Season 1 Episode 4


Aired Wednesday 8:00 PM Oct 12, 2005 on NBC

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  • good.

    this shows another common african theme were tribal warfare is the subject matter. but this is not hotel rwanda, it's e-ring so that means there's going to be some action in it. and action it comes. the subject matter doesn't seem to be much, but the writers do a great job harnessing the african theme to its fullest potential and they come up with a fast paced drama. they do a really great job with this episode. they use the usual mission impossible trick twist at the end but it works well for the show. this episode works well, I had a good time watching it.
  • The first episode I watched.

    Before I watched this episode, I earlier watched the movie Sometimes in April. It was a movie about the genocide in Rwanda in particular.

    So this episode of E-Ring which I just accidentally passed by while surfing was a good follow up to that movie. Ficitional as it may be the surrounding terror of a massacre still looms in Rwanda until today. I will say that Bratt\'s performance was not a par to which I\'m looking for a lead role in this kind of series but still he got the wheels turning as I continually watched.

    I don\'t know if I\'ll watch another episode of E-Ring but this episode was I think at the right time to watch after a good movie like Sometimes in April.
  • This is the military we wish we had. The soldiers showing the initiative to go out and help thier fellow man. Unfortunately this isn't the case.

    I guess the things I like most about this show is how the players are portrayed in the series. I mean the military is run by soldiers who know what fighting is and want to make the world a better place. Politicians are there to make life difficult for the soldier but ultimately do what is best for the country. The truth of the matter is that the pentegon is a conglomerate of all the people in the military and civilian world that either want, have or crave political power. Officers at this level are thinking of 2 things, retiring and the contracter that owes him a big fat paycheck. The grunt in the field might as well have DR. Kevorkian giving him a physical. More of this rant later.
  • Getting better!

    I think if given the chance E-Ring could be a really good show. THe characters are developing and hopefully will continue. The topic of this episode genocide is a harsh reality. Hopefully, this will never happen again. It was nice to see Sonny backing JT for once. I think JT's girlfriend will eventually burn him, just by her reactions when he needs information.
  • More genocide. More violence.

    I had a hard time watching this show. Once again more people die as a result of genocide. More red tape, more people with serious looks on their faces as they are delivering their lines, and Andrew McCarthy! I love all the actors on this show but enough of dangerous situations and more back stories on these people.
  • A great building block...

    This episode treads on some dangerous ground. I understand that sometimes officials at this level break some of the rules, but some of what they did tonight was bordering on criminal. Okay not bordering it was!

    It was a little disappointing, while this might be closer to reality and was definitely in the greater good for them to break the rules, some (me included) would prefer to think of people as above this.

    That said I thought this was a great episode.

    McNulty is definitely growing on me, and JT is learning the ropes of the Pentagon. Andrew McCarthy’s character is turning out to be a real political slime ball (this reality I don’t mind). Sonny is even turning out to be a decent human helping JT out.

    My major concern for JT (pun intended) is that now that he’s at the Pentagon he is starting to get dragged to the moral low ground.
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