Season 1 Episode 2


Aired Thursday Feb 10, 2011 on Adult Swim
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A killer is targeting the creepiest men in town, and Chris and his team try to protect the next man on the killer's list. However, they soon discover that the killer is removing the chemical creepatin from his victims' bodies... and plans to contaminate the town's water supply. turning every man into a creep.


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      • Brett: He was the most wonderful man I ever knew. When I was growing up, he would give us kids rides in his rusty van and invite us over to pet his rabbits. Why'd he have to die?
        Chris: Well, if I had to guess, I'd say he got a disease from those rabbits. In about 24 hours, this town's gonna be a dust-ridden plague zone. If we want to die painlessly, I say we kill ourselves now. I'll go first.

      • Susie: Why is someone murdering creeps?
        Chief: A better question is, why is your hunky-firemen calendar still on April?
        Susie: Oh. Oh, hello, Sam Drake! He's the hunkiest fireman in town.
        Brett: Hunkiest guy in town, period.
        Chris: Oh, please.As Shania Twain so famously said, "That don't impress a-me much."

      • Neil Phipps: Why does everyone think I'm a creep?
        Chris: Well, it's probably because of the way you are and the things you do.

      • Chris: Well, I guess we should have a look at that creep's corpse. What do you say we go hang around the ladies' changing rooms at T.J. Maxx for a while and then go to the morgue?
        Brett: Roger that.

      • Chris: All right, um Let me get a look at his penis.
        Janora: Excuse me?
        Brett: Yeah, I'd like to see his penis, too, please.
        Janora: Oh, my God. You guys are creeps.

      • Susie: You girls aren't attracted to him, are you?
        Phipps' Girl 1: Hey, compared to the creeps in this town, this guy's John Stamos.
        Susie: Neil Phipps is no John Stamos.
        Neil Phipps: I am so John Stamos!

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