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  • The show goes on about diffrent issues that face the American soldiers in Iraq.

    I was glad to see that the TV show is trying to portray to the Americans what is happening in Iraq... but i was dumfounded by the ignorance and the bias ... There is rather silly midevil ideas, some i found rather funny and other i found pathetic. "Sweet Americans" .. "Under developed Iraqis" which is more than silly ... true Iraqis had many disadvantages but it is nothing like what the show portrays ... most Iraqis are educated and all had electricity and were up-to-date with the latest fashion, plus the Muslims do not hold their holly book 24/7 and actually many of them aren't strict Muslims ... i.e. do not even follow basic principles of Islam ... It would be like saying all Christians hold the bible in their hand :s which isn't true at all. And i think they have only presented the "Good Americans" none of the angry Americans that have been sent against their will to Iraq .. most of them uneducated and only went there because they didn't succeed in their education and wanted to travel and see the world. I can see why this show was developed ... I think people are insulted to see such show especially the Americans ... do you think they have such a low IQ to the extent that they will believe that 20% of this show is even true?
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