Season 1 Episode 20

Hard Sell

Aired Wednesday 8:00 PM Unknown on NBC

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  • great episode

    Tackling the issues of torture in war time, this episode takes issues right out of the headlines, but the writers weaved this issue into a dramatic plot which is a combination of real life and hollywood type action adventure caper. This episode carries the hallmarks of a jerry bruckheimer action blockbuster and this is told in one episode of a series. This is an awesome episode, it's really really entertaining, it opens your eyes a bit on some real life issues, but you don't have to take it way too seriously, you just have to enjoy the show and have a good time watching it.
  • Wrong title.

    According to fxuk.com, the station first airing this episode, and imdb.com the title for this episode is \"HARD CELL\". Please correct this as soon as possible.

    As for the episode: I personally do not like flashback episodes, altgough i have to admit this one was not that bad. The problem is that the action is shattered into pieces, thus letting the viewer endure pointless phases of psycho-babble instead of the real thing. Knowing the previous E-Ring episodes this one lacks the certain rush which is so typical for all ongoing operations within this series. Although much more forseeable i like the previous episode \"Brothers In Arms\" better.
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