E! True Hollywood Story

Season 7 Episode 11

Saved by the Bell

Aired Sunday 8:00 PM Dec 01, 2002 on E!

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  • The stories behind and creation of Saved By The Bell is covered.

    Well this episode gives you all you wanted to know about Saved By The Bell.

    Most of this has already been known for a while but they do come up with a lot interviews and behind the scenes footage to make still an entertaining entry especially if you're a fan of Saved By the Bell it's a must sell.

    The idea for Saved By The Bell was launched by Brandon Tartikoff who probably was one of the better Presidents that NBC had. It then tells us about the origins of the show going back to "Good Morning Miss Bliss" and has actual interviews with Dennis Haskins and Heather Mills. From there the attention turns to Saved By The Bell. Ironically enough much of the cast except maybe Dennis Haskins and Tiffany Amber Thiessen had any real acting experience.

    As show was made they mentioned how the critics hated it (and to be honest there was a lot to hate about the show). The creators and writers come up with a lot of excuses but eventually all that is put aside as the show becomes a hit. They also mention how real life romances like with Mark and Elizabeth Berkley and Tiffany and Mario Lopez.

    They also go in detail about the failed Saved By the Bell spin-offs like the New Class and College Years etc. Eventually by this point once again make up a lot of excuses but it's clear by now that critics were right.

    The episode also goes in detail about what happened to the cast with Mark-Paul Gosselaar and Tiffany Thiessen probably coming out on top as the actors who've had the most success. All in all another entertaining installment of the E True Hollywood Story.