Season 1 Episode 16

Fallen Angels

Aired Wednesday 8:00 PM Unknown on NBC

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  • Pretty good!

    "Fallen Angels" is the first episode of E-ring that I've watched. Prior to watching this episode, I had seen the adverts for E-Ring on FX but they didn't particularly inspire me to watch the show. After coming across this episode tonight whilst channel hopping, I can see I was wrong to dismiss it on the basis of the adverts.
    In addition to the excitement of the mission to Venezuela, the episode gave me a look at the interaction between the characters, and although it is the 16th episode of the season, it worked well as an introduction to the show. I will definitely give E-ring another go after today's viewing.
  • Nice episode.

    A mercy mission to Venezuela goes on a bad turn when a light plane operated by a charity group crashes deep in the jungle. The Pentagon orders a rescue mission after they intercept a message from the Venezuelan army ordering the arrest of the downed air workers. JT and his team flies to South America to rescue the aid workers. JT encounters some complications when the Venezuelan army pursues them, and things get even worse when Sonny Liston uncovers intelligence that mercenaries disguised as aid workers are among the crash survivors. JT navigates through the jungle and saves the day but not after their lives and mission faces something unexpected.