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Season 4 Episode 30

September 21, 2007

Aired Weekdays 7:00 PM Sep 21, 2007 on CTV

Episode Recap

Jennifer Aniston and Ben Affleck were caught in a romantic moment on the set of their new film; Britney Spears was seen out shopping with her 2-year old son; K-Fed's lawyer says that custody, not money, is the issue in the court battle; Avril Lavigne was out partying for her 23rd birthday; according to The National Enquirer, Maureen McCormick (Marcia Brady) once had a lesbian fling with her co-star, Eve Plumb, who played her sister, Jan; Angelina Jolie says she's only been with four men, and married two of them; we've got the latest secrets from the set of the Sex In The City movie; The Kingdom stars talk about how they stayed healthy during the filming of the movie; Dan Aykroyd and BNL's front man Ed Robertson joined up in T.O. to promote buying local wine; David Foster announced a charity gala concert; on Saturday, the Canadian Idol Top 10 will perform at the 125th annual Police Games; Kiefer Sutherland has been chosen for an Award of Excellence by ACTRA; Enrico Colantoni takes us back in time for a tour of his old high school; Celine Dion is available for private functions for the paltry price of 5 million; Ashanti tells us about Resident Evil: Extinction; Line Knitwear shows us their fall line; Corner Gas is getting rave reviews in the US; the Tony-award-winning The Drowsy Chaperone takes us back-stage; we go behind the scenes at Tanya Kim's Urban Male Magazine photo shoot; Paul Brandt will hit the road this fall to promote his new CD; Brad Pitt is in talks to star in a film called The Boxer; closing video: Paul Brandt, Didn't Even See The Dust.

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