Season 1 Episode 12

Breath of Allah

Aired Wednesday 8:00 PM Jan 11, 2006 on NBC

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  • very entertaining

    it's another week and it's another mission, JT and the pentagon discovers a possible biological attack in the US mainland. they track a terrorist cell that might be planning the attack. this sort of story wasn't yet done in E-Ring, it's been done in other shows, and it's nice to see one for this show. the writers did a good one, they didn't make it over the top, it's just right. the pacing was nicely done, the scenes were directed well enough to make it entertaining and not silly. i really enjoyed this episode, it's a really nice storyline, i had a great time.
  • Not well written. I think, CSI poster meant that it was an interesting story. It definitely was NOT well written.

    Although the story and events were intriguing. The episode was very poorly written. There was SO MUCH exposition that I could barely watch. Every little thing was explained. They pulled up a map every 3 minutes which felt very repetitive. The dialogue was corny and at times blatantly put down just to move plot along. Also, the MI-6 dude didn't even sound British. They probably cast a stunt person who tries to impersonate Roger Moore every now and again. Bratt is good in the role and the other principles are doing the best they can. I'll bet they cringe at the dialogue they get every week.
  • A well written episode.

    I thought this episode was really done well. We live in a world where we have to constantly wander if someone who has a hatred for are way of life will do something of this magnitude. We all know this is television, but it something like this was to come about, I would hope the response would be quick and the bad guys apprehended quickly as well. Also, I hope Sunny getting promoted doesnt affect her and JT's relationship.