Season 1 Episode 14

The General

Aired Wednesday 8:00 PM Feb 01, 2006 on NBC

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  • Now Spec Forces guys go and work as Interpol, odn't they have some wars to be fighting or somethin'???

    I was pretty disapointed last epi about this whole serving the IJPC, but now this... The whole idea that ETA goes targeting yanks is just, if I may say, a little too far fetched, wasn't Osama around or something ?
    Anyway again we got to see the only part I didn't like about this series, the US Spec Forces talking about themsleves like they're the center of the universe and no one else is up to the task, specially JT's "sacred duty/leave no one behind" chat with the US ambassador in Spain and even worse the whole pi$$ing contest they held every time the spanish police caught them up to something just portays every bad thing you hear abaout yanks on tv, they around place like they owned it. Honestly gotta say this particular epi was just lousy.

    Too bad E-Ring's last aired epi was this one, I honestly grew a little attached to series specially on epis like "Cemetary Wind 1&2" and "Delta does Detroit", but the two last epis won't make me feel sorry that the show bought it... pity a little less stars and stripes and it could have been a worthy opponent of "The Unit"... pity
  • Awesome!

    JT and Sonny Liston are promoted while one of their own is kidnapped in Spain. Their celebrations are cut short as soon as they hear the word on the kidnapping. They step up to their jobs. JT and his team are flown to Spain to take part in covert op. Their mission hits a snag when local officials complain about JT's investigation. This episode shows a new high for the show. JT's promotion is put to the test. The terrorist kidnapping are well done, they paced it well enough so it wouldn't look silly. Benjamin Bratt really shines with his role. This is another great episode.
  • JT is promoted in this episode.

    JT gets his wish and is promoted and Sonny is confirmed. But the celebratory party is interrupted when a General's wife is killed and he is kidnapped. JT and his team go to Spain and JT really connects with the General's son and is able to get some information about the incident. No one wants to step on the Spanish authorities toes because of the train bombing, but both sides come to an agreement to rescue the General.
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