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  • great show, great actors, great modern story plots that provoke the comman person, i have only 1 problem, can anyone tell me where, when you can buy it on dvd~~?

    as above. and now im told befor this website accepts my opinion it has to be at least a hundred words. aaaagggghhh, i just want to know where i can buy the boxset on dvd and when, have tried hmv, virgin, smiths, our price,even tescos, running out of ideas, anyone who knows what i need to know please e-mail me at markneedsastella@hotmail.co.uk and i wiil be most chuffed. nearly half way, time for a joke me thinks,when beckham scores i drink becks, paul scholes scores its skol, tommy miller scores its miller, thank god david seaman was a goalie or what, thats it im done , thanks if you e-mail me.
  • Good Idea, but poor execution.

    I found the characters to be nothing more than shallow stereotypes. The story had promise however the 3 main characters in the show were stereotyped and over acted. I personally have never met a fullfird colonel that was a cross between the 60\'s easyrider and Nathan Jessup from a few good men. Bratt\'s character was really over the top, especially for his rank. I will watch a few more episodes and if it continues the same old drabble I will delete it from my TIVO.
  • Clever, Creative, Intense

    This was a short lived show. I loved the premise, and the characters were phenom!!! It's unfortunate that it didn't take off better than it did. I don't think it would have been in my personal top 10 ... but it wasn't a horrible show. I thought it was creative, innovative, and had sturdy situations. The characters were played well, the writing was good and the show was intense. All in all it had the makings of a very good show that simply didn't make it. It's a shame, but sometimes that's just the way it goes. All in all ... it was good while it lasted.
  • an excellent show

    I enjoyed this show to no end. It was great, a thousand times better than most of the programs on today. It showed the military from a perspective that few people get to see. It is all to rare when you see officers concentrating on the men and mission and not the politics. These few officers are greatly appreciated by the public. The show was complete from top to bottom. It had great suspense and conflict and it told a great story. The Show is so realistic that it's scary to see how much insight the public has to the Department of Defense. Politics versus Soldiers is the classic struggle that we face everyday. There is nothing on TV better than this show.
  • Ering is a behind the scenes take on military action from the perspective of Pentagon workers. Unique take since most shows before it and currently airing tend to lean toward field action instead of politics. Now that's not to say there isn't plenty of

    Ering is a behind the scenes take on military action from the perspective of Pentagon workers. A unique take since most shows before it and currently airing tend to lean toward field action instead of politics. Now that's not to say there isn't plenty of action. Often times we find our main stars thrust into the field either by accident, necessity or in one case out of revenge! For fans of Law & Order it'll be nice to see Benjamin Bratt again. He brings the same brash intensity to this role as he did on L&O and Dennis Hopper needs no introduction. Except to say he's no regular officer and it's nice to see him juggle outsider attitude with stanch dedication to this countries missions. This show moves at a slower pace than Jag but is still worth watching as one of the few military shows out there now.
  • An ok show.

    Okay it's entertaining and kinda sticks a little bit to the reality of the real world. The only military show TV had in the past recent years was JAG which was not even close to the actual reality of the military and what happens in it. E-rings stars are veteran stars with many years of acting under there belts. I hope the audience pick up on it, because most people change the channel when they see people in uniform. There is a little bit of romance flowing in the hallways of the Pentagon between the Major and the attorney, and that is just enough to keep it interesting.
  • I lost some 12 to 15 hours of my life on this show... could have spent them sleeping

    First couple of episodes, were really good and strong, military tactics and combat, politics, etc. But then we go from the honeymoon, straight to the propaganda section, and on to how the only people in the world who can get something done, wether it's done in a correct manner or be it by threatening some other country into dropping them inspectors or lobbying against foreign aid for them or promoting coups to put US friendly goverments in place, everything was done by a mere show of force. The only paradox, was the one person who played by the book and didn't go round back-stabing others, was the lawyer, she always warned everyone of what was gonna happen. The guys were all some type of special forces, and no one was ever good enough for them, wether it was the FBI or another country's military or police investigators, they just went on and tapped thier phones, for laughs.

    What could have been a really good military series, was all about the US and their magnificent role in Afghanistan and Irak, and how they were always the good guys and the best ones... sad

    However if you do wanna see some good E-Ring type of series, minus the propaganda and cheap politics, watch "The Unit", the guys there actually bleed and even, check this out, screw up sometimes, but they promise to train more, instead of, "yeah well Delta still kicks your ass"
  • I can't really understand why it was cancelled

    I thought that this programme was really good and although a lot of people had problems with it saying it was just pure propaganda and a pile of rubbish but I find this programme brilliant, especially if you don't take it seriously. It's not like that many TV programmes are intended to be taken seriously.

    This programme was fast and entertaining, not to mention seeing Benjamin Bratt in something besides Law and Order was also entertaining. Colonel McNulty was also brilliantly cast and brilliantly played. Dennis Hopper is such a good actor, who in my opinion is greatly underrated.

    This programme is, or rather was, great and I think it should be given a second go, maybe even with some new script-writers to make sure it stays on a good path.

    Bring it back!
  • The show goes on about diffrent issues that face the American soldiers in Iraq.

    I was glad to see that the TV show is trying to portray to the Americans what is happening in Iraq... but i was dumfounded by the ignorance and the bias ... There is rather silly midevil ideas, some i found rather funny and other i found pathetic. "Sweet Americans" .. "Under developed Iraqis" which is more than silly ... true Iraqis had many disadvantages but it is nothing like what the show portrays ... most Iraqis are educated and all had electricity and were up-to-date with the latest fashion, plus the Muslims do not hold their holly book 24/7 and actually many of them aren't strict Muslims ... i.e. do not even follow basic principles of Islam ... It would be like saying all Christians hold the bible in their hand :s which isn't true at all. And i think they have only presented the "Good Americans" none of the angry Americans that have been sent against their will to Iraq .. most of them uneducated and only went there because they didn't succeed in their education and wanted to travel and see the world. I can see why this show was developed ... I think people are insulted to see such show especially the Americans ... do you think they have such a low IQ to the extent that they will believe that 20% of this show is even true?
  • This is a really good look at the other side of the wars and battles which go on 'behind closed doors'!

    I love this show! Living in South Africa and being the daughter of a cop, I love shows like CSI, Law & Order and E-Ring. It rocks and is a good way to spend a Monday night. We have the last episode coming up next Monday and I am rather sad to see the season end. I hope there will be more. I look forward to even better episodes in the following season(s) so please bring it back and send it to us here in South Africa as soon as possible! Awesome cast - they really work well together and I'll keep track of them all.
  • I really liked this one...

    Great show – I really liked this one and was looking forward to the next set of episodes – at least a final episode that provides closure!

    The show really does have potential and could have a great second season; so many options were left open – one would be to stabilize Jim Tisnewski’s (JT) relationship. The quality and characters are so much better than some other shows in its category.

    There are great actors/actresses in this show – great casting job. The set is great too, who isn’t intrigued by the Pentagon and what some of the secret missions might be like. With a great foundation like cast and set that leaves only one thing left to make it successful – the writing. I know the writers can step up and give a great next season if given the opportunity.
  • This show is awesome.

    I love action and adventure, The E-Ring is one of them. Benjamin Bratt and Dennis Hopper make a good team on this show. The action is fast, the non action scenes are never dull. I watch this show every week, it definitely deserves future seasons. I hope this show succeeds because it is so awesome. The military theme make it look so adventure driven, and the stories does just that. Each episode is fast paced, something expected from a Jerry Bruckheimer production. It works well for the small screen, E-Ring proves just that. There are plenty of stories that can be written for the show, I hope the network doesn\'t kill this show, it\'s a really awesome show.
  • Potential not delivered...

    Creating a show around the Pentagon and its activity seem to be an interesting concept with a lot of potential to be a great show.
    However, although the concept had potential, E-Ring fails to deliver a good show. After the first few episodes, it seems that all episodes are the same, with nothing interesting happening in the series that could grab the attention of the audience. With Jerry Bruckheimer, I was expecting much, much better.
    When the episodes of “Cemetery Wind” (episodes 7 and 8) came around, I know it was finish. They were great episodes and an attempt to change the course of the show, but it was a mistake to kill of the romantic interest of Major Jim Tisnewski (JT) to do it, just to give him a new romantic interest just a few episodes after that. It did not work.
    So, although the concept was interesting, the show has meant to be and I am left wondering why I spent my precious time watching it…
  • Finally a show I could look forward to viewing every week. Gone with no warning!

    The best show to hit the air waves in years. It had superb acting, good characters and an interesting insight to pentagon politics. If left on the air this show would have equaled MASH ratings by the end of the season. It was not given a change to prove itself. I suspect some politically correct NBC executive feared it would offend someone and killed it. It just shows how distorted and out of touch with reality the TV industry has become. Now that this show is gone I do not turn on the TV on Wed. any longer, unless it is to watch a DVD.
  • What are they thinking, one of the best shows on the air... Sad to see it go...LOved the characters... loved the show...

    What are they thinking, one of the best shows on the air... Sad to see it go...LOved the characters... loved the show...What are they thinking, one of the best shows on the air... Sad to see it go...LOved the characters... loved the show...What are they thinking, one of the best shows on the air... Sad to see it go...LOved the characters... loved the show...What are they thinking, one of the best shows on the air... Sad to see it go...LOved the characters... loved the show...What are they thinking, one of the best shows on the air... Sad to see it go...LOved the characters... loved the show...What are they thinking, one of the best shows on the air... Sad to see it go...LOved the characters... loved the show...
  • Bring back the E-Ring my wife and I hate to see this show canceled it is superbly put together which is a credit to the producers and all the staff.

    What can we say more than bring back the E-Ring my wife and I hate to see this show canceled it is superbly put together which is a credit to the producers and all the staff. The acting is superb which is a credit to all the fine actors that are working on the show.
    The storyline is captivating and keeps getting better why it was taking off the air is a mystery to us.

    PS Does anyone know how to change this picture?
  • This show gives an insight to what our military can do and to understand war. Pls dont cancel this show....

    Pls dont cancel this show....!!!! What do we need to do to keep this how on air. Benjamin Bratt ...need I say more!!! The chemistry the actors have is so natural. The story lines are great! Helps to understand that we have so much tactical ways of handling situations with the rest of the world. We have an elite force and it makes me proud that we can do some incredible things in getting the job done that we, in America, are not completely privy too in all the news media. Pls dont cancel the show it is one of my favorite shows!!! My other 2 favorite shows are leaving too!!! arrgghh...nothing else to watch...too much reality shows....
  • Lost another good one!

    I can't believe they finally cancelled this show. It was great. It gave you an inside look into the Pentagon and what all they do there. Benjamin Bratt was great as Jim Tisnewski, and Dennis Hopper as Colonel McNulty. It was a political drama that was not given its fair chance. These men did what they could, given all the red tape, to get their missions accomplished. It goes into JT's background to show how he got their and it shows his personal life. The life of a military man is hard and they show it in this great show which was cancelled way too soon.
  • E-Ring started off with a bang and is one of my new favorites...unfortunately, I have no idea as to where it has gone!? Great episodes, great plots and the best characters and seemingly character developments!

    In all honesty I absolutely love E-Ring. Even my 71 year old father loves the show! Since JAG ended last year this has been a great contributor with wonderful characters. Recently I have been hearing that NBC was planning on canceling this show and I am severely disappointed. It seems this past year every show that I have cared for disappears! JAG was cut short and pulled when they had just started to add new characters, Judging Amy same thing...Reunion (that one made me really mad...I mean every episode was another year! how could they have not given us any resolve?!?!)...now possibly E-Ring. The networks need to keep E-Ring otherwise they are losing a lot of their base. Watch E-Ring and try to keep it going!
  • Finally a show that has a likable main female character.E-Ring is smart, cunning, and a little trickster. You never know what she is going to do next.

    Finally a show that has a likable main female character.E-Ring is smart, cunning, and a little trickster. You never know what she is going to do next. Unlike The characters she does not get everything she wants and then whines about. Unlike the Vampire she isn’t blessed with special powers and does nothing but complain about them. SHOW powers are her brains and wit. She works for what she wants. Though I think wanting he is wrong because even though he is cute he is also pretty dull. he would be a much better match for her.
  • AWESOME show!!! needs to stay on TV

    Excellent cast and plot, shows real values and patriotism!!! AWESOME show!

    Please whoever comes across this that is someone who is someone please keep this show alive and keep it running as long as you can. There is a very loyal following and the show itself has a great cast with great stories of our military and some background on the characters as well, an all round excellent show!!!
  • Team America... **** yeah!

    Typical Bruckheimer action show with somewhat predictable crap happening. But this is television isn't it? I almost dropped it from my TiVo schedule after the pilot but subsequent episodes started giving us a lot more character depth. The pilot is a pretty lousy first impression for the show.

    Characters have token religions, races and creeds. It seems that it sort of tries to either distance itself or explain the current bushwhacking administration but not very successfully.

    The men are real men and while the women may be in places of power or authority, they are clearly there to support their men.

    If Bruckheimer teamed up with O'Reilly, I think this is what we would get.

    If you watch the spoof movie "Team America" first, things will make more sense..
  • I really enjoy this show, but the ridiculous amount of pro-American propaganda needs to be reduced dramatically.

    Let me start with the positives: this show is great fun. Well written, great actions sequences, likeable characters, exciting, just like a mini-Bruckheimer movie.

    *BUT* this show is so ridiculously over-the-top right-wing pro-military propaganda it's beyond a joke. Illegal wire-tapping, in fact illegal actions everywhere are justified in classic Macchiavellian style, and whatever G W Bush has done wrong this week, will be justified next week by E-Ring.

    oh, and the token Muslim characters, and attempted political correctness are so staged... now THERE'S some hilarious moments!
  • Where did E Ring go?? Is it coming back?? This is pretty crappy to not let us know what is going on!

    Where did E Ring go?? Is it coming back?? This is pretty crappy to not let us know what is going on!
    I loved watching it and now I am going to have to find another show that I like, and IF E Ring comes back, it will be to late for me to come back! They will lose viewers!! Bad choice to remove it without future notice!
  • Too Real for Prime Time

    As an former Vietnam Special Forces Officer I really appreciate a glimpse at todays reality. If we had had what they have, we could have registered a victory. Hopefully today's bleeding heart liberals will watch and realize the reality facing us. Peace at all costs may cost our country too much.
  • [recensione in italiano]

    E-Ring è un classico esempio di show patriottico post 11/9 e per questo motivo potrebbe prestare il fianco a numerose critiche. Sembra essere stato commissionato dal Pentagono e non mi meraviglierei se lo fosse stato per davvero! Tuttavia rappresenta un tentativo ben riuscito di ambientare una fiction nella stanza dei bottoni della Difesa americana. L'azione è garantita grazie ad una buona dose di effetti speciali. Gli argomenti trattati sono quelli di attualità. Il successo dell'esercito è invece ahimè ben più alto di quello reale. Ed è proprio questo alone di perfezione che limita uno show nato da una grande produzione e molto ben realizzato. Rimane a mio parere una fiction e si sbaglia se si vuole forzatamente attualizzarlo con la realtà politica e militare dei giorni nostri.
  • What a great new show. I put it up there with JAG.

    This is one of the best new shows on TV. I really enjoy the characters. This show keeps me on the edge of my seat the whole time that I am watching it. I hope that this show is around for a very long time. Keep up the good work
  • This show could be nice, when it wouldn\'t be dripping of that much patriotism. Quite ridicilous how self-gloryfing this show is; and how it presents the USA as rescuer of the whole world. This is quite the definition of hypocrisy. Not worth watching! The

    By wachting that show, there comes one and only one question in mind. Who does finance that? The pentagon? The warfare ministry? The propaganda section of the US Government? It\'s fact that there are sections of the US Government that edit and color news in that way to glorify THEIR action and to manipulate the people into thinking what THEY want. hmm... I have to say reminds me a little bit of propaganda in nazi germany......

    Some thoughts to the recent episode "Breath of Allah". While watching that i again had to think that the whole show is funded by the war ministry, because of that subtile message "guantanamo is great it helps keep terrorists away and everybody who's against it is totally wrong and a enemy of the state" - yeah mr bush mistreating people is that great...maybe they should start with you...
  • Fantastically written with all the elements: drama, comedy, great acting!

    I love the new E-Ring series on NBC, although in the first few episodes it was becoming like CSI - a stand alone drama - in episode 6, we got our first recurring theme in the season.

    Since, the show has been on top form with fantastic storylines: especially the two episode "Cemetery Drive" storyline.

    Loving the chemistry between JT & Sonny! Kerr Smith is amazingly talented, love seeing him in a serious role and not a teeny bopper Dawson's Creek role.

    Dennis Hopper, a legend!
  • Finally!!!! A show that continues where JAG left off and carries on the tradition of Magnum PI. How about more shows that inspire patriotism and honor in the genre of these great American classics.

    America is at war and television is one of the most powerful mediums to display our patriotism and reasons for fighting this war. E-Ring is a very useful tool for this purpose. If timing is everything, then producing a program, that corresponds to the very issues we as a free people are engaging, is so critical to the popular support and success of the mission. Commendations to the media for coming up with this one.
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