Season 1 Episode 1


Aired Wednesday 8:00 PM Sep 21, 2005 on NBC

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  • Great!

    The season kicks off with a crisis, jt has to get settled inside his new office at the pentagon while he deals with this problem. the characters are thrown into this episode, something done at the start of every show, it works well in here. jt gets the job done with the help of his colleagues. this is a good show, it's too bad it got cancelled, i like this better than csi, it should get a new season. it's a really entertaining show, it's got action adventure, it's not boring, i really enjoy watching this show better than any other bruckheimer produced tv show.
  • The everyday life of pentagon workers

    I love this show I hae watched every single episode so far, they have an amazing cast! I hope the show stays on the air for a long time. Benjamin Bratt is amazing, Dennis Hopper is hysterical even though all he pretty much does is either sit at his desk or walk around the hallways talking!
  • Good cast, looks like a promising show

    This looks like it will be a great show. The characters all have lots of personality, and only one annoyingly so (but intentionaly, i hope). Hopfully the writers will resist the urge to get too silly. This episode held the line well, which is promising. Too bad my knowlege of chinese somewhat ruined the tense ending.
  • Had to stop watching when I realised this isn't supposed to be a comedy.

    What can I say. First off let me assure you that I'm a big fan of Tom Clancy, Stephen Coontz and the techno-thriller genre.

    I mention this because at least one forum poster has raised the comparison. Just to give my own view on this...E-Ring is *nothing* like a true Tom Clancy story.

    - The characters are completely 2-dimensional.
    - The plotlines are lame beyond belief. Chinese stealth sub? Who would give a flying fig if they had one? They can barely build cars for goodness sake. Chinese military strategy relies on large numbers of expendable bodies, not on high tech.
    - There is effectively one "joke", which is that the Pentagon is so totally bogged down in red tape that it's a miracle that anything ever takes place. I have no doubt that this is absolutely true, but I find it difficult to believe that there could ever be a super-hero character, Jim Tisnewski, who somehow manages to cut through the BS.

    And the cast...

    Benjamin Bratt should stick to roles playing aliens - he clearly doesn't need makeup.

    Dennis Hopper must have been desperate for the money. Despite being Tisnewski's CO, he manages to appear totally subservient, and essentially adds nothing to the storyline. Best that his character (if one can strain credibility and assign the word "character" to his role) should go back to selling real estate.

    Aunjanue Ellis and Kelly Rutherford are both highly decorative, but again their characters are vacuous, and without any substance. Ellis in particular needs to move her arms more - they appear to be welded to her sides! Rutherford clearly needs to book her character onto a CIA internal security refresher course.

    Overall - what a complete waste of money this show is. Thank goodness there are some great shows in the Fall lineup to compensate:- Lost, Commander in Chief and My Name is Earl to name but three. In fact maybe Jason Lee (Earl) could take over as Tisnewski's CO and replace Hopper. That would transform E-Ring into a true comedy, instead of the pathetic farce it is today.
  • Off to a good start

    I have to say I did enjoy the Pilot, but it does need some work.

    This episode was mainly to introduce us to the main characters, so there wasn’t a lot of character development that made me jump up and dance.

    I don’t think Hopper fits the role very well, he doesn’t quite strike me as a military officer, but who knows…

    Loved the Aunjanue Ellis as the strait laced Sgt, I’m interested to see if they flesh her character out in future episodes, they didn’t give us a whole lot to go on.

    I love Angela (JT’s girlfriend) played by Kelsey Oldershaw, you may remember her from a guest-starting role on E/R. She is absolutely stunning!

    That brings me to JT (Benjamin Bratt)… Okay I can see him as a military figure, but on his first day of work at a new job he seems to be very quick to buck the system.

    Character development aside, I thought the plot was great. Showing the struggle inside the Pentagon, and way the debate about getting the agent I thought was fantastic.

    They definitely hooked me into watching future episodes, I see this show having a great future.
  • Nothing Special

    It seems to have all the right pieces. Benjamin Bratt, Dennis Hopper, and Produced by Bruckheimer. But something seems to be missing for me.

    The pilot was ok. There were a couple of points that seemed forced, but the tension we there, for the most part.

    This feels very much like "The Agency" from a few years ago. I liked that show, and if they can fix a few things, this could be a interesting show.

    But both shows suffer from the problem of watching what is happening on monitors, the main characters aren't in danger, it's the operatives, so we don't have that connection.

    I'll watch a few more, because I want to see how they change it up. I hope it's not a formulaic show. "Operative is in trouble. Powers that be don't want to help. They get talked into it for the 'Greater Good', and everything works out."
  • Just great!!

    This show has interesting characters, high production values, good pacing, great plot, good if slick acting.

    Dennis Hopper and Benjamin Bratt, plus a familiar face from '24' don't hurt things either.

    I didn't know what to expect with this one but I really liked this one very much. I'll definitely keep watching.

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