Season 1 Episode 15

Five Pillars

Aired Wednesday 8:00 PM Unknown on NBC

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  • So-So episode.

    While some folks want to draw real life policy lessons from this episode, I think we need to remember that this was a SCRIPT, a FICTIONAL script that may or may not have any basis in reality. Even if we were treating the events of this TV show as true life history, we should also bear in mind that of the 3 moslem characters offered up perhaps for knee-jerk-to-be-proven-wrong conclusions on the part of the un-PC audience, a FAR higher percentage of that 3-group proved guilty than of the non-moslem character group which numbered in the either 10s or 100s. Which clearly and cleanly justifies profiling as an expedient means to get the bad guys. And following the Sgt. Meeks trail led to the traitor providing a second justification for profiling. So not only are your 'facts' supporting your do-not-profile-give-hugs-a-chance erroroneous moral NOT actually facts, but you have not seriously analyzed those non-facts which imo support profiling.

    I am beginning to suspect the series was cancelled because the writing was drifting toward an excess of bone-headed lefty liberal politically correct nonsense.
  • Great episode.

    JT and his team goes on a mission at Pakistan to capture a terrorist, but the mission gets compromised when a mole inside the Pentagon tips of the Pakistani authorities. This is another exciting episode. It's a bit of a detective episode, it's a who dunnit episode. The scenes were directed in a way that it didn't look slow and dragging. This is indeed a very fast paced episode. There's some drama in it, but it's a good episode. Benjamin Bratt and Kerr Smith have good roles in this one. I really enjoyed this episode, it's fun to watch, it's entertaining.
  • While JT is trying to catch a spy within the Pentagon, Sgt Pearce paid the highest price. Good lesson on why we should never do racial or religious profiling.

    Highly relevant in current world situation. After JT and his team were caught by the Pakistani military while on a secret mission, JT discovered that info had been leaked from Pentagon to the Pakistani intelligence. Mole was suspected, FBI called in, whose agent accepted JT's involvement reluctantly. Everyone jumped into conclusion too quickly based on racial and religious profiling. Turned out that the mole was motivated by 'escalating credit card debts!'Rather than ideology. Sorry about the casualties; Sgt Pearce's personal relationship and Col. McNulty's health. Witness the best of performance from Ms Aunjanue Ellis. Good episode in showing the human side of the everyone else apart from JT.
  • No summary as the episode was never aired.

    This episode never aired as the series was cancelled after the previous episode. It was a shame that NBC cancelled the series without announcing it. They announced that the show would be going on hiatus. Unfortunately, it was never brought back. I really enjoyed the show. It was a classic in an era without classics. I wish someone would have started up a write-in campaigne to get NBC to leave the show. Everytime I start watching a new show, it winds up cancelled. That's why I don't bother with the new shows all that much. I can't watch them because once I get hooked on it, it gets the boot.
  • I would truly love to write a review of this episode, but I\'m just not sure WHERE it aired on August 5, 2006!! It certainly didn\'t air on the channels that I have access to down here in Southeast Texas.

    This was a real bummer -- not being able to find it anywhere! I really liked the show -- it would have been nice if NBC had either shown it when they said they would or just not announce that we have another chance to see it and then not do it!