E Street - Season 1

Network Ten (ended 1993)


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  • Episode 236
    Episode 236
    Episode 52
    Claire explains to Wheels what happened with Elly and Bob. She tells him she misses them both and as she can’t be with Elly in Bangladesh wants to be back in Westside with her friends. She asks him what happened with Jo-Jo and the band but he tells he is not with the band anymore. After a lot of persuasion Wheels says he’ll take her back to Westside. Max’s tests come back clear – he hasn’t got HIV, the blood in the needle blood was animal blood. He thanks Nikki for her support and they go out officially for the first time. Toni informs Lisa, Alice and Michael of Harley’s condition – she also announces that Harley needs treatment in America that will cost $100,000. Lisa and Michael quickly get to work at WTV8 and organise a telethon in honour of Harley. The residents of E Street join in; Toni and her band Kon-X-ion sing, George reads a poem, Mary & CJ duet as Alice, Martha and Virginia take to the phones. Lisa and Michael donate their honeymoon money to the course and everyone watched as Bob makes a plea to the viewers. Virginia visits Sheridan who is at home, away from the telethon. She tells her that Harley is probably the only friend she has and asks her too help him. At the end of the telethon Sheridan arrives and makes up the rest of the money. With no time to waste Sheridan announces that she will take Harley to New York for the treatment and she and Virginia will accompany him. Bob thanks Sheridan for what she has done and she says it’s because Harley is her only friend. Bob and Toni say their farewells as Harley is taken in an ambulance and flown to New York – to recover.moreless
  • Episode 209
    Episode 209
    Episode 25
    Elly visits Bob in remand and tells him this isn’t how she pictured her wedding day. She talks about lawyers, the case and how everyone knows he is innocent. But Bob remains silent and fails to even look at her. She tells him she still loves him and asks him to ay least say he still loves her – but he fails to and she walks out the cell in tears. Elly and David go to see George and Martha where George explains that Bob doesn’t hurry up and tell the truth then he will go to jail for a very long time. Toni is upset to hear people talking in a bad way about Bob. She explains to Nikki, Zac and CJ that Bob is a good man who has always been there for everyone and now they should be there for him. They quickly get together and organise a campaign to prove Bob’s innocence. With Sheridan pressing ahead with her plans for the report on Bob, Vi tells Harley she is disgusted at him for the way he is not sticking up for Bob. Lisa turns down Michael’s proposal. David visits Bob and tells him he is hurting Elly. He tells him he is failing her and letting her down. Bob tells David he loves Elly and doesn’t want to hurt her – David tells him if that were true then he would just tell the truth. Virginia tells Elly she should forget about Bob and leave with David. She tells her to think of herself for once and join David in Melbourne. Elly tells her she can’t do that but as David says his goodbye to Elly and Claire, Elly tells him to wait – she and Claire are joining him. As everyone gathers in the pub for Bob’s benefit night – Toni arrives and announces that Elly has left Westside. As Elly, Claire and David drive out of Westside David takes a detour and takes them to the remand centre – he tells Elly she has to say goodbye to Bob. Elly and Claire go into the Bobs cell and Elly tells him that they are going to Melbourne for a while. Bob is shocked and finally talks to her asking her how long he’ll be gone for. She says she doesn’t know and will just see how things go. Claire tells Bob she will miss home and loves him – she promises to write. Bob tells her he loves her too and holds back the tears and Claire walks out of the cell. Elly tell shim that she has thought about this situation a lot and has realised that it doesn’t matter if Bob loves her or not - what matters is whether he wants to spend the rest of his life with her. She tells him she doesn’t think he does but says if she is wrong then she’ll stay. She asks him if he wants to marry her and he says he loves her. As she realises that isn’t a yes she cries and asks Bob what they should do now. Bob kisses her on the cheek before saying goodbye and walking out of the cell. Elly slumps down to the chair and says ‘Goodbye Bob’.moreless
  • Domestic Disturbance
    Aunty Vi makes her mark on the entire E-Street Cast in this episode. Daniel doesn't quite break things off with jennifer but when they discover that Tom has gone out of remission and may just die, he begs Elly to come back to him. They reunite. (Wait till David Finds out!) Vi makes a number of bitter diatribes at Abbey who is getting truly hurt & upset by her lack of acceptance. Ernie tells Vi to deal with it or go away. Chris finally has Megan scheduled which provides the most memorablely dramatic moment thus far when she leaves saying "I thought you loved me!" leaving Chris in tears in the opening hallway. Vi also has a go at Alice's clothing, Lisa deals with the memory of Wheels and the usual E-Street grind (yes Harley & Toni are still going at it but Bob knows now...)moreless
  • Mixed Dilemmas
    Mixed Dilemmas
    Episode 13
    Harley & Toni continue seeing each other again & again lol. The car gets stolen however but they retrieve it. It is revealed that the guy chasing abbey is in fact her lawyer giving her a tonne of money. Martha says to George that she's worried Abbey will leave now she's not in trouble. At the same time Ernie's Aunty Vi arrives. (New cast member). Daniel continues his affair with Jennifer. david goes to tell Elly but she tells him grumpily about how they split up. Chris finally agrees to send Megan to the mental institution. (AT LONG FREAKIN' LAST!!!)moreless
  • Complications
    Episode 12
    Elly & Martha finally realize that Megan has a mental disorder, Megan has a spackattack in the pub saying a-lot of nasty things about the people around her. Ernie discovers the money that abbey paid Chris. He tells Chris to not do it again. The guy hunting Abbey has returned and he plans to take her out at the concert when she performs. David gets angry at Jennifer & Daniel. Daniel acts weird and temporarily breaks it off with Elly. Harley & Toni decide to continue seeing each other.moreless
  • Affairs & Trials Of The Heart
    Well Well Well. I knew i hated Daniel for a reason. Anyway in the meantime, Abbey & Alice are chased in their car by another car of the presumed hitman chasing Abbey. They drive back to Alice's place where they inform Ernie, Lisa & Paul of the events that have unfolded. Ernie realises that the story is serious and that Abbey is in danger. Elly, David & Claire perform a play that Tom is missing out on for the sake of his chemotherapy. This makes him happy. Martha is worried about Megans increased instability especially when her new found dog goes missing. THis causes Chris to lose his temper and break her credit card. She slaps him and he is faced with the dilemma of what to do. Bob finally lets rip at Daniel about leavin ghim all the responsibility of taking care of his son. He flies off the handle at hte entire pub saying that they should give Him & Harley a chance and that Daniel should take care of his own family instead of leaving it in everyone's care. Toni breaks off the fledgling romance with Harley albeit only temporarily. Meanwhile Harley witnesses Bobs Outburst and returns home where they bond again. And the Episode's well-deserved climax, Daniel & Jennifer begin to consummate their torried affair when David returns home. He is horrified to catch them in their embrace and quips with "Well Well Well, Maybe I should've knocked!" and the episode ends with the guilty looks on Jennifer's & Daniels faces.moreless
  • Unknown
    Episode 10
    Episode didn't seem to be aired either that or my VCR's playing up. If anyone could possibly help provide the synopsis that would be great.
  • Temptations & Distractions

    Alice & Lisa decide to throw a party at their apartment as a house warming. They invite everyone. Harley & Tom arrive to meet up with Toni who is ecstatic to see them. Daniel discovers Tom's disappearance from Claire and sends Bob to collect them...Harley & Toni appear to be forming a romance as Harley softens to Bob. Tom appreciates watching his sister again. Bob finally arrives and sorts things out with Harley by giving him his mother's chain and discussing how his name came about. They finally manage to bond. Toni asks to return home and finally returns home. Meanwhile at the party, David becomes jealous of Daniels' increasing closeness to Jennifer which Martha is glaringly aware of but Elly has no idea. Jennifer continues to flirt with Daniel especially when it is discovered that Daniels appearance at David's apartment is just a ploy to see Jennifer as Daniel obviously knew David wasn't going to be there. Megan's behaviour is becoming increasingly weird. Alice buys a piano, the party goes off as a success but leads Ernie to convince Abbey to perform part-time singing. George agrees to help pay for Alice's piano tuition. Martha's jealous of Abbey.

    Whilst Ernie is convincing Abbey to perform at the pub, Alice storms in with a letter for Abbey. She opens it once Ernie leaves and shows Alice. The mob have finally found her!!! David accuses Jennifer of being in love with Daniel. And finally, Sally is trying to show Megan her handstands but Megan's out of it and distracted. Sally says she's going for a swim and Megan allows her to after Daniel specifically stated earlier before he left that she was NOT to go in on her own. Inevitably Sally starts drowning whilst Megan is watching a snail on her hand...moreless
  • Bump In The Night...
    Alice becomes Horror mad after watching a movie with Lisa. They become entangled with Paul over moving Alice's room around and they scare each other senseless until Gordon arrives and sorts it out. Chris is fined $1000 and has his license suspended over the drunk driving incident (?). after Ernie tells him off for asking for the money Abbey gives Chris the money in exchange for his silence. Megan talks to Chris' boss and he allows Chris to work from home & that he won't tell Megan's dad. Daniel gets drunk at David's place and accidentally walks in on Jennifer naked! Tom runs away with Harley to go and visit Toni leaving Claire the message to tell Elly. Elly wonders where Daniel's gone off to. Martha visits Jennifer only to discover her in a towel and Daniel half naked!!!moreless
  • Brokedown Palace
    Brokedown Palace
    Episode 7
    Abbey believes that the mob is after her and makes Alice keep it a secret..>Yeah right. She tells Lisa and they get freaked out by a guy that turns out to be a mortician. Harley finally begins to accept Bob. Begins being the key word. he convinces Bob to take care of Anne, harley's mum. Nothing much else happens in this episode except for the ending. When Harley visits Anne, Martha who is looking after Anne gets upset and locks Harley in the room with Anne. She sets the house on fire As Bob arrives to find Harley...Will he save them?moreless
  • Unknown
    Episode 6
  • Reunions
    Episode 5
    Abby's hiding a secret but in the meantime is renovating Ernie's room at the hotel. Chris stays by Megan's side (she's in a coma thanx to the suicide attempt) but she eventually wakes up in an awkward state. Alice harbours Harley in her room whilst he tries to forgive Bob but eventually George & Ernie bust them and throw Alice & Harley out. Lisa offers alice a place to live with her as Lisa's received a mysterious letter that seems bad. Elly accepts Daniel's proposal even after being hunted by everyone to gain an answer. Claire & Tom organise a surprise engagement party in which Elly finally tells the guests that she says Yes. Meanwhile Bob isn't at the party he is sitting at home for dinner when Harley walks in. They agree to try and Harley agrees to stay. Bob thanks God.moreless
  • Unknown
    Episode 4
    I missed this episode sorry... HAS ANYONE WATCHED IT? IF SO PLEASE SEND ME A SYNOPSIS ASAP I WOULD LOVE TO KNOW... One can only assume it fleshed out the story of Harley & Bob maybe he told him and also i can only assume it was something about the marriage of Elly & Daniel + The story of Abby & Ernie?moreless
  • The Ties That Bind...
    Paul & Alice begin to like each other a bit more, Lisa throws her weight around as a boss not realising that she's being too hard on Alice...the only real staffmember in her control. Bob holds up on his bargain to find out Harley's real parents using Elly to try and use the hospital but to no avail. Daniel proposes to Elly via a flying helicopter after he tries severeal times only to be thwarted by her life. Ernie panics when Abby tells him that she's arriving that night (a month early)! When she arrives she's not what everyone expects, Black, tall, middleaged and beautiful. Martha tracks down Harley's mother and sends her to bob but bob's hiding a secret of his own. When he takes Harley to see his mum, Anna, he discovers that she's catatonic and runs away. Megan sees Chris and Lisa together after walking up to him to try and sort thing sout and runs back home. Martha makes him realise that heloves her but when he gets home, she's overdosed on sleeping pills...Bob breaks down outside the pub to martha saying that he was in love with Anna before the accident..HEs HARLEY'S FATHER!!!moreless
  • Home Truths
    Home Truths
    Episode 2
    Harley gets a job at the Pub with Lisa & Alice but eventually he falters and quits. He reveals to Bob that he's adopted and Bob tells him he'll help him find his parents. Jennifer & David attempt to teach Ernie how to be upperstandard in his bid to impress the incoming Abby Rossiter. The kids revolt against Daniel & Elly and after talking to Martha, Daniel may just ask Elly to marry him. Meanwhile, Megan & Chris just can't seem to get things right. During the episode they fight, she apolgoises their fine, then the reversal occurs and he leaves just as she's about to sort it out by saying she loves him. She goes to sort things out at the pub but sees him flirting with Lisa and hurriedly leaves the pub.moreless
  • Breaking Point
    Breaking Point
    Episode 1
    Previously on E-Street:- Constable Paul lost his wife Sarah who got murdered and has since decided to move into the pub. Sargeant George currently seeing Martha has had to cope with the arrival of his daughter Alice but she has since settled in by workingand living at the pub but Alice isn't happy that Paul is moving in as they have never been able to get along. Megan lost her baby that wasn't Chris' and is worried that Chris won't love her anymore because of the baby. Toni's giving David a hard tiem and he tell sher she is going to stay with her grandmother for a while but on the journey the car gets bogged. Lisa prepares to leave Westside with Wheel sburt when Ernie returns from his holiday he announces Lisa the new Bar Manager... BREAKING POINT--- Ernie begins acting mysteriously whena sked about his holiday. Fially George gets out of him that he met a woman and she is intending on living with him in a months' time. Alice still whines about Paul and they still don't get along. Bob takes Harley in and after a runin at the bar, gives Harley a 2nd chance. Toni finally finally finally!!! sorts things otu with David but still agrees to go to her grandmothers place. Elly & David are now happy as well. Wheels finds out from JoJo that Lisa can't go on the tour as no girlfriends are allowed. Lisa finally accepts this and lets Wheels go ending the relationship and with him saying that he will return. The episode ends with Lisa accepting Wheels' departure and happlily hittinga sign in the air knowing she has the rest of her life to lead...moreless