E! True Hollywood Story

Season 9 Episode 33

Full House

Aired Sunday 8:00 PM Mar 13, 2005 on E!

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  • Behind-the-scenes look on Full House, a popular show that ran for eight years.

    Stupidest thing ever! I love Full House, and since I found out E! did a story on it, I waited months for them to air it again. When I saw that it was playing, I freaked out. To my dissapointment, though, about 3/4 of it was about Mary-Kate and Ashley. It's like they were the only people on the show. I thought they should feature the other stars more because I'm sure everyone knows what the Olsens look like now, but I want to see more of Bob, John, Dave, Candace, and Jodie.
  • I'm a huge fan of full house,even though its not on anymore i watch the reruns & never get tired of them,I'm just curious,is there gonna be a full house renioun anytime soon & if E! true hollywood story will be releasing the full house story on dvd,thanks

    I'm a huge fan of "Full House",even though its not on anymore i watch the reruns & never get tired of them & I've always been a big fan of Candace Cameron.Any show or movie she's in I watch,I'm just wondering if there's going to be a "Full House" reunion anytime soon,that is something I'm sure a lot of people would love to watch & if "E!True Hollywood Story" will be releasing the "Full House" story on DVD.Thanks, Corey Duane Slaughter
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