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  • exciting episode

    When a mexican drug cartel does business with al qaeda by smuggling operatives into the united states, the mexican criminal empire becomes fair game for the US military. JT and his newly selected special forces team train to infiltrate the mexican criminal safe haven in order to snatch or kill the drug kingpin. But things go really complicated for JT and his team when a civil rights supporter chooses a wrong time to score with the current American administration. Bobby gets himself out of the firing line after a family accident pulls him off the mission. JT and his team gets himself in a really sticky situation, it's an awesome episode.
  • This is a review of both Part 1 and Part 2 because this episode is a two-parter

    Part 1

    This episode was fantastic. At the beginning of the episode you see JT talking with the red-head, and arranging a date that evening, and not realising that the Colonel and Samantha are standing about three metres away. You see that Samantha is pissed and she takes it out on the red-head (who deserves it, trust me). After a briefing involving the updraging of a Mexican cartel to a terrorist group, the military now has the authorisation to go kill them, (well there is a legal procedure to follow, subdue would probably be a better word).

    JT tasks a team using uber-cool equipment, but from the get-go suffers setbacks. Our friend from Hard-Cell who was tortured turns up and wants to be a part of the team, he even had his finger stitched back on. But JT doesn't want him there just in case his mind is not whole-heartedly on the mission. He's annoyed about this, and things get worse when Bobby's wife is injured in a car accident and there are fat consequences. Bobby gets taken out of isolation and returned to his wife. As a result of this JT has to task his friend who he is not entirely confident in. While the team are having their injections, one of them passes out, due to a reaction to the shots. The geek, who has no field training, is the only one who now knows how to operate the equipment, and so must go along with the plan.

    But everytime they go along with the plan they make mistakes, and an even bigger problem arises when the cartel leader they're going after moves forward the opportunity that SOD has to kill him, and the team have to leave immediately, having never completed the drill successfully once.

    Back in the Pentagon, our red-head goes all libertarian and decides that someone should know that 500 people are having their civil 'liberties' encroached upon. So she copies the entire folder, including JT's mission file, and gives it to a Senator who goes public with it on live TV, 'in the well' no less so he is immune to arrest and cannot be stopped.

    McNulty points out that even bad guys have TVs and sure enough we cut to Mexico where the team are waiting for the leader to show up. The convoy arrives but keeps driving, and the geek watching the airwaves, picks up on com-chatter saying that everyone knows it's a mission, and what's more; Mexican authorities, including the army, are already on the scene. The episode ends in the Pentagon with the red-head woman looking horrified because she didn't intend for this to happen. My question is what did she expect to happen, I hope she gets clapped in irons, but that's just me. The episode ends in Mexico with JT having two cops pointing guns at him, and one of his snipers aiming at the two policemen.

    I look forward to next week, I might even be able to get a recap for both episodes.

    Part 2

    Well this episode started off chaotically, none of it really made sense until about five minutes in. The scene is 13 hours after the moment it all went wrong. What is left of the team is at the extraction site which is a fancy hotel. This episode takes place half in flashbacks and half in the present. The flashbacks are of the thirteen episodes after the Mexican Military turned up. As the authorities turn up and JT is held at gunpoint by the police, the two snipers in the group take out the cops and everyone tries to flee.

    As they run into the complex to try and get out the back way, our friend who had his finger cut off, is shot in the leg and dragged into the back of a van by Maia (could be spelt anyway, it's never said). It turns out Maia has actually been hurt a lot worse, keels over and dies. While everyone has been trying to escape it seems that JT has been on a one-man-mission to protect them all, taking out about five hostiles. Eventually everyone alive gets in the van and they drive off, at which point, the geeky guy in charge of communications and surveillance hears on the radio that their original target is heading North-West into Texas. I will explain later all the reasons why JT shouldn't follow, but he does. They follow him to some quiet farm, there is a firefight and the guy is killed, as a guy creeps up JT kills him only to discover that the guy worked for Immigration. Not only has JT killed a fed, but he's killed a fed on American Soil. A bit of a faux pas!

    Anyway, while JT discovers this, the geek comes on the radio, and tells him to come outside. It seems 'Gramps', the sniper who took out the first cop and saved JT's life, has been killed by a hostile who the geek then killed. The Geek is a bit screwed up having had to kill someone because he isn't special ops, he's tech support. The group get back in the van and make their way to the hotel mentioned earlier.

    A development takes place concerning ‘Gramps’ family. Bobby goes and tells his family about ‘Gramps’ death, and the mother handles it as you would expect it, but the son goes nuts, kinda as you’d expect, except he goes to the same politician that was responsible for his death and tells him that his father was one of the soldiers involved. It is basically the biggest mess in the world.

    Here I must mention something that happened in Part 1 that didn't seem very big at the time but was pretty monumental in the second half. A women shows up at the Pentagon, speaks to Pearce, and tells her that her son is from Pearce's husband before they were married. She says that she wants half of the inheritance that came through with Pearce's mother-in-law's passing. It looks like it's justa spin because Pearce calls for a DNA test and the woman disappears, leaving the kid with Pearce. In Part 2 Pearce hands the kid over to Social Services and later on askes for his medical record. She shows McNulty something that is shocking her. There is a photo of the kid that makes it look like he's been hit with a baseball bat above the left shoulder. It turns out it is a birthmark, a genetic birthmark, that Pearce's husband had in the same place. The boy is her husband's son.

    The upshot of the whole affair is that the mother was a lousy mother and beat the kid, social services had a vast record on the kid and were about to go to the courts to remove her as his mother. Pearce decides to take on the problem child, who is such a lippy git that McNulty returns to his office to find the kid in his chair, feet up on the desk with a cigar in his mouth. It really isn't as funny as it sounds. I'm sure though with Pearce looking after the kid he'll turn out alright, maybe the only happy ending in all this chaos. This episode infuriated me to be frank. It was the biggest cliffhanger I've ever seen.

    Anyway back to the topic at hand, the section of the military/government that deals with finding someone to blame, sorry I mean, find out who is responsible, closes down SOD to find out who the mole is, and what JT did. The red-head, who I still don't like, eventually admits that it was her, although she tells Sam from about the tenth minute of the episode. Anyway, this organisation sends two people with bugging equipment to the hotel to monitor JT and his team discussing what they will put in the report. You keep hoping as you watch them watch them that JT will find the camera and break it, but he keeps on and says everything that happened. The people have what they needed so they go.

    Back in Washington the organisation announces that they have all the evidence that they need and are charging JT with a bunch of charges that could see him in jail for the rest of his life. Meanwhile the General who was against Sam becoming assistant SecDef tries to get Sam removed by Eli takes the fall for her and says on record that it was he who ordered the surveillance on Americans and that Sam did not have any idea about it. Sam and he discuss it afterwards and they agree that Eli will take the blame for it. They also agree that Sam should go in person to JT and tell him what's gonna happen. Sam goes down to the hotel and tells him, and they make love. It sounds sudden but it was expected. The next morning he says to her that no matter what happens to him he will not dishonour the memory of his dead comrades, and that he is going to turn himself and face a court-martial so that he can tell exactly what happened. And we also find out that he was well aware that the spies were next door and that he decided to tell it there and then so that it could not be edited. It is all quite moving.

    The episode ends with so many loose threads that part of you is kinda glad there isn’t another episode because there is no way on Earth they could tie up all of them sensibly. At the same time, you really do wanna know happens. I will say this, I enjoyed this series, especially two of the episodes that did not air in the US, one of them involving the North Korean submarine, but with these two episodes, I felt, as did my mother!, that the script-writers really lost interest because they knew they would never deal with this show again. I was let down by the writing, but the acting and filming was brilliant. I’m disappointed this show ended when it did because if it had been later, I’m sure this episode arc would have been fantastic.

    Ps. Some more good news, Bobby’s wife is fine, and as he was not involved directly in the mission I’m sure he will be fine, and no doubt he will leave Special Forces to be with his family.
  • So this is the end of JT and gang, when everything went wrong.

    Watched the last 2 episodes with a heavy heart knowing that this are the final episodes of E ring.The mission was simple, find, locate and terminate a Mexican drug lord who helped smuggling terrorists into US soil. Surely as expected, everything went wrong for JT. From the planning, execution to post-mission periods. Again altruristic staff who leaked vital mission info to politician started off an avalanche of disasters. JT faced the tragedy of losing team members\' lives, guilt of friendly fire and prospect of court martial and jail. Colonel McNulty took some blame and resigned, and unknown fate awaits Sonny who would likely lose her position in DC. There is no clear right or wrong in this excellent drama. If the series had not been cancelled, I could not really think how season 2 can continue, how can anyone save JT from this mess. Bravo to the script writers, if you cannot revive E ring, please make another similar series.