Season 1 Episode 9

Delta Does Detroit

Aired Wednesday 8:00 PM Nov 16, 2005 on NBC

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  • The best episode so far

    I really enjoyed this episode, you got to see JT handling Angie's death and how other people viewed his handling of the situation. Not to mention it's always entertaining seeing the guy from Dawson's Creek play Commando.

    This episode was constantly full of action and it showed how nowadays people no longer can just consider the enemy, they also have to consider the press and they're reactions. Mr. Dawson's Creek's save for JT by breaking the cameraman's camera was also nice to see because JT's had so much trouble recently that he deserved for something to go completely right. I was quite relieved when the girl survived, and I thought that it was clever to have the girl's father as a Marine.

    I know a lot of people found this programme to be rubbish but I find this programme to be quite entertaining, and provided you don't take it seriously it's harmless. This episode was brilliant, perhaps the best, though certainly one of the best, of the series.
  • Great episode.

    This time the action takes place close to home, in detroit. JT and his team must deal with a local terrorist group. while dealing with the christian fanatics, they also have to deal with the media. JT and his team flies in Detroit to link up with the local FBI branch and operate from there. This episode is fast paced, it's full of action, this is what the E-Ring is all about, it's action and adventure, it's a great episode. Benjamin Bratt really rocks out in his role as JT, we get a visit again from Kerr Smith. This episode is exciting to watch, I really had a good time.
  • JT is my hero!

    THis was a compelling episode. This is one world and we should all be able to get along no matter what religion we belong too. THere are bad apples in every race, religion, etc. Again JT saves the day and the girl was going to be ok. I think Sonny likes JT and likes the fact that he will bend the rules a little to get the job done.
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