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E! True Hollywood Story

Season 9 Episode 35

THS Investigates: Love Behind Bars

Aired Sunday 8:00 PM Apr 17, 2005 on E!
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Episode Summary

THS Investigates: Love Behind Bars
Profiling women who fall in love with prison inmates, including Veronica Compton, who lost her heart to Hillside Strangler Kenneth Bianchi and attempted a copycat murder. Host Samantha Harris interviews Sheila Isenberg, author of "Women Who Love Men Who Kill."
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  • The show Love behind bars was pretty interesting, I didn't know about the inmates on the internet. It's funny how love can work between and inmate and someone on the outside, but for those who are one day going to get out, they have a chance at love.moreless

    I just watched this show,and I understand what most of the women said, they love the person not the crime. I am dating a felon on parole, he has changed alot since he got out. He told me everythng, i spoke to his ex's and family, he went to jail for a violent crime. He is off drugs and is trying to have a relationship with his kids. He is dealing with trying to live in the outside world and is in thearapy. I see why the victims families think that felons etc.. can't change but some can, and if they can't they should at least be allowed to try. For the ones that marry people on deathrow, that is sad because u know they aren't getting out and besides visits, u are alone. That's why I told my man that if he goes back it's over, because if he violates, he get's 20 years, and he said he wouldn't want me to wait. So I understand these women and I consider myself pretty sane,I just believe in giving people chances.moreless
  • I like what the reporter says in this show.

    I thought the reporter in this clip was right on. People who look for love from criminals ARE desperate. The criminals themselves are just as desperate. What else do they have to do but to reach out and talk to people who are in some way lonely and in need of some type of love from someone...anyone. I call that pretty desperate. There are so many nice people out here, why go to a prison for love and companionship. Even if you claim to have found love behind bars, you're still lonely in the end. They will never really be there for you.moreless
  • First of all, i watched the show and was pissed off. I don't know who that reporter is. For her to say that people turn to inmates because they are desperate, is wrong, so before you make a judgement like that you should get your facts straight.moreless

    I didn't like that show, just for the fact that it was said that women turn to inmates because they are desperate. i am not a desperate person, I can find someone on the outside. It just so happened that I was at a time in my life where I was very depressed and I saw a THS about that woman that drowns her 5 kids and it said something about I figured I would write someone because I know how it feels to be bored and depressed. I was not looking for love only friendship. And I found love.moreless

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