Season 1 Episode 2

Snatch and Grab

Aired Wednesday 8:00 PM Sep 28, 2005 on NBC

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  • This is a great episode.

    JT gets to work with his old buddies in the special forces. they deal with the ever growing terrorist problem infecting the whole world over. it's the job of JT and his pentagon colleagues to deal with the terrorist problem. half of the show takes place inside the pentagon, while half of it takes place in the field. it's a nice way of presenting this sort of situation on screen. they do it in a way that's really entertaining. the action sequence was done really well, it works so well with this show. the storyline itself was not a problem, it's fast paced and went somewhere.
  • Jingoistic garbage.

    Jingoistic garbage.
    I know lets have a go at the Arabs and French, everyone will enjoy that. Well sorry if this how we view rest of the world then we're in a worse state than I thought.

    When Colonel McNulty sees the French Ambassador despite being late night he greats him with "Bonjour" and then says "Comme estas" or something which was clear Spanish.

    Lets hope they cancel this series and re-instate many of the great series canceled by ignorant TV Chiefs
  • Great follow-up to the pilot.

    This was an excellent follow-up to the pilot episode.

    It gave a feel for the show that added to the idea of how the show will progress. Namely this show won’t just be what happens in the Pentagon, but also what happens in the field after a decision is made.

    They also gave some level of what the consequences of those decisions have on the families and loved ones of the soldiers or agents involved in the operations they plan. This was especially poignant during this episode as the team TJ sent in to Uzbekistan were his friends. He personally knew Bobby’s wife and had to let her know they would be delayed.

    Not only did this episode have more action than the Pilot but it also showed some of the human side of serving the country. This show is definitely showing signs of greatness.
  • Good but a completely different show...

    I really enjoyed this episode but the writers totally reworked the show from the pilot plus the political line of the episode was way too rah rah and xenophobic for my taste.

    In the pilot, the main character, J.T. was married with a baby. His wife was played by Sarah Clarke of "24" fame, a really good choice.

    I guess that the writers decided that a single J.T. would be sexier. They cast an unknown younger actress as his live-in CIA girlfriend and Kelly Rutherford as a big cheese Pentagon lawyer who rattles his cage.

    Sarah Clarke being gone was disappointing. Not only was it nice to see a known face, but since she's about the same age as Benjamin Bratt she provided a mature, complex foil for the J.T. character. I can't say that I care much about the little honey they've cast now. I suppose guys will think that she's a hottie. Whatever. My fear is that now, the show's women will be just about T&A.

    The pivot point of this show was a "snatch and grab" of a suspected terrorist. Kidnapping and rendition of a foreign national suspect (an unconvicted one at that) is considered an illegal action under international law. But this episode really glosses over that.

    The episode is set in Uzbekistan - the set designers did a good job of creating an authentic Uzbek atmosphere - melons and all. The geopolitic stuff, however, is off. Uzbekistan is one of the US's biggest allies in Central Asia, the Uzbek government is relentless in its pursuit of Islamists and short on human rights. They've been known to boil prisoners to death. So, the idea that they are harboring nests of Al-Qaeda terrorists just didn't ring true.

    Plus, once again it brings out tired stereotypes - lots of shots of suspected terrorists praying in the Muslim way, crowded souqs filled with exotic and potentially hostile populations, US special forces wearing tribal gear. And the highpoint - grabbing the suspect while he is at prayer. Gratuitous scene of Dennis Hopper's colonel telling off/humiliating/strong arming a French attache. Great! The kind of episode that makes Arab and Muslim American groups protest. And people wonder why the rest of the world hates us.

    But then this is a Bruckheimer vehicle, with heavy Pentagon/military consultation so I shouldn't expect anything else.

    Other little problems: A pic of the terror suspect with Bin Laden looked like a five year old had produced it (obvious cut and paste), JT mispronounced quite a few foreign words this episode (script consultant needed), plus he said that the Special Forces team should have translators there that spoke Arab Egyptian since the suspect is Egyptian. Hello, no such language - if anything it would be Egyptian Arabic. The writers tried to explain why J.T. doesn't "look Polish" but ended up just having him spout some defensive crap. Cock up.

    The cheery, all's well that ends well family welcome home BBQ ending was unrealistic. In real life, J.T.'s friend and his wife would be headed straight for divorce court.

    All of that said, in terms of suspense, production values, interesting storyline and banter this episode wins.
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