right answer.
        Dynomutt: Glory be! Gosh! I thought three and one was four.

      • Lowbrow: Give me a book. I am all set to start being King of Crime. (flips through a book) What kind of phony book is this? Not one picture.

      • Blue Falcon: (fixes Dynomutt's nose) There you go, Dog Wonder. Your Super Nose Snooper is as good as new.
        Dynomutt: That's nothing to be sneezed at, right?

      • (Dynomutt is using his Super Nose attachment to track Lowbrow and they go through a department store)
        Blue Falcon: Are you sure we're on Lowbrow's trail, Dog Wonder?
        Dynomutt: Trust me, blue buddy. If anybody knows, Super Nose knows.

      • Blue Falcon: We've got to figure out a way to track him down, Dog Wonder.
        Scooby: Rog Ronder?!
        Blue Falcon: Scooby? (he stops the Falcon Car and Fred stop next to him in the Mystery Machine) Dog Wonder! You're in the wrong car!
        Dynomutt: No. Sorry, B.F. I saw a dog in the Falcon Car, so I thought it was me, so I went and got in the other car and then...
        Blue Falcon: Forget it, Dog Wonder!

      • Shaggy: (they see Lowbrow) Zoinks! Like, what's that?
        Velma: Looks like a caveman on his way to a prom!

      • Dynomutt: (goes over the side of the building) Gosh! Overshot the runway! (falls to the ground and makes it back up to the top floor but he is flat as a pancake) Well, like they say, any landing you can walk away from is a good one.
        Blue Falcon: Keep that up and your relay button will run out, Dog Wonder.

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