E Street - Season 2

Network Ten (ended 1993)


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  • Easy Rider
    Easy Rider
    Episode 16
    Harley's hidden nature is revealed by Sonny after he has an extremely bad day. But what will he do? Max makes an impression on the citizens, mainly by annoying the hell out of them and generally not being community minded. Ernie pretends to be sick still so he can keep the 2 women together, but Elly reveals he's okay and the girls take revenge on him. It is also revealed that Paul bought the house for Chris & Megan by proxy with Chris' money from the settlement so they own the house again! Alice tries to teach Sonny to read but it seems to end up nowhere. Everyone loves Alice's story. David is sick of smart women (See previous episode) and takes out Sonya but she proves to be smart and dumps him in front of Elly & Martha. She leaves behind her handbag and David grabs it and walks out. Harley goes beserk about Justin not understanding the circumstances. Toni is about to apologise and make up when Sonny appears introducing himself and giving her a message from Janine. Toni is furious and lets rip at Harley. Bob also does the same. Vi is running a raffle for the local footy team and everyone buys tickets. Harley finally decides he is going to break free of the stupid street. He rides away. Vi is walking in the rain to drop off the Raffle money after refusing everyone's offer to go with her. She ends up getting mugged & the money stolen. She is later found by George & Paul and is suffering mild shock. Max brings David into the station believing that David was the mugger as he was holding the purse. It is eventually sorted out with Max feeling extremely sheepish. Paul leaves with Vi. Paul returns Vi to the pub shortly after Harley walks in. He looks over the bar and sees Harley & Sonny celebrating with Harley flashing around all the money he managed to get....from VI!!!!!!!!!!moreless
  • Faulty Facades
    Faulty Facades
    Episode 15
    Chris & Megan's house is going up for auction today and before he went into Hospital, Ernie gave them permission to decorate their room to take her mind off things. Abbey offers to help and so upsetting Vi who runs to Ernie every chance manipulating him into thinking that there are horrible messes going on everywhere, especially when Chris accidentally causes a 30 second blackout. Megan is depressed however still but is happy that they can start a new life together. Alice comes up with the idea of ruining the auction by dropping nasty rumours which ends up failing when it is revealed that Paul is a bidder for the house! This upsets Alice & Megan. Toni has her school dance adn Justin picks her up and there is some chemistry but by the end of the night, Toni has been turned off by Justin (who is more wooden in the acting than the child actors who played Claire & Simon Windsor!) as he is boring, pretentious and extremely interested in one subject, himself. Eventually Toni manages to ward off his advances and apologises to Elly who admits she can't stand his mother whom she used to get Justin to take her. On the night that the blackout occurs, Harley & Sonny go out when Harley notices that Sonny is holding a whole wad of cash that he didn't have the day before when he burnt the $20 note. He even gives Alice her money back without her even asking how he got it. He tells Harley not to worry and to bring a date. He nearly doesn't go because he was retrenched from the Newspaper after htey were sposedly taken over. After a bit of work by Lisa, they concoct a way to keep the Advocate afloat and it works, they are given 4 weeks to make more money and increase readership otherwise they are taken over by Newbridge. They rehire Harley who is a bit hung over because of his big night out. He took Janine out whilst Sonny had sex with his girl, Debbie (we actually see one of her breasts quite visibly when he takes her top off). Janine is extremely drunk but mentions Toni's name when he has his shirt off and they're making out so he stops her and took her home. Bob believed that Harley stuffed up his job as the Courier instead of him being retrenched and when he finds out he apologises to Harley but can't discuss hte problem because the Deli was held up the night before and he needs to talk to the Deli owner who needs a priest. Harley deduces that Sonny robbed the Deli with his shotgun!!!moreless
  • Duplicity
    Episode 14
    Sonny apparantly didn't return home til 4am. Ernie goes in for surgery, Chris & Megan return home to Megan being slightly insecure about Patch missing & the house being up for auction. Whilst Ernie is away, Vi & Abby have a feud over the bird. Eventually Abby wins but Vi vows revenge (Again!). Elly arranges for Toni to take Jack Barrett to the dance at first she is upset but then realises that Jack is the popular guy at school! After having a to & fro session about the newspaper article, Kim, Martha & Lisa finally win with the factory company backing down and giving compensation to everyone & enough money to encourage readership. but just as happiness prevails Kim receives a phone call saying that they have been closed down again, the Newbridge Paper will take over! Alice helps Sonny with his reading but Sonny scams money out of her claiming the books are shonky and he wants to buy his own. he buys speed and tries to get Harley to try it but he resists although after watching Sonny burn the money it seems like he may just fall into Sonny's trap meanwhile George offers his hand to be shaken by Sonny which it is but Paul still remains cynical clearly showing his disbelief of Sonny's innocence...moreless
  • Fear & Loathing In E-Street
    Lisa apologises to Sonny about before and they discuss seeing their mother. Lisa decides to write an article about prisoners and illiteracy with Kim approves of. Meanwhile at the pub, an old man whom everyone believes is a drunk, gets sick and it is eventually revelaed he has a form of Asbestos poisoning from his days at working at a factory. Kim feels slightly guilty of her ignorance but vows to follow up the mans life after he dies when he eventually gets to hospital. After a few misunderstandings, Abbey & Ernie make up after he tells her. She vows war on Vi who had, of course engineered her false thoughts. On camp, Chris wakes up unable to move and after an hour of running about, Megan realises that Chris is in danger as she had just thought he was being a sleephead. They form a team and eventually he is saved and she kills (the rather fake) snake. Bob tries one last time to woo Elly but she doesn't notice him as they are interrupted by David once again. Elly & David sort things out, Toni & Harley still don't but Harley manages to scam a job as a courier from Kim and Alice still believes she is nearly in love with Sonny. And finally the visit to their mum. After a rather tense chat and with Sonny asking tonnes of prison questions freaking Lisa out and storming out for reasons unknown, Lisa's mother warns Lisa that she sees "Evil In His Eyes, A Look of Anger" and lisa tries to shake it off but she tells her that Sonny will get his revenge. Just as this happens, Sonny walks into the pub and meets Harley who intros himself and when Sonny figures he is Bobs son, he shakes Harleys hand nearly crushing it in the process. Sonny's eyes bulge in excitement & anger...moreless
  • The Reverend & The Doctor?
    The Next Day... Lisa decides to stay home and write her story but also to try and rebond with Sonny. It is revealed to be a Saturday. Chris & Megan decide to go camping for the day. Well, err Chris decides anyway and after a few misadventures, they stay in the tent in the rain and muck around. However an uninvited guest sneaks in through a hole in the front. Ernie still (For some unknown reason) continues to hide his hurnia from Abby. Coaxed accidentally by Aunty Vi, she believes that Ernie is having an affair wtih Martha! Bob returns and is alot happier than when he left sort of freaking harley out a bit. Harley has his own dramas with Toni and after a boring series of chats (And meeting Janine) realises he wasn't invited to Toni's school dance and never was going to have it mentoined to him and flirts with Janine. Toni gets jealous but doesn't admit it and they have ANOTHER Fight and Toni storms out leaving Harley believing he was right. Bob tries to tell Elly he loves her but she whines stopping him from doing so. David is still upset. After a day of fighting over not reading hte paper for jobs or her article and after Alice and George fighting over him, Sonny has a rather violent outburst that he can't read. Scaring Lisa and giving us a sign of things to come...moreless
  • Haze (2)
    Haze (2)
    Episode 11
    Sonny realises he has to adjust to the real world but can he really be trusted? At first he allows us to believe so by handing Alice her lost money back...but after seeing the way he looked at George, how long can we believe that that will last? Lisa gets promoted by the new editor, Kimberley to be a reporter...its just those 2 working in the office! And Kimberley catches the eye of Paul yet again whilst being hit on by Harley. Harley and Toni fight again but this time Vi steps in and tells Harley to be a man and stand up for what he wants, hence the fight. She then tells him that maybe he should find a common ground. Bob is finally dealt his equal hand back by Rev. Jack...He can be a priest and Love ELLY at the same time!!! Alice & George have a falling out about the way he treats Sonny & what Ernie believes to be Performance Stress is really just a hurnia but now after deflecting Abbey's advances he must now undo the damage he caused in the first place. David tries to make a move on Elly but she sees right through it and throws him out, Chris & Megan's settlement comes through from the Bromleys and Bob must now decide whether or not to confess what he truly feels for Doctor Fielding...moreless
  • Foresight (1)
    Foresight (1)
    Episode 10
    The friend that Harley calls is actually Reverend Jack Waterford, the great Jimmy's predecessor but he 2 is old and slightly decaying. He tries to get Bob to tell him the truth but Bob remains coy eventually yelling that he just doesnt' want to be a priest anymore. Harley tries to be a Counsellor for the day but ends up getting his face punched when a wife he counsels tries to hit on him infront of her jealous husband. Toni helps him and a slight spark ignites. Elly & David begin to get close. George refuses to tell Martha about Sonny. Paul & Kimberley bump into each other and an attraction forms right in front of Alice who gets jealous immediately. Lisa has to keep her being fired a secret as everyone congratulates her forcing her to plead to Kimberley but to no avail. George asks Lisa to keep track of Sonny for him but she yells at him to back off and give Sonny a chance. He deserves it. George reveals that Sonny threatened to get his revenge on him for putting him away after the bungled bank robbery that killed 3 people. Paul reminds him that maybe it was Sonny's anger talkign at the time. George counters that inside, Anger is one of the remaining things that gets an inmate through. And to Conclude the episode, the ever popular Sonny Bennett arrives on Lisa's doorstep asking for a place to stay. Alice gains a crush immediately and with a glint in his eye, Sonny Bennett announces his intention to stay in E-Street until his life is settled again!moreless
  • Reverential Treatment
    Chris gets fired from his job, Lisa discovers that the famous and rich sturgess' who run the Advocate that she works for want to re-construct their company firing everyone except her although she hasn't realised that yet. Chris decides to sue the Bromleys without telling Megan yet. Alice lets the manager power go to her head causing Vi & Abbey to join forces once again but instead only cause Ernie to lose it with them. He takes back Alice's promotion and instead says that Abbey runs the bistro & Vi & Alice run the bar...together. The bar claps at Ernie's new stance. However Paul collapses in his lunch at the bistro due to not seeing anyone about the roof accident. He is taken to hospital but is okay even though he milks his injuries to Alice to make her forgive him and they are friends again. Harley helps Claire use the computer again after she missed Tom too much to play it. Toni thanks him and Harley leaves. After not being able to help Elly and watching David succeed time and time again Bob begins to have a crisis on whether he is truly any good. Harley picks up on this and after a visit to his mums graveyard with bob realises to the extent at which bob is upset. He makes a mysterious phone call to someone we don't know yet and agrees that its a good idea whatever it is they're planning anyway. Meanwhile Bob goes for a drive in his car reminiscing about his becoming a priest and talking to the head guy an older man. During this the priest says that he is going to die and who is bob going to believe in now. Meanwhile in reality, bob stops the car and bursts into tears...And to End the episode, George receives some bad news on Martha's birthday....Sonny Benett has just been released from jail, he is Lisa's brother!moreless
  • Dull Misadventures Of the Unknown Kind
    A fairly dull episode. Chris & Megan stress about the parents infamous proposal either Megan goes with them or they both lose everything. In Chris' bid to prove them wrong he tracks down a rich potential buyer and after intial turmoil brings the deal to fruition creating a celebratory mood on the Bromley/Patchett household. For now... After a series of mishaps including lost foreign notes & sex put out over the bar with large speakers, Abbey & Vi fight for manageer now that Lisa has gone (With Ernie ingoring her every step of the way) including Vi not giving her share of the money for the dishwasher. Instead, Ernie announces that hes sick of it. .. Alice is the new manager! George & Paul get the day off and stay at home and have to get rid of a bird, Paul realises that George can't kill animals meanwhile whilst he's pulling George's leg (figuratively speaking) he falls outta the roof...but is okay. David & Bob try to get Elly out of her mood and David succueeds quashing bobs feelings. Meanwhile Harley & toni finally reconcile but agree to take things very, very slowly.moreless
  • Departures And How To Cope...
    Abbey & Vi finally become friends over a card game that Abbey tricks Viinto thinking that she doesn't know how to pay. Abbey of course kicks Vi's butt and after Vi admits that she will pay Abbey the 2000 she owes her for losing the game, Abbey compromises into splitting for a new dishwasher. Lisa gets a job as a receptionist and Alice finally speaks to her sorting out their differences. Megan's mum finally arrives and lays down the law: either MEgan goes back to Europe iwth her parents leaving Chris or they will take away all tehir support including the house and job. Toni decides not to go with Daniel and at the last minute relents on her hatred and they tearfully make up. Toni agrees to stay with Elly and share with Claire. The kids still don't know about Daniels affair. David welcomes Elly home from the airport iwth a cooked dinner. Elly asks him to stay making Claire happy. After David announces to Bob that Jennifer has definitley left Westside, Bob decides to give the room to Harley. Harley welcomes Toni into it and thats when Toni tells Harley that right now she needs a friend not a boyfriend and that for the time beign space is needed and he'll just have to accept that. She runs away leaving Harley in his new room, depressed, alone and even more hurt knowing that the girl of his dreams is living near him and he still can't be with her.moreless
  • Destiny...Who Needs it !?
    Toni arrives to say goodbye to Harley and they have a touching goodbye. Megan & Chris enjoy married life and they catch a fish. They take it to the pub where Abbey & Vi challenge each other to a beer batter contest. Neither wins as they ultimately can't tell the difference! Chris & megan return home to be told by Ernie that Megan's mum is returning home furious that Chris had her daughter committed. Jennifer suffers the affair in many ways as she is told to leave the pub whilst she tries to eat dinner, she is branded an outcast and Bob is less than supportive however towards the end he offers support but its too little too late. After leaving a letter behind for Daniel, Jennifer drives away to a job in Sydney offered by her Father. Elly feels guilty about not going to Switzerland wiht the family but can't handle being around Daniel. She especially wants to see Tom but Claire handles it all really well and even David makes a warm visit. Elly tells Daniel that she will fake being nice at the airport for the kids sake...HOWEVER... Alice refuses to speak to Lisa after she belives that Lisa & Paul were liking each other allowing her to make a fool of herself. She hasn't expalined anything to the other 2 however just gotten mad and mentioned that her father told her. They haven't clicked yet... ...continued... Toni reads Jennifer's letter after Daniel walks out leavingi t behind. She reads it and goes off her head at her father saying he's disgusting she hates him and she hopes she never turns out like him inluding the way he treated Harley...she runs out leaving Daniel feeling very very alone.moreless
  • End-Game
    Episode 5
    Sorry about the delay but this episode was what i had been waiting for. Toni & Harley broke up after Toni announced she was leaving for Paris with her family, Daniel finally got his comeuppance when Elly discovered his affair from a tricked Jennifer, he promptly dumped jen in retaliation but not after Bob overheard them arguing about it. Claire spent the day with George & Paul whilst paul spent the day trying to hide from alice who had convinced Lisa to cofess Her (alice's) love for him. She wrote a song for him and sang it but he toldher he couldn't love her back. He left her heartbroken. On a ligher note, Aunty Vi still hates Abbey sabotaging her Mexican lunch day by emptying a whole entire bottle of chilli in the dish causing the bistro to lose money and the bar doubling in amount due to the chilli. And on a happy note Megan came out of the hospital all recoveredand things are looking up for the pair with Chris paying Abbey back for the money she lent them.moreless
  • Unknown
    Episode 4
  • Unknown
    Episode 3
  • Unknown
    Episode 2
    Sorry i missed this episode. I'll fill in the blanks next week. Sorry again! ~*Dak*~
  • Guilty Parties
    Guilty Parties
    Episode 1
    A Rather lacklustre episode. Aunty Vi pushes Abbey's buttons to the point where Chris has to point out to Ernie that he should've stuck up for Abbey ages ago. Alice tries to get Paul's romantic attention but her attempt fails due to his attention to her cassette recorder. Harley & Toni go out for the night but accidentally fall asleep on the beach & Are horrified to learn its morning and how much trouble they'll be in. (Especially when Harley ahd to have the car back by 8pm tha tnight so Bob could drop blankets down to the women's shelter). David tells Martha about Daniel's affair with Jennifer but Martha flies off the handle telling him its sour graps and that he's lying. Elly remains obvlivious especially when Jennifer turns up at the pub with a gift for Tom. Daniel flirts but Elly doesn't notice. And Daniel discovers tom's diary where he talks about being beaten up and how he's afraid he'll never beat the demon inside of him. & Finally Chris finally goes to visit Megan (after whinging all episode) and when he enters her room she tells him to go away and glares at him almost demonic. Chris looks scared.moreless