Season 1 Episode 3

Escape and Evade

Aired Wednesday 8:00 PM Oct 05, 2005 on NBC

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  • this show rocks

    The E Ring is about the pentagon, and the action pretty much takes place inside that giant office building. but in this episode, JT gets to go in the field to deal with a special forces team violating an iranian border in order to hunt down terrorists. JT stops the team from doing any further border violations, but things get complicated when the terrorists violate an iraqi border. JT gets kidnapped by the bad guys and brings him back into iran. he escapes and uses his military skills to get back into iraq. this episode is fast paced, it's not boring.
  • Quotes I liked: McNulty: "Any deal we cut with the Iranians won't be worth a bucket of warm spit Garrity: "The last President who sent a mission into Iran lost his job. Sonny: "I say we wake up the President Mcnulty: "You saved my ass

    Had this show gotten as far as renewal, this episode could have been written as the season-ending cliffhanger. With low ratings from the start, the producers correctly used a "star-in-jeopardy" plot in an attempt to boost interest.
    I liked the back-channel diplomatic maneuvering that necessarily had to take place because of the lack of diplomatic relations between Iran and the US. It would be characteristic of the Iranians to renege on an agreement because of the "spilling of Iranian blood".
    I also liked the way Pierce used her own method of coercion to counter the dirty politics of the two phony sexual harassment charges.
    Some things that I found unrealistic:
    All those bullets and RPG's fired at JT, and just one scratch on the side of the face?
    JT spent a lot of time making directional markers. Why not take a few seconds to pick up some weapons and ammo from the Iranians he killed? As it turned out, they would have been useful.
    Running for his life -- and he stops to line up four bodies in a row in preparation for burial, including the shepherd who betrayed him?
    I liked the irony of O\'Brien\'s unit rescuing JT in Iran after having been chewed out by JT for their previous unauthorized missions into Iran.
    It was interesting to see Sonny and Angela show each other that they have feelings for JT.
    All in all, this was a well-written, well-acted episode. It\'s too bad NBC didn\'t give this show more of a chance.
  • Now I know why they call this a drama!

    I watched the re-run of this episode last night. I didn\'t catch it the first time around, so it was a new one to me.

    I thought it was fantastic!-- not unrealistic at all! Convoys get ambushed, sadly, all the time. J.T. going back to his \'field training\' instincts while on the run was a great way to remind us why he is considered a Top Gun.

    The ending scene with O\'Brian letting J.T. know they were still in Iran was priceless! I\'m guessing he won\'t get in trouble for bending the rules this time!

    All in all, a great episode. I\'d gotten off the series for a while, but I\'m back on now!
  • What happened!

    I hope that NBC airs this episode again since they aired a Martha Stewart Apprentice episode in the E-Rings time slot. I had programmed my DVR to record this episode while I was at work and I was shocked when I went to watch this episode and found her in its place.
  • Paul Francis is one of the most unrecognized talents around!!

    Paul Francis is one of the most unrecognized talents around!! (The ambitious Sgt\'s butt JT needed to kick) Was thrilled to see him in this episode; & think he should be cast as a regular! Quite enjoying this series so far! Lots of action and intelligently written. Completely entertaining for an hour of tv escape-ism!
  • It was a decent episode, this series is turning out to bequite good. Its still unrealistic as hell but it is an tvseries, not an documentary.

    It was a decent episode, this series is turning out to bequite good. Its still unrealistic as hell but it is an tvseries, not an documentary. This series is well worth watching if you are into this kind of series. This and Over There is the best in that catagory on the air, atlest ithink that.
  • A very good episode. Unlike one other reviewer, I don't think it's that unrealistic.

    I liked this episode a lot. The show is more and more getting it's shape.

    Most of my review will be trying to balance the very negative review from manoak351.

    I disagree with him that it was totaly unrealistic. Why can't things like this happen in real life, right now? I think it is a big mess in the Middle East and are not surprised if the situation on the Iranian border is like it is shown in this episode. And I also wouldn't be surpised if that border is crossed sometimes whether intentional or not.

    And then there is the thing called 'fiction'. This show is no documentary. I like a good story. And this episode has a good story. And a good sub-plot, this I agree with impactheat. Ok, it has to be at least a little realistic to be a good story, but as I stressed before: I don't see why these things were not to happen.

    So, imho this episode is a step in the good direction for the show, good job!
  • I liked this episode a lot.

    This episode was another building block for a show that is very promising. Every week it’s getting better.

    I loved the subplot of the Col. getting charged with sexual harassment and the Sgt. coming to his defense.

    The major plot with JT was engaging and I loved the idea of the “if you want something done right…”

    The writers on this show are developing the characters at the same time they’re telling us a story and there is also a message to the episode.

    I also like Hopper much better this week, I think he’s starting to fit the role better.
  • This episode was totally unrealistic.

    This program should be canceled. I like Benjamen Bratt and Dennis Hopper and they do OK with what they have.

    However, given the reality of the Iraq situation, this is the wrong premise at the wrong time.

    It reminds me of the motion picture \\\"The Green Berets\\\" during an earlier war. It was a flop.