Season 1 Episode 13

War Crimes

Aired Wednesday 8:00 PM Jan 18, 2006 on NBC

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  • US soldiers backing up the IJC (International Penal Justice Court) ???

    the epi I found it to be really silly, that\'s just the word, silly. What the h3ll are US Special Forces doing serving as bodygurads for a IJC Prosecutor. To say the least I was really disapointed to have seen this episode being it the series\'s last aired epi, E-Ring went down like a subamrine on a moonless night, pitty it started of really good with acrobatics like the \"Fulton Recovery\" manouver, the aid paradrop to the afghan refugees, etc. But this epi threw everything I had seen to the ground. And to top it all I did some looking up on this whole IJC, and found out that the only mayor country who hasn\'t ratified it (IOW that it\'s nationals can\'t be prosecuted by the IJC) is the US, yet here we see them almost as paladins for the IJC, really silly. Look it up for yourselves, you\'ll see I\'m not lying. I\'m not a US basher, but epis like these do the US international image a slim favour

    Odd, really odd, and silly, pitty
  • great episode.

    a show that features the US military, it's just a matter of time they made one about sarajevo, it's a perfect backdrop for this show. this episode is a good one, there's action in it, it wasn't boring. it's a really cool episode, i like seeing jt and his special forces buddies going into action. i like it when he has to fly off to another country and actually getting involved with the counter terrorist operations. the writers did a good job with this one, it's a great episode, i really enjoyed this one. it's a fun episode to watch.
  • Another good episode.

    Another good episode for JT and company. I didnt get to see the whole episode due to the local news covering two trains colliding and evcauations due to hazardous smoke, but what I saw was pretty good. I would hope the writers would give Sam a new wardrobe. The clothes she had on this episode were aweful.