Season 1 Episode 5

Weekend Pass

Aired Wednesday 8:00 PM Oct 19, 2005 on NBC

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  • Great.

    Just like the previous episodes, JT gets to organize military action abroad while dealing with legal matters that might prevent it from happening. the writers did a good job with this episode, this is fun to watch, I had a great time watching this. when jt navigates through the politics that makes his job easier and at the same time makes it impossible. it's fast paced, the writers made sure it's exciting, it's not boring. I had a good time watching it. Dennis Hopper plays a really good boss, he lights up the screen with his humorous personality. Benjamin Bratt is awesome with his role.
  • This episode shows a lot about where the show is and where it can go if it wants.

    The show looks like it is starting to tackle situations that are closer to reality than the 2nd and 3rd episodes. Hopefully the advisor to the show can give the viewer a little glimpse of what actually goes on in the halls of power. He has the unique opportunity to actually educate as he entertains. To be able to see what bastards are out there and are willing to sacrifice the lives of our fighting men to enjoy a little more power in the Pentagon. You really hope that those people do not exist, but we all know they do. Just look at the headlines in tommorrow's paper to get confirmation. A great show with good potential. Keep it up.
  • Still could be a little better.

    Good episode. Still the show could be a little better. Although it is almost like JT is the only one trying to do anything. Sonny backs him up this time without hardly any effort. I do not like Andrew McCarthy's character. Dennis HOpper needs more to do. He hardly has any lines.