Season 1 Episode 6

Toy Soldiers

Aired Wednesday 8:00 PM Oct 26, 2005 on NBC

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  • This episode changes gears.

    We normally see JT fixing papers in the pentagon and getting action approved to take place somewhere else. In this episode, things happen within the pentagon without JT leaving the building. The action takes place inside the pentagon, JT battles the politics that help him get through his job each day. It's still action, it's got adventure, the tension is high even though there's not much of a commando op to watch, maybe just a little, but it's still a damn good episode. It's exciting, it delivers the same old jerry bruckheimer action that we know. Benjamin Bratt really makes this show a must see.
  • The show keeps getting better.

    I have to agree that this was the best episode so far. The series I believe is heading in the right direction. Just keep it up. The characters are developing. I didnt really care for JT's girlfriend, but what happened last night at the end showed she really does care about JT and didnt want anything to happen to his career.
  • J.T. challenges his boss' boss and saves the day again. J.T. does things by the book and his girlfriend doesn't help him out, but when the head honcho wants to get revenge for J.T.'s maneuvering, he places the sword of Damocles over the girlfriend's head

    I appreciated seeing J.T.'s girlfriend decide to leave him rather than allow the evil honcho to exact retribution. I sort of started to dislike her when she asked him to move out, and then I sort of liked her sort of again when I knew why she did it. I say "sort of" because I just can't bring myself to care for the characters yet. They (the show makers) are trying to get me to care, I know, but they haven't been successful yet. I might give them another chance next week if other things on at the same time aren't repeats, or if I'm not busy. I'll see.
  • Over the last 6 weeks, E-Ring has continued to mature and Toy Soldiers may be the single best episode of the series and the maturing point for this freshman show.

    I think Toy Soldiers does something wonderful for this series ... it takes it over the hump between new show fodder and new show keeper. That may sound a little strange, but the fact of the matter is that E-Ring has matured over the last 6 weeks and this episode is the culmination of that maturing. The characters show more depth here, the story more complexity, and the premise as a whole steps to a new level.

    Dennis Hopper has stepped up to take a commanding role while still remaining buddy-buddy with Bratt's character. While not a main character, Kelsey Oldershaw has filled her role beautifully and I can only hope that the end of this episode only signals a continuing arc.

    JT's interaction with Angie at the end, coupled with his scenes with Bobby, really help to establish a dimensionality to JT that wasn't present before. More than any of the other new shows, I think E-Ring is beginning to establish itself and Toy Soldiers, more than any other episode, is the maturing point.