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Princess Sasha in ep. "Two Princes"

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    I was watching the ep. "Two Princes" and went to IMDB to see who the little girl was who played Princess Sasha (I thought I recognized her from somewhere else). Her name was Kate Emerick and then I went here and saw that according to TV.com her name was Kate Emrick. I thought that that was strange and started to compare what IMDB and TV.com has to say about her. On IMDB there is no one named Kate Emrick but on TV.com there is both a Kate Emrick and a Kate Emerick. According to TV.com Kate Emrick has only been on E-Ring and nothing else. Kate Emerick, however, has starred in the movie The Santa Clause 3: The Escape Clause and an ep. of Criminal Minds and an ep. of Invasion. On IMDB her (Kate Emerick) credits are: E-Ring, Criminal Minds, Invasion, The Santa Clause 3 and Peter's Price.

    So my question is: Which site is right? I can think of 4 reasons this has happened: Either Kate Emrick and Kate Emerick are two different people OR she is using different spellings of her name OR someone who has contributed to TV.com has misspelled her name OR the person in charge of writing the names of the actors who guest starred (I guess the editor or someone) spelled her name wrong.

    Does anyone of you know, I myself am stumped?

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