E! True Hollywood Story

Season 9 Episode 33

Full House

Aired Sunday 8:00 PM Mar 13, 2005 on E!



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    • Information was provided on this "E! True Hollywood Story" regarding Candace Cameron's weight on the series, particularly around Season 6, when she was starting to grow into a full-fledged teenager. Because actress Tracey Gold from "Growing Pains" had recently been diagnosed with anorexia, everyone feared that the heavier-set Candace might be headed in the opposite direction--so her parents hired her a personal trainer as she worked on "Full House." Candace has said in interviews that her weight probably would not have been an issue if she hadn't been a TV star in her teen years, but luckily it all turned out fine. Also, in light of what Tracey Gold went through, Candace claims that she respects her parents' caution in the matter.