Season 1 Episode 15

Five Pillars

Aired Wednesday 8:00 PM Unknown on NBC

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  • So-So episode.

    While some folks want to draw real life policy lessons from this episode, I think we need to remember that this was a SCRIPT, a FICTIONAL script that may or may not have any basis in reality. Even if we were treating the events of this TV show as true life history, we should also bear in mind that of the 3 moslem characters offered up perhaps for knee-jerk-to-be-proven-wrong conclusions on the part of the un-PC audience, a FAR higher percentage of that 3-group proved guilty than of the non-moslem character group which numbered in the either 10s or 100s. Which clearly and cleanly justifies profiling as an expedient means to get the bad guys. And following the Sgt. Meeks trail led to the traitor providing a second justification for profiling. So not only are your 'facts' supporting your do-not-profile-give-hugs-a-chance erroroneous moral NOT actually facts, but you have not seriously analyzed those non-facts which imo support profiling.

    I am beginning to suspect the series was cancelled because the writing was drifting toward an excess of bone-headed lefty liberal politically correct nonsense.
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