Season 1 Episode 15

Five Pillars

Aired Wednesday 8:00 PM Unknown on NBC

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  • While JT is trying to catch a spy within the Pentagon, Sgt Pearce paid the highest price. Good lesson on why we should never do racial or religious profiling.

    Highly relevant in current world situation. After JT and his team were caught by the Pakistani military while on a secret mission, JT discovered that info had been leaked from Pentagon to the Pakistani intelligence. Mole was suspected, FBI called in, whose agent accepted JT's involvement reluctantly. Everyone jumped into conclusion too quickly based on racial and religious profiling. Turned out that the mole was motivated by 'escalating credit card debts!'Rather than ideology. Sorry about the casualties; Sgt Pearce's personal relationship and Col. McNulty's health. Witness the best of performance from Ms Aunjanue Ellis. Good episode in showing the human side of the everyone else apart from JT.