E Street - Season 3

Network Ten (ended 1993)


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  • Episode 253
    Episode 253
    Episode 70
    Sheridan asks Lisa to collect a book of nursery rhymes from her house. When she receives the book she finds the lullaby that has been haunting her and changes the lyrics to fit the version that Claire sung to her. CJ gets Toni and Joey a gig at the Jackson Flats club, however they have no band. After open auditions turn out numerous no hoppers, Joey rounds up some old friends and the band is finally formed. Sheridan experiences clear images of a children’s birthday party. The birthday girl is Becky Campbell and the lullaby plays throughout her flashbacks. Sheridan later asks Lisa to find out as much as she can on Becky Campbell. Lisa enlists the help of Martha who instantly says that name rings a bell. After trawling through the medical records Becky’s files is found and Lisa returns it to Sheridan with some extra information from Martha. It appears Becky was murdered when she was six years old. Elly and Bob go to the movies together and on the way home Elly trips and falls into Bob’s arms, leading them to kiss. Steven notices Virginia is distancing herself from him and when he asks her why she tells him that once again Sheridan has told her to be careful of him. Steven visits Sheridan at WTV8 and warns her to stay out of his life. Later that evening whilst she is alone in her office Sheridan receives a phone call, a man is singing the lullaby to her down the phone.moreless
  • Episode 252
    Episode 252
    Episode 69
    Bob and Claire make their way to the airport to meet Elly. Bob is nervous but Claire assures him that Elly will be pleased to see him. The reunion is not as hoped when Elly has little to say to Bob and is keen to get back to see her friends. She arrives home to a homecoming party and vows never to leave Westside again. After catching up on the gossip and giving out presents Elly finds herself alone with Bob and he pries her for information on David. She snaps at him and tells him that David has been a very good friend to her. As Bob prepares to leave the party Elly stops him and they decide they need to talk. Bob asks her to meet him at the church later in the afternoon. Toni tells the record company that she doesn’t want to change herself nor her image and she tells them to stick their record deal. Sheridan becomes increasingly jumpy when Steven is around and becomes even more suspicious of him when Clare tells her it was Steven who taught her the lullaby. Sheridan tells Virginia that she should stop seeing Steven as she feels there is something not right about him. Steven is horrified to hear that Sheridan has been asking questions about him and he asks her what her problem is – she tells him to stay away from her and leaves the party in a state. Elly and Bob talk and discuss their feelings towards what happened with Dylan. Bob tells Elly he will never be able to make up for what he did but tells her he has learned from what happened. He says he has no way of proving it apart from to tell her that he still loves her. Elly tells him she has wondered for a long time whether she could have prevented their relationship from ending and she admits she has come back to Westside to find out if they are really over. Bob asks her if they are and she says no, however she wants to take things slowly. They kiss and Elly tells Bob that she has really missed him.moreless
  • Episode 251
    Episode 251
    Episode 68
    After the phone call Virginia sends Steven home and later tells him that she feels she has betrayed her husband and child. Steven comments that Rod left her and took Danny with him. He asks how much more she feels she owes Rod. Claire tells Bob that Elly is arriving back in Westside tomorrow. She tells him David won’t be coming and stresses that now Elly is back things can be like they were before. Martha is overjoyed to hear of Elly’s returns and she and Virginia discuss whether Elly and Bob will at least be able to be friends again. Virginia says she’s not sure as she has spoken to Bob who has told her he’ll never stop loving Elly. Martha tells Virginia she has a right to be happy with Steven. Virginia later tells Steven she would like to see more of him. Sheridan wants to get to know Wheels and pretends something is wrong with her car in order for him to look at it. Whilst they are test-driving the car Wheels is challenged to a race with a youth and as he races to the finish line he blows up Sheridan’s car! The record company change Toni’s image and she is devastated when her friends laugh at her. She wonders if she’s cut out for the industry. Sheridan baby-sits Claire and is haunted when Claire sings a lullaby before going to bed. Sheridan later has a nightmare, which sees herself running through the forest to escape a man in a black cape.moreless
  • Episode 250
    Episode 250
    Episode 67
    Martha is certain that George is having an affair. She gets dressed up and heads to the bowling field where she is keen to outdo the ladies vying for George’s attention. She later tells George that she is hurt that he has found his second wind in life and hasn’t found it with her. When Nikki explains to George that Martha feels unwanted, George tells Martha he loves her very much and was scared of losing her as he got older. They return home after Martha says she can’t kiss him in the pub! Zac sells jewellery on behalf of a local jewellery stall older. Max buys a ring from him and gives it to Nikki as a friendship ring. Mary also buys a bracelet from Zac and Max is horrified when Mary breaks out in a rash. Desperate for Nikki not to know he brought her a cheap ring, Max asks her for the ring back. Nikki is devastated and thinks Max is having second thoughts about their relationship. When Mary tells Max the rash was caused by herbs that Alice left on a tea towel, he buys Nikki a new one. Meanwhile Nikki has lost the original ring and unable to give it back to Max she turns down his offer of a new ring! She later buys a ring from Zac to replace the missing ring and allows Max to present her with the new ring! The band meets with the record company only to be told that they want to sign Toni but not Joey. Virginia is envious when Steven seems to be paying attention to Sheridan, however when Steven comes round for dinner she lets him stay the night. She is later woken by a phone call and is joined by Claire and Toni who want to know what the fuss is about. Virginia says Elly is on the phone – she’s coming home.moreless
  • Episode 249
    Episode 249
    Episode 66
    After camping outside the record company’s office, CJ finally gets in dressed as a cleaner. He plays the bands songs to the record producers and the producers say they would like to meet the band. Martha is upset when George seems to be spending so much time playing bowls. She wonders if he is having an affair. Virginia and Steven have dinner together and end the evening with a kiss.moreless
  • Episode 248
    Episode 248
    Episode 65
    Wheels tells Lisa to leave, he tells her he’s not in love with her anymore. Lisa is upset but tells Michael she loves him and wants to make their marriage work. Virginia meets Claire’s karate teacher Steven Richardson. She invites him around for dinner and they appear to hit it off straight away. CJ tries to get the band a recording contract. Lisa apologises to Wheels for her behaviour and thanks him for not taking advantage of her. She tells him she was in love with what they were but really wants to make her marriage work. She asks him if he meant it when he said he didn’t love her. He tells her he’ll always love her – just not in the way he used to. Lisa and Michael arrive home and tell Alice the fighting is over. They witness a very special moment when Alice’s baby kicks for the first time.moreless
  • Episode 247
    Episode 247
    Episode 64
    Lisa sees Wheels and Sheridan together at the pub, she drunkenly lashes out at Sheridan and Michael has to take her home. Michael asks Bob for advice on Lisa, Bob tells her not to do what he did to Elly – if he loves Lisa then he has to fight for her. CJ takes control of Kon-X-Ion and together with Joey they start working on a music video, during which Toni and Joey share a kiss. George celebrates his 55th birthday at the pub, he tells Martha he is starting to feel old. Lisa tells Michael that she still loves Wheels. He asks her to choose between them. Claire wants to introduce Virginia to her karate teacher. Lisa goes to Wheels place and tells him to make love to her.moreless
  • Episode 246
    Episode 246
    Episode 63
    Queenie is taken to hospital. Claire finds out that Rosie isn’t really dead; she and Queenie had a row that has stopped them from talking. Claire asks Virginia to help her find Rosie but Virginia refuses. Claire tells her they should reunite them as they know what it’s like to be separated from those they love. They track down Rosie and she and Queenie are reunited. Toni and CJ take their demo tape to Joey. He gives it a revamp and turns their song into a pop track. Alice tells Wheels he has to tell Lisa it is over between them before she ruins her marriage. Wheels does so causing Lisa to turn to the bottle. When Michael returns home and finds Lisa upset over losing Wheels he walks out on her.moreless
  • Episode 245
    Episode 245
    Episode 62
    Sheridan arrives back in Westside and takes an immediate liking to Wheels. However keen to not let him know who she is she tells him her name is Debbie. She tells Wheels she works for a woman called Sheridan Sturgess and could get him a job. Wheels is keen until he finds out who she really is. Toni’s band Kon-X-Ion does a gig at the pub. Claire meets Queenie, and old lady who is unwell. Queenie tells Claire that he daughter Rosie died a long time ago. Lisa tells Alice she is still in love with Wheels.moreless
  • Episode 244
    Episode 244
    Episode 61
    Joey begins to give Toni guitar lessons and she is in awe of his talent. Claire moves back into her old house. Max and Nikki officially become an item much to the surprise of George, who thinks Nikki must be on drugs! Lisa and Wheels finally talk and she admits she is still in love with him. They decide the only way around the situation is to stop seeing each other. Joey smashes Toni guitar but later apologises.moreless
  • Episode 243
    Episode 243
    Episode 60
    Virginia returns home from New York. Toni and Joey are having trouble getting on. Alice receives a letter from Adam. Michael takes Lisa and Wheels out to dinner, but Lisa tells Wheels to go. Elly’s Dad arrives to collect Claire, Virginia says Claire can stay with her – that way she is still in Westside but not staying with Bob. Max and Nikki share a kiss.moreless
  • Episode 241
    Episode 241
    Episode 59
    George suggests to Alice that she should have an abortion. Claire and Zac start cleaning dogs to get some money. Toni gets Joey a job at the pub and tries to change his appearance. Lisa tells Michael she wants a baby.
  • Episode 242
    Episode 242
    Episode 58
    Virginia returns home from New York. Toni and Joey are having trouble getting on. Alice receives a letter from Adam. Michael takes Lisa and Wheels out to dinner, but Lisa tells Wheels to go. Elly’s Dad arrives to collect Claire, Virginia says Claire can stay with her – that way she is still in Westside but not staying with Bob. Max and Nikki share a kiss.moreless
  • Episode 240
    Episode 240
    Episode 56
    Toni tries to do a story on Joey for the 5.30 report. Lisa and Michael return from their short weekend break and are overjoyed when Alice tells them she’s pregnant. Claire runs away and leaves Bob a note saying that she feels no-one wants her. Bob finds her and he promises he will try and sort something out for her. Toni and Joey begin to bond. Alice tells George she is pregnant.moreless
  • Episode 239
    Episode 239
    Episode 55
    New policewoman Ruth arrives in Westside and makes a bad impression when she gives Toni a ticket and manages to smash Wheels bike light. Ruth later arrests Wheels but faces opposition from all of Westside and George,, when he tells her to quit being nasty for no reason. Wheel’s friend Joey Valentine shows up in Westside. He is an old school friend and uses his guitar as a form of communication as he stopped speaking when he was 15. Claire begins her plan to stay in Westside on a permanent basis and asks Bob to phone Elly to see is she can stay. Alice tells Martha she is pregnant, Martha fears for Georges reaction!moreless
  • Episode 238
    Episode 238
    Episode 54
    It’s the day of Lisa and Michael’s wedding. Lisa leaves the flat early and goes to find Wheels. They return to the site of their squat but all that remains is the bath tub. They discuss old times and Lisa tells Wheels what happened to Sonny. Lisa tells Wheels that she has always been in love with him and they share a kiss. Claire asks Bob if he still loves Elly. He tells he does and she says it’s almost like it was before she and Elly left Westside. Alice takes a pregnancy test and has a smile on her face as she reads the result. Max and Nikki go to the wedding together, whilst CJ and Mary struggle to remove the local rugby team from the pub in time for the reception. As everyone gathers at the church, Alice arrives ad tells George that Lisa is missing. She figures she’s with Wheels but doesn’t tell Michael. After waiting for a long time Michael stand at the altar and tells everyone that Lisa is not coming to the wedding, at which point Wheels enters the church on his motorbike with Lisa on the bike dressed in her wedding own. She meets Michael at the altar and tells him she’s sorry, she just needed to talk. Michele takes her hand and the two are married whilst Wheels watches from a distance. Back at the reception Alice reveals to Toni that she’s pregnant whilst Claire tells Wheels he should stay in E Street. After the wedding speeches Lisa and Michael share their first dance as man and wife. Lisa catches Wheels eyes and says ‘Thank You’.moreless
  • Episode 237
    Episode 237
    Episode 53
    Toni and Alice set to work on turning Lisa into a beautiful bride. Disaster strikes when the highlights they use on her hair turn it purple, and the bleach they use to remove the purple leave Lisa with a blotchy red rash! Lisa is distraught and tells Toni and Alice that the wedding is off! Claire arrives at the rectory and surprises Bob and Martha. They are thrilled to see her and she tells them that her grandparents said she could come to Westside for a holiday. However Bob and Martha are not convinced that they would let her travel alone and they call Elly’s parents. They reveal that Claire ran away and they have been frantic with worry, however they agree that Claire can stay with Bob for two weeks. Bob tells Martha he is happy to have Claire home but wishes Elly were her e too. Max manages to lose the wedding cake and he Nikki, Zac and CJ set about making a new one – with disastrous results. As Lisa’s hair and face begin to heal she feels happier about the wedding. She then answers the door to find Wheels on the doorstep. They talk and he is surprised to hear she is getting married. She tells him he really hurt her when he left and says they can’t go back to where they were. Michael later finds out that Wheels is back in town and is keen to know why his arrival has had such an effect on Lisa.moreless
  • Episode 235
    Episode 235
    Episode 51
    Alice starts work on Lisa’s wedding dress. However when her creations are a little too wacky for Lisa; she presents Lisa with the dress she really wanted from the bridal shop. Jack tells Bob not to give up hope for Harley. Bob breaks the news to Toni who visits Harley and talks to him, as he lies asleep. Max anxiously awaits his test results, he should know in 24 hours whether or not he has HIV. Claire gets off a bus in the country. She has run away from her grandparents and is on her way back to Westside! Whilst queuing for the next bus a man approaches her on a bike - none other than Wheels! Virginia tells Bob there is little chance of Harley recovering and advises him too turn off Harley’s life support machine. Bob decides the decision should lie in God’s hand and says his goodbyes to Harley. As he switches off the machine – the monitor buzzes and Virginia announces that Harley is breathing for himself.moreless
  • Episode 234
    Episode 234
    Episode 50
    Harley is rushed to hospital as Fiona is arrested. Bob and Sheridan are informed of the news and Sheridan tells Bob it’s his fault for being such a terrible Dad. Max tells his father he may have HIV. Toni and Nikki continue their search for the needle. They eventually find it and the tests on the needle begin. Lisa and Michael discover each other has booked a honeymoon. They struggle to decide whether they should take Michael’s camping trip or Lisa’s exotic hideaway. Harley’s chances of survival look slim as he lies in a coma and Bob must start thinking about Harley’s future and whether he has one. As Bob returns to the hospital he finds Sheridan at Harley’s side.moreless
  • Episode 233
    Episode 233
    Episode 49
    Toni’s day at work doesn’t go according to plan when she happens to wear the same outfit as Sheridan. The needle ends up in a bin, Martha misses it as she strolls past. Harley tries to quit his cocaine habit but fails miserably when Fiona again seduces him. They make their way to Harley’s room at the rectory where they indulge in the drug. Bob walks in and finds them taking the drug and can only watch as Harley walks out in a daze. Max continues to be failed by his father and has to break up a fight between his Dad and another man. Nikki tells Toni about Max’s problem and swears her to secrecy. They decide to keep looking for the needle but have no luck. Lisa and Michael both book honeymoons but they fail to inform each other and only tell Alice. Harley and Fiona drive to pick up Fiona’s friend Nadia – they continue to take cocaine until Harley passes out. He has a mini seizure and collapses, leading Fiona to believe he is dead.moreless
  • Episode 232
    Episode 232
    Episode 48
    With the wedding 3 weeks; Lisa and Alice make a start on the wedding plans, until Adam arrives and announces he is leaving his wife for Alice. Alice spends time with Oscar and Charlotte; Adam’s children but Oscar doesn’t take too kindly to his father having a girlfriend. Alice realises she can never fully be a part of Adam’s life and tells him she won’t be joining him in New York. Max spends more time with his father. Nikki and CJ do their best to help save Patchetts from being knocked down. But it’s Mary who comes to the rescue when she stops the auction under instruction from Ernie!!moreless
  • Episode 231
    Episode 231
    Episode 47
    Lisa and Michael arrive at the party and announce their engagement. Max leaves the party early and tells George he feels alone. George tells him that although he doesn’t blood relatives here, he and Martha are his family in Westside. Mary tells Sheridan that if she knocks down the pub then she will be even more unpopular than she already is. Virginia receives a letter from Claire. She asks her to send ‘all her love to Reverend Bob’. Virginia passes on Claire’s wishes and Bob tells her that he has been praying for Elly’s safety in Bangladesh. Alice leaves Adam after she sees him with Sonja and the children. Michael presents Lisa with a ring to make their engagement official. Max and Nikki visit Max’s Dad. Is not a happy reunion as it is clear Max’s Dad is still the thug he used to be.moreless
  • Episode 230
    Episode 230
    Episode 46
    Nikki spends time with Max. They talk about life and death and she tells him he should follow his dreams as you never know what’s around the corner. Virginia tells George they have to find the syringe that Laurel stabbed Max with fast – in order to help tests. Martha joins in the search and she and George do a door to door search in Westside. One man won’t allow them to check his garden and as they leave we see the needle is buried in his garden. Adam asks Alice to join him in New York and she says yes. They hold a special party which is ruined when Sonia, Adam’s wife arrives. Lisa, Michael and Toni find Debbie, a woman who claims Sheridan has blackmailed the local Mayor to gain ownership of the pub’s land. Debbie, the mayors secretary tells her story live on air until Sheridan and the Mayor appear throwing her off the scent. Lisa tackles Debbie on air when she begins to change her story but they fail and Sheridan takes over by interviewing the Mayor. Lisa is impressed by Michael’s integrity and asks him to marry her.moreless
  • Episode 229
    Episode 229
    Episode 45

    Mary tells Alice that Adam plans to take his play to New York. Alice is devastated, as Adam hasn't told her. Max begins to take control of his life, not allowing himself to be taken for granted or bossed around. He asks George if he should resign from the police force, George says no as there is no proof that he even has AIDS yet. The Homeboys win a match; Sheridan celebrates, making it clear that she does enjoy coaching the team. Virginia tells Bob she has had a phone call from Elly. She and David are going to work in Bangladesh whilst Claire is to stay with Elly's parents. Virginia tells Bob it's time to face the facts; Elly isn't coming home. Nikki finds out about Max's health scare and she tells him she will be there for him if he needs her. Lisa, Toni and Michael go on strike when Sheridan won't allow them to do a story on Patchetts Pacific. She plans to turn Patchetts Pacific into a business complex and shopping centre. Alice provides Adam with an ultimatum – her or New York.

  • Episode 228
    Episode 228
    Episode 44
    Max undergoes various tests to see if he has contracted the HIV virus. He is afraid and takes time off work. Alice and Adam get ready to perform their play. Hover Adam changes the ending without telling Alice. Lisa tells Sheridan she is wrong to sell the pub as it holds so much E Street history. Nikki and Zac are fearful that the missing money will land them in danger. They then encounter the Fisher brothers who hold them for a while claiming to know about the missing money. Toni takes $200 from the 5:30 report and gives it to Harley. She later tells Michael what she’s done. Whilst out on the streets Bob and George find Laurel dead. Virginia continues to perform tests on Max whilst he prays to God and tells him he does not want to die.moreless
  • Episode 227
    Episode 227
    Episode 43
    Norman appears to be fine but the hunt is on for the missing money. Toni gets a job as a junior on the 5:30 report, working alongside Lisa and Michael. Adam wants to sell the play he has been writing. Max befriends Laurel; a girl from the streets. She later sees Virginia at the surgery and confesses she has s drug problem. George warns Max to be careful of Laurel and not to trust her. Sheridan makes a shock announcement; she has brought the pub and plans to demolish it. She leaves the residents in shock, as they can’t believe Ernie has decided to sell. Max finds Laurel about to inject herself, he tries to intervene but Laurel stabs him with the needle. Virginia is called to the scene and reveals that Laurel is HIV positive.moreless
  • Episode 226
    Episode 226
    Episode 42
    In an attempt to get Harley on the straight and narrow Sheridan gives him his cameraman job back. But before long Harley and Michael are fighting and Harley tells him to stick the job. Sheridan later sacks Fiona, leaving Harley and Fiona seek solace in each other and cocaine. Alice and Adam attempt to commit to each other but it seems Adam isn’t as keen as Alice is. Toni, Nikki and Zac try to recover some of the money. They make a phone call and decide to give all the money they have back to Norman. After they have handed back the money they witness a fast car push Norman from the passenger seat.moreless
  • Episode 225
    Episode 225
    Episode 41
    It’s the day of The Homeboys first basketball match. Sheridan is reluctantly there as coach still serving her community service. The Homeboys score a win but Sheridan insists they train even more. Toni and Nikki are furious when Zac tells them he has spent all the money. They face more trouble when the briefcase owner Norman arrives looking for his cash. Alice cools down her relationship with Adam but tells Lisa she is in love with him. Virginia tries to talk to Harley about quitting drugs, but he tells her she is not part of his life and tells her to leave him alone. Bob becomes the target for Harley’s anger when Harley becomes convinced that there is something going on with Bob and Sheridan.moreless
  • Episode 224
    Episode 224
    Episode 40
    Bob tells Virginia that Harley has started to use drugs. Toni and Nikki spend the day spending the money! They indulge in expensive clothes and beauty treatments! Meanwhile Zac steals the briefcase containing the rest pf the money. Adam’s wife Sonja tells Alice she should finish her relationship with Adam. Mary starts to annoy Max and CJ and eventually introduces herself as Mary Patchett; Ernie’s cousin and new manager of Patchetts Pacific! The snake in Mary’s bag is killed before it can do any harm. Bob finds cocaine in Harley’s room and flushes it away. Harley joins Sheridan on a business lunch a blows a really big deal for her. She is angry with him and he tries to turn her anger into lust by coming on heavy with her.moreless
  • Episode 223
    Episode 223
    Episode 39
    Max and CJ pick up a new tour group; a bunch of Japanese businessmen and a loud lady called Mary. Whilst they are touring around Westside a snake makes its way into Mary’s bag. She late confesses that she is a relative of Ernie’s. Alice refuses to talk to Adam. Nikki tells Toni about the money in the briefcase. Bob lends Harley some money; Harley also gets money from Sheridan and uses it to buy drugs from Fiona. Sheridan witnesses Harley using more drugs and tells him to stop taking them. He ignores her and Sheridan goes to Bob and tells him that Harley has started taking drugs. Bob is devastated but goes to Harley and tells him he will always be here for him.moreless
  • Episode 222
    Episode 222
    Episode 38
    Adam tells Alice he has separated from his wife and says his marriage is over. Alice allows him to stay the night at the flat. Martha invites Toni and Virginia to Zac’s birthday party. Virginia turns down the invite and takes refuge at the surgery, taking out a photo of her son and placing it on the desk. Sheridan gives Harley a job working directly for her. He manes to score her a top deal but she is concerned the drugs are taking over his life. The pub tourists get rowdy and CJ loses a lot of money by throwing them all out. Meanwhile Nikki is spending like a millionaire and lends out money to Toni and Zac as well as paying George and Martha for the phone bill. Alice and Adam enjoy a dance together in the pub until Adam’s wife arrives.moreless
  • Episode 221
    Episode 221
    Episode 37
    Lisa tells Alice that Adam has a wife and children. Alice doesn’t believe her and tells her to mind her own business. Alice confides in Martha and says she can’t believe Adam would hide something like that from her. The pub is quiet after Vi’s departure. Fiona has Harley hooked on drugs and is openly feeding him cocaine. He asks Sheridan to join them but she refuses and tells Harley to watch his back. Nikki hits financial crisis when Martha and George asks he to pay part of a huge phone bill. Her luck comes in when she, Toni, Max and CJ take in a bunch of tourists at the pub in order to boost business. Nikki is left with a man’s briefcase that contains wads of cash. Alice asks Adam if the rumours are true. She asks him if he is married and to her horror he admits that he is.moreless
  • Episode 220
    Episode 220
    Episode 36
    Lisa talks to Toni about Alice and Adam. Toni thinks it’s best not to say anything as it may turn Alice against them. Lisa later tells Adam either he tells Alice about his hidden family or she will. Harley is struggling to deal with losing his job and asks Lisa for help. She does her best but Michael refuses to take Harley back on the payroll. Meanwhile Fiona starts work as Michael’s new secretary, she also does her own bit of digging as far as Alice and Adam are concerned. Sheridan notices Fiona is attracted to Harley and tells him she can have him, as she doesn’t want him. Fiona and her friend Tracey set out to seduce Harley on a night full of sex and drugs. Toni is confused about her feelings for Harley, Max and CJ and admits she feels lonely since Elly’s departure. She later tells CJ that she would like them to just be friends as she is not ready for another relationship right now. Johnny once again asks Vi to marry him and this time she says yes! His offer includes leaving Westside to join him on a cruise and despite being sad about leaving she tells Max that Patchetts will be left in the family. The residents of E Street once again gather to wave farewell to another loved one and wish Auntie Vi love and luck as she departs for her new life.moreless
  • Episode 219
    Episode 219
    Episode 35
    Lisa is jealous when Michael starts interviewing sexy women to be his secretary. He notices her envy and they decide to give their relationship another go. Bob tells Harley he is disappointed in him for not attempting to help the women who jumped off the building. Harley says he was just doing his job, and is surprised to turn up at WTV8 only to be sacked by Michael. He asks Sheridan for help but she tells him she doesn’t care – Michael is in charge if hiring and firing. Vi confides in Alice and tells her she can’t bare the thought of Patchetts Pacific being sold, as it holds so many memories. Bob talks to her and tells her he feels the same – Patchetts holds memories of E Street – not just the Patchetts. Vi tells him if the pub is sold then she will leave Westside. Johnny Little returns and tries to cheer Vi up, however when he proposes to her she says no. Harley turns to drink and begins to hassle Toni in the pub. When CJ witnesses what is going on he punches Harley, causing Toni to question his feelings for her. Adam tells Alice he wants to be with her and make love to her. Lisa later finds a picture amongst Adam’s belongings. The picture shows Adam with a lady and two children, however when Alice and Adam return to the flat Lisa hides the picture.moreless
  • Episode 218
    Episode 218
    Episode 34
    Lisa gets worried when Alice doesn’t return from her date with Adam. George happens to visit the flat and finds Lisa frantic. As they wonder where Alice is, Alice arrives home and explains that she is not a child anymore. Alice later visits Virginia for contraception and she prepares to sleep with Adam for the first time. Toni and Nikki can’t decide on which direction will lead the Homeboys back to Westside. They decide to split up – Nikki heading off with the Homeboys, Max and Zac – whilst CJ stays with Toni. Nikki and the gang find their way back to Sheridan but she insists that they must return to the forest and get Toni and CJ. They eventually find them and Bob helps Virginia move her stuff into Elly’s house. She asks him if he still loves Elly. Bob says he does but has no right to interrupt she and Claire’s life again. He says he screwed up his chance to be with Elly and has to live with that. Lisa and Michael start work together on the 5:30 show. However they remain strictly friends and nothing more. Harley is out researching when he finds a woman on top of a building – she is about to jump. Instead of coaxing her down Harley films her. George and Virginia are called to the scene and try to talk the woman out of jumping, but they fail to get through to her and she jumps. Lisa and Michael tells Harley he was wrong to film someone jumping to their death. Vi receives a letter from Ernie. He tells her he is not coming back to Westside and wants to sell the pub. Alice tells Martha she wants to sleep with Adam. However when she and Adam are alone together Alice backs out and runs home.moreless
  • Episode 217
    Episode 217
    Episode 33
    Harley tells Bob he has to get on with his life. Bob tells him he has no life now he has lost the church and Elly, so Harley calls Jack. Jack tells Bob that the parishioners miss him. He also tells him that the bishop is visiting later today and maybe it’s not too late for Bob to regain his parish. Jack catches Bob looking at a photo of Elly and Claire and asks Bob if he has spoken to her. Bob says he wouldn’t know what to say to her. He later picks up the phone and dials Elly’s new number, but he hangs up before anyone cam answer. Sheridan takes The Homeboys, Toni and Nikki on a trip to the forest. She leaves them stranded in order to force team bonding. Toni and Nikki take charge and organise the Homeboys; including Max and CJ, into groups so that they can make adequate sleeping arrangements. Michael tells Harley he is in charge of WTV8 now and warns him to play by the rules or lose his job. Bob packs a bag, takes his photo of Elly and Claire and heads off on his bike. He speeds down country roads until he reaches his and Elly’s holiday destination. He settles the bike and takes a moment to remember he and Elly before heading back to Westside. He sees the bishop and tells him he wants his job back. The bishop says he has to win back the respect of his parishioners. Bob gathers his friends and parishioners in the church and explains to them what has been happening to him recently and why he has made the decisions he has made. He asks them if they will allow him to be their minister again. Vi stands up and applauds Bob, one by one everyone else joins in.moreless
  • Episode 216
    Episode 216
    Episode 32
    Bob is released from prison and his friends celebrate his innocence. Sheridan is keen to talk her way out of community service and offers to make a donation to the church. However Bob already has her punishment in mind and makes her the new coach of the Westside Homeboys basketball team! Sheridan is not happy but tried top make the best of the situation by filming training practice. George bans her from doing so and says she must do things by the book. Bob and Virginia argue over the custody of Dylan. Bob wants Dylan to stay with him but Virginia feels Dylan should move on and go to a new home and environment. Toni and Nikki agree to dates with two guys; Matt and Brad. Max and CJ hear the guys talking about Toni and Nikki in a negative light and they tell the girls they should stay away from them. However Toni and Nikki don’t appreciate their interference. The issue of Dylan is resolved and everyone decides it is best if he leaves. Bob finds it hard to break the news to him and ends up lashing out at Dylan and telling him he ruined his life. Bob later tells Virginia that his life is empty now that he’s left the church and Elly and Claire have gone. He tells her he also feels he has lost Harley. Zac is determined to be part of the Homeboys squad so Sheridan gives him a job as assistant coach – if only to do her running around for her. Alice learns Adam is a successfully published writer and when Alice falls into his arms they share a kiss.moreless
  • Episode 215
    Episode 215
    Episode 31
    George and Michael visit Bob’s lawyer Howard; and show him the video footage of the reconstruction, however Howard says its won’t work. Virginia visit Bob and tells him how many people he has let down. She asks him what he has achieved from driving everyone away, Bob remains silent. As she leaves him Bob looks out of his cell and starts to cry. Toni and Nikki go to us house and try to find some evidence. They find pictures drawn by Dylan and one shows Bob and Gus fighting as Dylan holds the axe. They take the pictures to Virginia who shows Howard. Alice writes a story that highly embarrasses Adam. However it makes them see each other in a new light and it is clear that Alice likes Adam – a lot. The Westside Homeboys start training for the new basketball season. Bob’s case is called and Dylan testifies as everyone gathers to hear. With the helps of diagram and actions; Dylan tells the truth and Bob is found innocent. As everyone celebrates Harley stands by feeling left out of his father’s life. Meanwhile Martha is sure that Bob’s release will signal Ely’s return. Sheridan also gets tried for her contempt of court allegation. She is sentenced to community service under the supervision of Bob!moreless
  • Episode 214
    Episode 214
    Episode 30
    Michael takes Dylan with him to see Lisa. However when they begin to argue Dylan reaches for a fork and stabs Lisa’s hand. Lisa is shocked and hurt when Michael stands by Dylan whilst Virginia gives her a tetanus jab. Toni and Nikki pay a visit to Max and CJ at the police station to give them a lecture on the rules on dating! Sheridan watched the commotion from her cell and gives the guys some tips on how to treat woman of the 90’s! Alice has another disastrous class with Adam; she refuses to stand by and be treated badly by him and ends up giving him a piece of her mind. She later tells Auntie Vi how humiliated she felt when Adam seemed to be insulting her in front of the class. Martha has concerns for Bob and asks George how he is doing, George tells her Bob is not good and is likely to have to face a court case. Sheridan gets bail and prepares to leave the station, George tells her if she says one more word in contempt of court he’ll lock her up and throw away the key. Lisa, Harley, Michael, Virginia and Sheridan rally round and get Dylan to take part in a reconstruction of what happened between Bob and Gus. Their plan works and as Harley and Michael play Bob and us, Dylan picks up the axe in order to recreate the scene. Michael says he knew Dylan was guilty as he watched him attack Lisa and he knew that he went for Elly, in order to protect himself and Bob. However George is sure that it won’t be enough to prove Bob’s innocence.moreless
  • Episode 213
    Episode 213
    Episode 29
    Sheridan sets up her office from inside the police station. Managing to fill it with flowers, notebooks and her mobile phone! Toni and Nikki decide that it’s Max they are interested in – not CJ, and they radically change their images in order to win him over. Toni takes on Nikki’s rock and roll persona whilst Nikki adopts Toni’s good girl image! This causes great confusion to the locals, not to mention Max! Max books a date with both of them, but when he gets his wires crossed and double books he is left without Toni or Nikki who decide to stick together! Michael visits Bob and tries to encourage him to fight in order to release himself from jail. However Bob is withdrawn and says that after losing Elly, the church and Harley he can’t see the point in fighting. Michael reminds him that everything he’s lost has been his own choice. Alice has her first creative writing class, but it is a disaster as teacher Adam arrives drunk and is insulting to his pupils. Michael and Virginia take Dylan to the Zoo and are alarmed when he compares one of the wild bears to Bob. They later take Dylan to visit Bob and are equally amazed when he cowers from Bob and doesn’t want to see him. Lisa tries to talk some sense into Harley and tells him that Bob needs him. Harley tells her Bob has lost him and Elly all because of Dylan and finds it hard to see how Bob can care for him. Michael and Virginia watch the 5.30 report from Elly’s house and are surprised when they see Lisa hosting the show in Sheridan’s absence.moreless
  • Episode 212
    Episode 212
    Episode 28
    Zac escapes with just a minor head injury thanks to Dylan’s alert for help. Toni and Nikki argue over who should date Max and who should date CJ – meanwhile Max and CJ argue which of the girls is right for them! Sheridan tells Harley that if he really cares for Bob then he should stop working for her, he hesitates before deciding to stay at WTV8. However Lisa can’t hide her feelings and tells Sheridan that not only has she contributed to Elly’s departure but she is also damning Bob’s court case by airing misleading footage of him. Alice is disheartened when she finds that a creative writing course she is taking is being taught by Adam, a man who is often propping up the bar in Patchetts. Virginia finds out she has a secret admirer – local flasher Willie! After Sheridan airs more or the Bob Brown story, George arrives at WTV8 and arrests her for contempt of court.moreless
  • Episode 211
    Episode 211
    Episode 27
    Harley visits Bob and tells him he can’t believe that he let Elly go. He asks him why, after he fought so long for her, did he let her leave. Bob tells Harley he didn’t want things to turn out like this and says that he’s still in love with Elly. Sheridan presses ahead with her false report on Bob whilst Michael hires a crew that will tell the truth. Sick of her interference in Bob’s case, George warns Sheridan that she is not to air any more evidence that could tarnish Bob’s character. Harley begins to have his doubts over Sheridan and when he sides with George she tells him that he should watch his step or she will fire him. Failing to find a buyer for her story, Sheridan edits the Bob coverage she already has and goes to air with a false story on Bob. Lisa and Harley stand by amazed and upset that their names are involved with ruining Bob. Dylan is staying with Virginia at the surgery and begins to make good progress as he interacts with Zac and some of Zac’s friends. However they run into trouble when Zac is injured after trying to stop Dylan from chasing a dog. Meanwhile Nikki goes on a date with Max, leaving Toni with CJ.moreless
  • Episode 210
    Episode 210
    Episode 26
    Westside picks up the pieces after Elly’s sudden departure. Virginia moves into Elly’s flat and takes over the surgery – infuriating Toni who is adamant that Elly and Claire will be back in a few weeks. Alice arrives at the WTV8 studios and tells Sheridan that she has ruined the lives of Elly, Bob, Claire, Lisa and Michael. But Sheridan shows no remorse and is still running footage of Bob on her show. She later goes to Lisa and offers her a job at WTV8 working as a reporter. Martha and Max rally around Toni and she begins to face the loss of another family. Max promises her he will always be there for her. Meanwhile Martha is dealing with her own sadness and confides in George that she will really miss Elly. Michael visits a friend who works for a rival station, he offers to air Bob’s side of the story. Michael visits Bob in jail and tells him his story doesn’t have to go through WTV8. Bob agrees and Michael goes to Sheridan and offers to sell Bob’s story to her but she refuses it and tells him she has her own reporter in Lisa – who has accepted her offer of a job. Michael is shocked.moreless
  • Episode 208
    Episode 208
    Episode 24
    Michael proposes to Lisa. Harley and Sheridan learn of Bob’s arrest and head to Elly’s house. Harley breaks the news to Elly and she and Virginia head to the police station. When they arrive Dylan is in Bobs arms, as Bob remains silent. Virginia takes Dylan home whilst Elly pleads with Bob to tell her what happened. As Bob is taken to the cell, George leaves he and Elly alone for a while. She quickly realises that Bob is covering for Dylan and asks him why. Bob remains silent as Elly tells him she loves him and asks him to tell the truth. George tells her she has to leave and she returns home. Elly tells David that Bob did not kill Gus and they both tell Claire what has happened. Virginia takes Dylan to see Bob. She tells him they all know he is covering for Dylan and asks him to tell the truth for Ellys sake. He tells her that Elly will survive without him but Dylan won’t. He says he doesn’t know why is he doing this but he knows he has to. Virginia is ashamed and takes Dylan back to the rectory. She finds Elly alone in the church crying, she tells her she must go and speak to Bob. Elly visits Bob and asks him what is going to happen to them. He tells her he will go to jail and tells her that it all makes sense – the reason he was saved from Sonny was to help Dylan. Elly tells him the reason he was saved from Sonny was so they could both share some happiness. Sheridan airs the tape she has of Bob chucking she and Harley out of the rectory. She seems determined to blacken Bob’s reputation and vows to do a story on ‘The real Bob Brown’. Max tells Harley he should be ashamed of himself for standing by and letting Sheridan ruin his father. Harley visits Bob and tells him that he has to tell the truth as Sheridan is out to ruin him – Bob tells Harley he doesn’t want to know him anymore. Elly and David wait outside the police station and watch as Bob is taken away to remand – Bob simply looks at Elly and says nothing.moreless
  • Episode 207
    Episode 207
    Episode 23
    Toni and Max appear to have feelings for each other but keep them to themselves. Lisa and Michael resign from WTV8 when Sheridan takes over their show. Bob apologises to Elly for neglecting her. They resolve to concentrate on making plans for their impending wedding. Martha gathers everyone at Patchetts and before long plans for Elly and Bob’s big day are taking shape. Bob visits Gus and asks to see Dylan, when Gus won’t allow him to Bob begins to pick a fight with him. Max arrives and intervenes leading George to provide Bob with a restraining order, which means he can’t go near Gus. David tells Virginia he will accept her offer and work in her Melbourne practice whilst she takes an extended break in Westside. Harley tries to make amends with Bob but Bob says he can’t forgive him for the way he exploited Dylan and is not impressed by his recent behaviour. Bob returns to Gus’ house and finds Dylan in the cellar. He takes Dylan back to the rectory and is soon followed by Gus,. Gus is furious and wants Dylan back. A fight ensues and Gus pushes Bob to the floor and reaches for a near by axe. As Bob fights back Gus drops the axe and battles to hold Bob to the ground. Dylan approaches them both and picks up the axe – he hits Gus with it. Gus falls to the floor and it is soon clear the Dylan has killed him. George and Max soon arrive and Bob tells George that he killed Gus – George doesn’t believe him but arrests him and tells Max that Bob could be charged with murder. Meanwhile Elly and Bob’s pre-wedding party is in full swing with bride ecstatic and friends and family sharing the enjoyment.moreless
  • Episode 206
    Episode 206
    Episode 22
    David tells Claire he is leaving Westside. Vi is pleased when she receives a letter from Ernie – he is staying with his cousin Mary in England and Rachel is well. Toni and Nikki continue to be at loggerheads over CJ. Determined to make a point Toni later goes out with Max and they share a kiss. Dylan begins to adjust to the open world when Bob and Virginia take him to the beach for the day. However back in Westside Elly tells Martha she senses she is losing Bob and doesn’t know what to do about it. Martha assures her that this is just Bob’s way of adjusting to life after the church. Sheridan helps Gus to present himself well enough for the courts. He pleads not guilty to charges of neglect and is found innocent. Gus goes to the rectory with Harley and Sheridan in tow and demands to take Dylan home. Bob won’t allow him to and chucks Harley and Sheridan out of the rectory – throwing Harley’s camera to the ground. George later visits Bob and tells him he has to hand Dylan over as Gus has been found innocent of neglect. Elly visits Bob and he tells her it is unfair that Dylan had to leave and despite his promises Gus returns to his old ways and once more locks Dylan in the cellar.moreless
  • Episode 205
    Episode 205
    Episode 21
    George tells Bob that Gus is being released from hospital, however Bob may still keep Dylan. Elly visits Bob and tries to talk to him. During their conversation Dylan appears behind Bob and almost attacks him with a pair of scissors. Elly shouts at Bob to get out the way but Bob tells her to leave. Elly decides the best thing to do is to call social services but Virginia tells her to wait as she is not thinking of Dylan and only about how this is affecting she and Bob. David tells Virginia he is thinking of leaving Westside. Sheridan wants Gus to give her an interview – he tells he will on the condition that she finds Dylan for him. Sheridan says she will and conducts an interview with Gus and Wilma, during which Sheridan reveals that Wilma is pregnant. Gus is furious and kicks Wilma to the ground. She is taken to the surgery where Elly and Virginia tell her she has lost the baby. David tells Elly and Claire that he is leaving Westside to take over Virginia’s practice in Melbourne. Toni and Nikki fall out after Nikki feels that Toni is making a play for CJ. Gus arrives at the rectory and tells Bob that he will get Dylan back one way or the other.moreless
  • Episode 204
    Episode 204
    Episode 20
    Bob calls Elly to the scene but Dylan won’t allow anyone near him. Bob eventually coaxes Dylan to come to him and they take him back to Elly’s house. Despite the police being called and involved, it’s clear that Bob is already attached to Dylan and he refuses to let anyone else see him or examine him. Elly manages to have a quiet moment with Bob but they are interrupted when Lisa, Michael and Harley arrive with cameras to film Dylan for their show. Bob is furious and chucks them out of the rectory. Elly tries to give Dylan a bath but he gets aggravated and bites her – she is devastated when Bob tends to Dylan instead of her and takes himself and Dylan to the rectory. David tells Elly that Bob doesn’t care for her otherwise he wouldn’t be acting like this – Elly tells David it is none of his business. Sheridan provides Harley with a place to stay after Bob kicks him out for taking a photo of Dylan. Meanwhile Nikki finishes with CJ.moreless
  • Episode 203
    Episode 203
    Episode 19
    Elly’s friend Virginia Travis comes to stay in Westside. She went to medical school with Elly and David and she and her husband Rod have remained good friends with them. Virginia tells David that Rod has run off with their Son Danny and she doesn’t know where they are. David confides in her that he is finding it hard to deal with Elly being with Bob. Bob begins his search for a new job and quickly gets some work with Gus Molloy working as a mechanic. Alice helps CJ make a video to impress George. They gather statements from Westside folk stating CJ’s good points! Lisa, Michael begin work on their current affairs programme for WTV8. Gus’ wife Wilma visits Elly and tells her she is pregnant and would like a termination. Bob later witnesses Gus hit Wilma and breaks up their fight. Bob takes Gus to hospital after he injures his foot whilst working. When Bob returns to the work yard he hears calling from the cellar. When he investigates he finds a boy tied up to the wall by a metal chain – he has the appearance and disposition of a dog. Wilma tells Bob the boy is Gus’ Son Dylan.moreless
  • Episode 202
    Episode 202
    Episode 18
    Nikki and CJ attempt to make Max look bad so that George will begin to favour CJ over Max. They only succeed in getting Max sent to his room by Auntie Vi! Word spreads that Bob is leaving the church. David, Harley and Jack Waterford try to convince him that he is doing the wrong thing but he is determined to go through with his decision. Elly tells Martha she fears that Bob will end up resenting her for giving up something that he loves. Sheridan gives Lisa a job as a reporter for the new 5.30 report show. Michael tells her that he will be her boss! Harley and Sheridan have dinner at the rectory, it is cut short when Harley has to join Bob at the church – but none the less they share a kiss. Elly tells Bob she thinks he is doing the wrong thing and says they should cool things between them until people get used to them being a couple. Westside gathers to listen to Bobs final sermon and David takes Elly and Claire to hear what Bob has to say. Bob announces her is leaving the church to marry the woman he loves. Despite the initial apprehensions his friends support him and he hands Jimmy’s legacy onto Jack. Elly smiles as Bob delivers his reasons for leaving behind the church and moving onto a life with her.moreless
  • Episode 201
    Episode 201
    Episode 17
    Sheridan invites Lisa and Michael on a boat trip – they also ask Alice to join them. Harley is also there but after his night of passion with Sheridan he is confused as to whether he is there as PA or lover. Sheridan has also invited Fiona – Michael’s ex fiancé – in hope of coming between Lisa and Michael. Her plan begins to work when Fiona tells Lisa of she and Michael’s past, after Michael has told Lisa he and Fiona were just friends. The day results in Michael sleeping on the sofa! CJ continues his plea to get on the right side of George so he can take Nikki out on a date. However George would prefer Nikki went out with Max and he sets the two up on a date – only to be fooled when CJ joins Max and Nikki at their destination. Bishop Hardcourt arrives at Elly’s surgery and catches her in the middle of a water fight with Martha, Claire and Toni. Elly fails to make a good impression and becomes even more distressed when Bob invites the Bishop to join them for lunch. Bishop Hardcourt clearly doesn’t approve of Bob’s relationship with a divorcee and feels that as Elly has no ties to the church she won’t make a very good ‘vicars wife’. Bob doesn’t agree but Bishop Hardcourt makes it clear that Elly won’t be accepted. After Elly tells Bob she will change to fit into the role as ‘vicars wife’ he tells he is going to leave the church.moreless
  • Episode 200
    Episode 200
    Episode 16
    Ernie tells George that he feels there is nothing left in Westside for him anymore. George later finds a letter and hands it to Vi. She reads it out in front of George, Alice and Max and reveals that Ernie has left Westside to go to England and be with Rachel. His letter asks Max to look after Alice and Vi and tells everyone that he has to do this for him and Rachel. Vi is distraught. Sheridan offers Michael a job, but he says he will only accept it if she gives Lisa a job too. Lisa later loses her job as a ‘hamburger’ after she talks back to some of the customers. Alice tells Lisa she is not in love with Lisa and would never do that to her. Tim goes missing after CJ tells him he can’t see him anymore. Dan fights with CJ and assumes that he has something to do with Tim’s disappearance. When Tim is found locked in a cupboard Dan apologises but CJ decides to stay at the pub. Elly and Bob make plans for the wedding and he presents her with an engagement ring. They are still facing backlash from the church and decide to call in Jack Waterford to perform their wedding ceremony. However he tells the both they have to seek the Bishop’s approval before they marry. Harley is desperate for the cameraman job and tells Sheridan he can do it. She tells him if he wants the job then he has to undress.moreless
  • Episode 199
    Episode 199
    Episode 15
    Rachel has gone to stay with Megan’s parents overseas. Ernie and Vi are devastated but assure themselves it’s only for a short whiles. But despite positive attitude, Ernie feels that Rachel won’t come back to him. He admits defeat and starts clearing out her things. CJ and his sister Maureen’s son Tim play at wrestling. Tim hurts himself and Maureen’s husband Dan, tells CJ to leave the house – he doesn’t want him around anymore. CJ moves into the pub where Nikki and Zac help him settle in. Lisa gets a new job – promoting a fast food restaurant. The job involves her dressing up as a burger and she tells Alice that not only is this job bad but now she has to face the fact that Alice is in love with Michael. Elly accepts Bob’s proposal of marriage and Westside hold celebrations. Bob arrives late at the party to announce that the church is booked for 5 weeks time. Everyone congratulates the couple except David – who stands aside.moreless
  • Episode 198
    Episode 198
    Episode 14
    Paul has been shot, but it’s a superficial wound and he doesn’t require treatment. He is taken back to Westside lock up where George and David trey their best to get any charges against Paul dropped. David is adamant that Paul is mentally unwell and needs help from a hospital – not a jail. Before being taken away Paul tells George how sorry he is for everything and asks George ‘where did it all go wrong’. Lisa and Michael are sickened by Sheridan’s coverage of Paul’s breakdown. Lisa is especially upset that she is exploiting her friend in such a way. Bob is also none to pleased with Harley for filming Paul when he was on thee edge. Elly decides to front the hate campaign against her and turns up for Sunday service at Bob’s church. There are whispers and snide comments made by the parishioners as Elly does her best to fit in. Determined to get Paul’s story heard Max goes against George’s orders and appears on Sheridan’s show. But she twists his words holds the police to ransom for what happened to Paul. After a disastrous date with Johno, Alice stays the night at the pub but tells Lisa that she had a night full of passion. Lisa later finds out from Toni that Alice’s date did not go well and that she feels left out with Michael living in the flat. Lisa and Michael try to defuse the situation but Michael only succeeds in becoming the object of Alice’s crush. Elly admits to Bob that she is worried his parishioners will never accept her. He tells her he has a solution and asks her to marry him.moreless
  • Episode 197
    Episode 197
    Episode 13
    Paul breaks down in front of George and Max and says all he wanted to do was protect Toni. George takes the gun from Paul and once again they lock him in the cells. Unable to provide harsh treatment towards his friend; George takes Paul to his house where David gives Paul a sedative. But as there backs are turned Paul removes the sedative from his mouth and escapes from the window. David later tells George that Paul has been back to the house and taken his police uniform and gun. Elly stays the night at Bob’s place. As she leaves the next morning she is seen by Bob’s parishioners who once again voice their dislike for her. Toni returns home from hospital and finds it hard to not feel guilt for Paul’s behaviour. Alice gets a date with football player Johno. Sheridan is made to host a gardening programme, as she is live on air Paul bursts into the studios and starts a fight with Harley who is one the studio floor. Sheridan asks Paul if he’d like to talk about his problems and soon all of Westside watches as Paul goes live on air with Harley manning the camera. Paul talks about how nothing could stop what happened to Rhonda and Kim and how guilty he feels. Within time George and Max arrive and a chase follows. Paul and Max wrestle over the gun until a shot is fired…moreless
  • Episode 196
    Episode 196
    Episode 12
    Lisa and Michael begin their search for new jobs. Paul is released and heads to Patchetts where he takes Rachel from her pram. He arrives at the hospital to see Toni and has Rachel in his arms. He tells Toni Rachel is their baby and can make everything better. Toni is immediately alarmed and wants to call Ernie or Vi but Paul locks himself, Toni and Rachel in the hospital room. Ernie and Vi alert George and Max over Rachel’s disappearance – they soon find out that Paul was seen with Rachel. Max, who is already at the hospital talks Paul into letting him into the room. Paul demands his gun and Max hands it over – minus the bullets. Max talks Paul round and he breaks down, giving the gun back and letting Toni, Max and Rachel out. Elly and Bob head to the awards ceremony, full of nerves. They are not accepted as a couple and Elly is not favoured by Bob’s parishioners. He tells her it doesn’t matter as he loves her and that’s all that is important. Sheridan appears to be playing games with Harley; at times implying she would like a sexual relationship with him and at others parading her lovers in front of him. George and Max take Paul back to the police station. As Max prepares to lock Paul up, Paul pulls out a gun and turns it on them.moreless
  • Episode 195
    Episode 195
    Episode 11
    Toni is in hospital. She has lost the baby and due to a complication there is also a chance she may not be able to have children in the future. Paul visits Toni and when she tells him the baby was Harleys, he goes to the pub and starts a fight with Harley. Harley is heartbroken when he finds out through Paul that Toni is in hospital. After being pushed away by Toni, Harley goes to see Elly and pleads with her for answers. She tells him he has to give Toni time as she has been through a lot. Ernie and Vi give CJ a trial run at the pub. Sheridan corners Dick’s girlfriend Adele and tells her she knows she is having an affair. Adele is horrified when Sheridan says she will keep quiet on the condition that she gets WTV8. Meanwhile when Dick finds out Sir Angus has left Sheridan everything in the will, he tells Michael to contest it – Sir Angus only left everything to Sheridan as he thought Michael was lost at sea. Bob tells Elly he is receiving an award for his services to the community. She wants to join him at the ceremony but they are both apprehensive as to how they will be perceived as a couple. Sheridan pulls the wool over Dick and Adele’s eyes and buys their shares in WTV8 – she now owns the station. Paul continues to dislike CJ and tries to start a fight with him, George and Max intervene and place Paul in the cells. Harley visits Toni again. He says despite what has happened he still loves her. Toni tells him the relationship is over – she doesn’t love him anymore.moreless
  • Episode 194
    Episode 194
    Episode 10
    Elly tells Toni that will have to tell Daniel about the pregnancy. Toni says she can’t and admits to Bob that she wants an abortion. Toni tells Harley how she feels about the baby, but he says he loves her and will marry her. Toni tells him it wouldn’t be for the right reasons. David asks Elly to speak to Paul. She tries her hardest but Paul is adamant that he is fine and insists he doesn’t need help. Zac goes back to live with George and Martha leaving Nikki alone in the pub. She soon goes back to the house but tells George and Martha they must stop treating she and Zac like a charity case. Harley turns to drink and falls under Sheridan’s spell as she comes onto him. Vi tells Lisa that Alice is feeling left out since Michael moved in – Michael tries his best to solve the situation, but only succeeds in becoming the object of Alice’s crush. Whilst Elly and Bob are out, Daniel calls Toni – they argue on the phone causing Toni to get stressed. Claire witnesses as Toni collapses to the ground.moreless
  • Episode 193
    Episode 193
    Episode 9
    Elly and Bob return home to find Toni unwell. Bob leaves to go to the church and Toni tells Elly she is pregnant. She also tells her she and Harley have split up and that this time it is for good. Tired of having no independence, Nikki and Zac move into the pub. Sheridan demands that Dick pay back the money he owes or provides her with a 50% share in his television station WTV8. Michael moves into Lisa and Alice’s flat – unbeknown to Alice. She later finds out and pretends to be happy for Lisa – but secretly she feels left out. Toni tells Harley about the pregnancy and is surprised by his reaction. He is sure they can settle down and make things work where as Toni isn’t too sure. Paul looks at his collection of articles; they span from murder and rape victims to murderers and rapists. He goes out again and this time takes his gun. He sees Toni in the churchyard and comforts her when she gets upset about Harley.moreless
  • Episode 192
    Episode 192
    Episode 8
    Elly and Bob continue to enjoy their weekend away – reminiscing about how long it took them to become a couple. Harley starts work for Sheridan – he starts as her gardener but within hours becomes her personal chauffer. Paul takes an instant dislike to CJ when he hears from George that CJ has been spending time with Nikki. Paul also keeps a watchful eye on Toni – worried for her after her split with Harley. Paul later gets dressed in his police uniform and heads out on to the street. David sees him and is concerned about him. George grounds Nikki from seeing CJ and tries to push her closer to Max. Alice visits Toni and sees she’s not well. Alice convinces Toni to take a test and to Toni’s horror it’s positive.moreless
  • Episode 191
    Episode 191
    Episode 7
    Elly and Bob head off for their romantic holiday, whilst Claire stays with her grandparents. Harley asks Toni to join him at the pub but she says she can’t, as she doesn’t feel well. David is surprised when he receives a final reminder for his rent. He asks Paul if he paid the money in and Paul he insist he did. David later finds out that Paul hasn’t been working at the boat yard and has just been pretending to go to work. David tells him not to worry, as he will pay the rent. Martha and George ground Zac when they find the cigarettes and alcohol that Janine planted. Nikki and CJ are aware that Janine is behind the trick and plan to get her back. Sheridan fires the gardener so that Harley can have his job. Paul visits Toni and helps her with her maths work. They take a break and have fun dancing. Harley arrives and wonders why Toni can have fun with Paul but not him. They have a heated conversation and Toni reveals that she don’t want what Harley wants anymore. They decide to call it a day. Sir Angus has another heat attack and dies. Sheridan sheds few tears and continues her plans to take over the business. Elly and Bob arrive at their hotel and spend their first night together. Paul phones Toni in the middle of the night just to hear her voice – she has no idea he is on the other end of the phone.moreless
  • Sagittarius Rising
    Sagittarius Rising
    Episode 6
    Chris reveals that he doesn't know who killed the ducks but it wasn't him. He arrived shortly before the girls did .Eventually everyone believes him and after talking to Damien realise that he did it. Or at least paid for it to be done. Pete tells him to stick with the deal they need it. But Megan urges him to follow his heart and that to believe in fate as they'll be okay. (hehehe). Claire is disillusioned by it all angering Elly & Martha. The following day, Sonny & Alice prepare a surprise 20th bday party. Kim apologises to all and sundry about not being able to print the article. E-Street discovers the poisoning was deliberate and Max is told by George that maybe he wouldn't be so lonely if he tried to bond with teh locals instead of enforcing Law. Max asks for an invite to the party. Harley allows it to be hosted in his room at the Rectory and that Bob isn't invited. He complies as long as after Harley drives Sonny to the CES (Jobsearch for all those who don't know)he does the gardening. Let me put it this way, none of that happens. They spend the day out at the park drinking beer and mucking around. It would have been very straight for the Early 90s but in this form it just appears slightly homo-erotic and Sonny says that he's gonna get his girl (Kim) even though Harley declares she's out of his league. He also Confesses to Harley that Nick took the coke. Nothing is mentioned of what happened to him afterwards. (Presumably he died). Alice accidentally blurts out about the party to Lisa but they agree to keep it a surprise. Alice says that she has one surprise planned that Lisa doesn't know about. (I thought it was Wheels but it wasn't). She also receives a new leather carrybag from Sonny & a beautiful silk scarf from Wheels which Sonny cringes at. Abby & Ernie host a Cabaret night to raise money for the E-street action fund. They do and meanwhile Chris goes to sign the deal with damien but backs out at the last minute. Damien wishes him good luck but calls him stupid. Elly arranges for David to babysit Claire whilst Toni goes out to Lisas party as Elly & Martha want a night out. They turn up at the Pub but during Abby's 2nd act, Damien strides in yelling about how someone will pay for this. They walk outside and find Damiens' car totally covered in duck feathers (or some animal). Damien drives off with everyone laughing and wondering who could've done it. Martha brushes a feather off the side of Elly's ear under her hair. Elly smiles and they laugh. Elly did it!. Meanwhile at the party Alice's surprise works and her special gift, a stripper. However quarter of the way through her act the Stripper, Nigel, stops and runs out. Alice chases after and they talk and realise that this is Nigels' first performance to get himself through Uni. Alice comes up with a plan. Kim goes to leave but Sonny convinces her to let him walk her back and to return to the flat for a coffee. Alice drags Nigel back up to the room where everyone is down to their underwear/boxers. (Harley is wearing nothing but jocks & Paul is wearing boxers. The others aren't really defined and it does appear as if Toni is still clothed alot but its hard to tell. Max has a hairy chest, Harley looks comfortable wearing nothing and Paul tells Bob later that they were a xmas gift from his grandmother and if he tells anyone he'll kill Bob). Nigel ends up stripping and partly infront of Bob who is slightly startled. Meanwhile back at the Flat, Sonny breaks down and confesses that he still is doing drugs. Kim asks him if he wants to kick it. Sonny says that he does but he needs someone. Kim says no but after Sonny breaks down a little more she regretfully says "Yes". Kim begins to regret saying so as Sonny from behind her smiles and does his evil stare. The Reign of Sonny has begun...moreless
  • Sitting Ducks!
    Sitting Ducks!
    Episode 5
    Everyone argues about the ducks & what Chris & Megan should do. Damian warns Kim about printing the article and Kim later gets told by her boss that if she prints the article the Advocate will close. Sonny refuses help at the hospital and returns swearing he's off drugs but the battle that he has begun is a bit more vicious than he intended. He meets Nick and sets him up for a fake deal at the top of a building and threatens nick with either taking the plunge off the top of the edge or sniffing the same bad batch that he was given. Everyone stays in jail for the day and upon release arrange to call politicians and everyone and use the Pub as their base. Chris is hurt by Ernie's helping of the anti-chris campaign. David is appalled that his daughter was allowed to spend the night in Jail but Elly puts him back in his place. Abbey offers Chris the money to help him out so long as he backs out of the deal. Megan & Chris have a fight over Chris refusing the offer and that he has never asked her what she thinks. He yells at her and screams and leaves teh house. Later Toni & Claire go for one last walk along the pond and discover all the ducks lying dead on the bank...and next to them stands Chris!!! Claire buries her head in Toni's waist and cries as Toni & Chris glare at each other...moreless
  • Anzac 101
    Anzac 101
    Episode 4
    Vi celebrates Anzac Day a little too much and winds up getting in trouble with the law. After a philosophical argument with Alice she reveals how her true love was killed in the war and realises that she has to help Claire & Toni.
    Upon Sonny's insistence, Harley gets a tattoo with Toni written on it. Toni sees it and looks at it with disgust pushing Harley away. Lisa & Kim are at the unit when Sonny goes to the bathroom & snorts some coke but the batch appears to be bad and Sonny enters the living room bleeding massively from the nose and collapses at Lisa & Kim's feet. Lisa stays at the hospital whilst Kim returns to the gang. Meanwhile Toni & Claire are busy trying to gain signatures for a petition but Ernie won't take part it in or allow his pub to either due to him being Chris father. but on the other side Chris & Megan receive pressure from Damian to not just move the ducks but to get rid of them altogether. Otherwise he won't proceed with the deal. It all culminates with Elly taking the ponds side and a huge argument at the pond site and George falling into the river. He declares everyone (most of the E-street cast) be arrested much to everyone's approval!moreless
  • Fusion
    Episode 3
    Eventually Sonny stops the car. He railroads Harley into leaving Alice & Toni behind. Sonny eventually convinces Alice that it was Harley's decision. He gets cornered in a pub by the loanshark that he borrowed money from. Sonny saves the day but we learn that it was his devising to gain Harley's turst so he can bring him down. Vi pretneds to be sick but when its revealed that Chris & Megan's new venture includes ripping up a duckpond, Vi, Claire & Toni band together and agree to fight them. Leigh dumps David after he confesses especially when he realises that Leigh is willing to read articles just to have a discussion with him about it. He feels guilty. Paul, Kim & Lisa run around all episode going on about articles but kim & paul kiss after a date whilst lisa returns home.moreless
  • Affairs Of The Mind & Car-Ma
    David continues his escapades with Leigh, even so far as to her moving in with him already! He gets easily jealous when she shows interest in Bob but she reveals it to be merely admiration. After Elly & Martha try to intervene, David rings Elly up in the middle of the night and tells her he is going to ask her to marry him! Elly is gobsmacked. Toni forgives Harley and Alice forgives Sonny and they both arrange dates. Although Toni is horrified to discover that Harley has agreed to do a double date. Vi won't admit that she is upset. She pretends to be sick but Elly diagnoses it as a fear of being old and being vulnerable. Bob convinces her that it is in the mind and she returns to work but at the end of the night, a drunken bum threatens her life after she tries to remove him. Max, on hand, eradicates the gentleman but Vi was shaken again. Chris & Pete agree to go into business together but first they need a client to help make the transition. They hire Megan as their secretary and to get power in the house they agree to make it their office as well as home. Chris recalls the rich client that quite liked him whom he gained when he worked for the Bromleys...Damian Sharpe!!! They think its a long shot but Megan convinces them to give it ago. Later at a business meeting htat had to be set up in the bistro, Megan once again convinces Damian that giving them a shot because they want to shove it back up against her parents. Damian agrees because he feels that resentment and payback are the best motives in Real Estate. At the double date, things are extremely boring. Toni hates Sonny, Sonny thinks Toni is a prude, Alice is getting food and just happy to be with Sonny and Harley is trying to keep the peace. Meanwhile, Lisa realises that Kimberley likes Sonny but is willing to flirt with him and still go out with an unsuspecting Paul. Sonny earlier agreed and did a follow up article but upon reading it, Paul dismisses it as lies and that it is just bullshit. Kimberley distracts him with a kiss...Finally, back at the date, Sonny mentions to Toni that Janine & Harley had sex. Toni is infuriated but Harley calms her down telling her he said it to get Sonny off his back .She believes him and later Sonny appears after having sniffed some coke. Of course in E-Street they don't recognise any person thats high or doign drugs in general so they allow him to get into Bobs car and start driving flashing the wild Sonny face that we've grown to be distrustful of and hate. He drives the car recklessly but still not quite scaring Alice although Toni & Harley are petrified. He begins speeding quite dramatically and it is all set for them to run into a brickwall at the pier.....moreless
  • E-Daze
    Episode 1
    Harley is suspected for the mugging of Vi as a few more occur throughout E-Street. Harley says that he borrowed money from a loan shark and bob ultimately believes him, telling Sonny that as well believing Sonny has changed. He & Alice kiss in order to give her writing inspiration. He flirts a bit with Kim but she returns to flirting with Paul. Chris discovers his ex realestate friend was fired by Megan's Dad after he discovered Chris' friends deception. They suddenlyagree to go into business together. Vi discovers that it was a young girl (Who looks like a boy to me but then again it was the early 90's when they were coming out of their 80s phase into the...hang on it never left til 95 at least!) she never discovered that Harley was the prime suspect. She finally breaks down in front of Abbey telling her to not leave her. Max gets himself into more trouble and David finally picks up a nice girl who's relatively ditzy but with enough brain power. Believe it or not she is still hanging around by the end of the episode. Oh and he picked her up at an aerobics lesson which had an extremely annoying montage. But anyway, finally, Sonny begins to reveal his hand by asking his Drug Dealer to go to Harley's loan shark and reel him in, he wants Harley to experience pain, just like Bob is going to...moreless